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My Sims Decades Challenge

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Story: In the late 1880s, Anastazja Wiśniewski and her husband Aleksander moved to Simerica (Sim America) for a better life for their child, whom would be born a month after they arrived in the lovely Newcrest region. The birth was difficult, but both the mother and daughter survived. In 1898, Ana gave birth once more, to twins. Their birth was easy, thank goodness. Aleksander, meanwhile, had found quite a nice job as a Civil Servant, granting them a bit of a small fortune. In 1904, Malgorzata married Dr. Thomas C. Martin, and changed her name and surname to Margaret Martin, Margaret being the English translation of Malgorzata. Dr. Martin also brought a nice fortune of 20k simoleons into the marriage.
In 1905, Margaret gave birth to Thomas Martin II.

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    ~Family Tree~

    GEN 1-
    GEN 2-
    IN ORDER: Margaret-Thomas, Jakub, Zuzanna (Twins)
    GEN 3-
    Thomas Martin II

    "-" Marriage
    "-X-" Divorced
    "†" Death
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