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The Jones/Langerak Multi-Generational Save (OLD)

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Originally this was just a save I shared on the What Happened in Your Sims 3 Game Today thread but I decided now would be a good time to give it its own thread. The first couple of updates will be very short as I didn't take many pictures and I was without internet and had a laptop that was barely running. Each post will be in it's original form unless I need to add something to them but it'll take me awhile to copy the old posts over.

The family started out as the Jones family but a descendant married a Langerak, changing the family name. As of 08/19/2021, there is only one Jones member left due to resurrection.
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    I wanted to try a new Sim for a while so I went with the first Sim that popped up in CAS. I changed a few things about her and randomly rolled her name. She is actually a Sim everyone already has in their Sim Bin.

    This is Emily Jones, a witch in Sunset Valley. She basically is just trying to raise her spellcasting skill and painting skills, although she'll eventually master all skills from the EP's I have installed now. I changed my mind on that later on in the save. To work on her spellcasting, I had her working on converting apples to whatever items she could. I got lucky as she turned one apple into a Tiberium gem and it was enough to get her a new house within a week or two.

    About a week into the game, I sent her and her new husband Christopher Steel on a staycation at the waterfalls in Sunset Valley.

    Their first kid was Eric Jones, he did not inherit his mothers witch status, meaning he won't be the heir.

    Practicing magic in her basement. This is also where she gets away from everyone to learn alchemy and painting. I'll probably expand it sometime to include a few other rooms, nothing too big.


    I got bored of the family at day 91 so I deleted the saves I backed up but luckily I restored my day 49 save and resumed the family. I had to laugh last night when I played. Emily and Christopher, both elders, took their grandchild Melanie and Christopher’s clone Christian to the pool. I sent them all to swim while Eric, Emily and Christopher’s son (also Melanie’s father) went to meet Gage Briody for an opportunity. As for his wife, she was flirting with her ex, Sam Sekemoto at home. Sam was a recent victim of a Large and In Charge elixir. I was so focused on her wish to flirt with someone other than Eric and didn’t pay any attention to the pool. The camera zoomed to the pool where Christian, only a child, drowned to death. Luckily, Emily had a Philosophers Stone and she brought him back as a ghost. I laughed though because now the family gets the negative ghost reaction sometimes.

    When I brought the family back from the pool, Christopher (Steel) Jones immediately began to read the ambrosia recipe. He had already maxed cooking shortly before becoming an elder as well as becoming a celebrity chef. Emily had two deathfish in a chest, she got those by converting apples. The Watcher blessed the family with one Life Fruit plant, giving them rules to only use it for emergencies. Emily, as I mentioned before, is a powerful witch but not enough to resurrect Sims. Luckily, she has a Philosophers Stone and brought Christian back as a ghost. He had to wait a few days, but the Chris clone ate the ambrosia his “father” Christopher made. A few days later, he aged up to teen and went off to boarding school. That is where I left off. Eric is almost a CEO now and his wife Fawn Ursine Jones is halfway through the music career. They are adults as of last night. Their daughter Melanie will age to teen today and she is the heir.


    Today, Christian (Christopher Steel clone) came home from boarding school. He didn’t like the one he was sent to. Chris and Emily are elders with very little time left but Chris at least started teaching his clone to drive. Eric, their son, is now a CEO but keeps getting opportunities to switch to politics. I may do that since his LTW was achieved. His wife Fawn Ursine is getting closer to her goal of being a movie composer while Melanie just became a werewolf. That’s it from me but I’m gonna see if I can find a way to be more active again or at least do feedback.


    Christopher Jones is ninety one days old currently and has all the traits he originally did. He is retired from the Culinary career and has completed his LTW.

    This is his wife, Emily Jones, a Sim I used from the CAS bin and slightly edited. This was just her clothes and hair, as well as giving her traits. You all probably have seen her in your bin before. She has completed her LTW to master painting and guitar and is also a big reason the family has a nice house. (All those paintings). Her traits are Flirty, Party Animal, Virtuoso, Artistic, and Great Kisser. Currently, she is almost at the end of her life. She is also a witch but is just shy of level 10

    Eric Jones is their son and he just completed his LTW to be a CEO in the Business career. He is still on his way to the very top but he will reach it very soon. His traits are Workaholic, Couch Potato, Easily Impressed, Friendly, and Grumpy. He is a witch/wizard, halfway through the skill. He is also the heir and his line will continue the family. He does have a sister named Jessica but I may have to share her later as she is in another household.

    Fawn Ursine Jones is the wife of Eric (slightly older than him by a few days) and is also the daughter of Claire Ursine and Jared Frio at the beginning of a new Sunset Valley save. She is in the music career and wants to be a movie composer. Her traits are Virtuoso, Frugal, Nurturing, Easily Impressed, and Kleptomaniac, although she hasn't stolen anything except at work.

    Melanie Jones is third generation heir and is Fawn and Eric's daughter. She is in school still and is also a werewolf. Her traits are Virtuoso, Excitable, Bookworm, and Friendly. She is currently dating a grandson of the Jack and Judy Bunch.

    And lastly we have Christian Jones. He is a clone of Christopher Steel Jones and shares three traits with him. He is currently at the sports boarding school. (Forgot the name of it). His traits are Natural Cook, Friendly, Angler, and his newest trait was schmoozer. He will be slightly different than Christopher at least.
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    Emily and Christopher's second child and family

    Jessica Jones is ambitious, flirty, genius, handy, and loves the outdoors. Her lifetime wish is to be a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder.

    Tommy Bunch is Ethan Bunch and River McIrish Keaton’s son. He is a computer whiz, couch potato, Genius, good, and hot headed. His LTW is to be a Thinker

    Christen Bunch is a Genius, Loves The Outdoors, and a technophobe.

    Alicia Bunch is friendly and a loner.

    This is Lois Bunch and her traits at this time were friendly and Virtuoso.


    Melanie Jones playing guitar. She’s a virtuoso like her mother Fawn but she isn’t following the music path like she did.

    Christopher cooking breakfast in his underwear.

    Okay, not sure what happened here. How did one plate become two?

    “Who needs a shower when you got magic?”
    Me: Yeah, you only have that due to the potion. Didn’t inherit that from your Mother unfortunately.

    “So the doctor said my checkup was good. I’m as fit as a horse.
    “That’s great grandpa.”

    I’ve said it before but Emily was the founder in this “legacy” and her LTW was to master both guitar and painting. Here she is with one of her better paintings.

    Fawn needs logic for the music career so she usually plays chess with whoever isn’t busy. She’s getting closer to her promotion.

    Emily may be getting old but not so old she can’t learn martial arts.

    She was lucky the other day as she found a money tree seed. I’m hoping to have a garden full of them.

    Christopher is lucky as he is past his time to die, yet he is still alive. Here he is doing his favorite hobby.
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    Fawn needed to work on her guitar skill so I had her do that at the park. Didn’t make too much though in tips.

    At Doo Peas Corporate Towers, the Grim Reaper was busy collecting Sims. He took Parker Langerak in this one.

    Starting now, Melanie is the narrator. (Only for this post and the next)
    Melanie: After school today, I decided to go to my friend Garry (Sekemoto’s) house. We’ve been best friends since starting high school.

    If you don’t know, I’m attracted to Garry. I wanted to flirt with him but he already has a girlfriend, Carina Alvi. I don’t like it but I respected it, albeit grudgingly.

    Unfortunately, tonight was the full moon. I couldn’t stop my transformation and I scared Garry and little Rexford.

    With the wolf taking over, I ran out the door towards a wooded area.

    I happened to find a clearing but in a spot I wouldn’t be seen. I felt an uncontrollable urge to howl so I let loose. Then something set my senses off so I ran home.

    Hmm, this human seems interesting. He doesn’t even seem afraid of me. Somehow, he calmed the beast inside of me, at least enough to gain some control.

    We talked the best we could and I learned his name is Dwight Langerak. We continued our chat which turned to flirtation.

    Instead of treating me like a dog, Dwight treated me with kindness and respect. Something came over me and I kissed him! He seemed very surprised but didn’t stop me. It wasn’t the best kiss as I slobbered all over his face.

    At that moment, the sun began to rise and I returned to my human form.
    Melanie: Oh my Watcher, how embarrassing! I’m so sorry for what happened tonight. Please forgive me.
    Dwight: It’s fine, I just can’t believe I kissed a werewolf! And a hot one too, I must say.

    ***So Dwight became a romantic interest to Melanie. What she didn’t tell you is that she is cheating on her boyfriend now. His name is Hiram Bunch and he is unaware if what transpired. It may be because he has his own secret...


    Both Dwight and I were getting hungry so I told him I’d pay for breakfast. Dad lets me use his credit card as long as I don’t go overboard. Once we got there, I was shocked to see my boyfriend, Hiram Bunch, kissing my aunt Marisol!

    Melanie: How could you do this to me? I can’t believe your cheating on me with my aunt!
    Hiram: Well, at least I’m getting something from her! You never have, must be cause you got Langerak over there.

    Melanie: (slap) How dare you? We’re only friends, nothings happened with us!

    Our fight continued to escalate and it brought a bit of the beast out, I jumped on his back and we fought. With my superior strength and martial arts skill, I won.

    I have more control over the beast when it isn’t a full moon. I transformed just to watch Hiram wet himself. :D

    After transforming back and eating breakfast, I happened to catch my cousin Christen Bunch (game named her, with that spelling) and we had a nice chat.

    Unfortunately, when I got home, I had an unpleasant surprise.
    Fawn: You’re in big trouble, young lady. Your father got sprayed in the face by the bathroom sink! You’re grounded!

    Mom made me stand alone in the backyard. It wasn’t fair! All that happened was Dad got soaked, what does that hurt?

    Hiram cheating and losing him as a friend, and Mom yelling at me for my prank brought the wolf out. I couldn’t control it.

    Just because I didn’t stay in my spot, Grandma Jones yelled at me. Thank the Watcher I didn’t try to attack her.

    After yelling at me, Grandma passed out from seeing me transform. I felt kind of bad, but she did yell at me.

    I’m a young adult now but this was something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.
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    The same day as the drama with Melanie, Emily’s time was up. It was hard on the family but it was her time.

    Death didn't bother her, she was ready to go. She was younger than Christopher but he’s still alive.

    Even though the family just lost their matriarch, they still gotta eat. It was supposed to be a great end to a bad night for Melanie but of course that didn’t happen.

    Melanie was still stuck in her werewolf form. She didn’t have very good table manners either.

    Even though he was upset, Eric had some fireworks from a recent vacation so he set them off.

    Neither Melanie nor Christian got their homework done so I made sure to have them do so. I can’t remember if this was the same evening or early the next day.

    Eric has to get up earlier than everyone else because his carpool comes early.

    Fawn has been taking care of the garden since Emily died. For now, I put her grave in the garden as it only has one money tree. It’s going to be an all money tree garden with maybe a random plant or two every once in awhile.

    Christopher had an opportunity to finish so I let him. Before he could head home, he met up with his daughter Jessica.

    Since he was hungry, I had him use the picnic basket to eat. One of the local cops joined him and they had a nice chat. He is a descendant of town is but I’ll have to use NRAAS to find out who he belongs to.


    Emily and Christopher's granddaughter Christen aged up to teen. Her traits are genius, loves the outdoors, technophobe, and hot headed.

    Alicia also had a birthday. She is friendly, neurotic, and a loner.

    In the actual played household, Christian had his birthday. At first, no one paid any attention.

    He didn't age up in very good clothes so he got a makeover, which you can see in the next picture.

    Christian was the first one done with cake so he took off to prepare for his new job tomorrow.

    At the park, he said hello to Melanies boyfriend, Dwight Langerak.

    Melanie met with Dwight but he had to go to work so she did her homework with her uncle.
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    Melanie didn't have a very good day last time I posted but now things are back to being normal. Her young adult birthday came around so the family gathered around and celebrated with her.

    Well, not much of a difference in looks, but her clothes were pretty awful. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture after I changed them but you'll see that soon enough. And after looking through my folders, I just realized I don't have an engagement picture for Dwight and Melanie.

    Anyway, Dwight's LTW is to be a master of martial arts. Not sure if I'm going to do that one, probably will change it to the sports LTW. Dwight didn't have any skill until moving in with the Jones's but he's been working on it with Melanie. Currently though, the most skilled martial artist is Melanie's mother, Fawn Ursine Jones.

    Christopher and Eric have a decent father-son relationship, although sometimes Christopher likes to flirt with Fawn and that doesn't go over well. Guess he is just missing Emily.

    Fawn has an opportunity to be fatigued 2 times so I've been having her work on that. She doesn't seem too enthused about it though.

    Both Melanie and Dwight gained another skill level. Melanie has also been working on her athletics, plus she is a werewolf so no one better bother her.

    On Sunday, day 78 in game, Melanie Jones and Dwight Langerak graduated high school. Dwight had actually been done a few days before so I'm not sure why the game waited for them to graduate together. Also, Christian Jones also graduated but he isn't in the played household anymore.

    After being grounded for trapping the sink, Melanie and Fawn's relationship fell. I've been having them talk as much as possible to build that up. Here, they are sharing their love of the orchestra.

    I also decided today would be Dwight and Melanie's wedding. I only invited family and both her aunt Jessica and her uncle Tommy showed up. Also, her cousin Chrisen Bunch and Dwight's mother Kaylynn came as well.

    "With this ring, I thee wed."

    Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Langerak! I'm not changing their names to Jones so the family will now be known as the Jones-Langerak family, at least until generation one and two pass away.

    Fawn had her age up to elder that same night so the wedding party joined in on the celebrations. She is a few days older than her husband Eric.
    And again, I didn't get pictures of her makeover. :(
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    Since she is the heir to the family fortune, I've been focusing more on Melanie than the others. I decided that she and Dwight would have a nice trip to the beach.

    Since no one was around, Melanie transformed as she had a nice surprise for her new husband.

    Melanie: So, you want to be a werewolf? Well, your wish is about to come true!
    Dwight: Uh, I didn't think your teeth would be so big!
    Melanie jumped on her husband, sinking her teeth into him and gave him the curse. (Okay, blessing for him. He actually wished for this :D )

    Dwight didn't want to wait for two days like most people so Melanie cured his moodlet with the moodlet manager. This effectively turned him. Since he was stuck in this form for 6 hours, he and Melanie decided to make good use of it.

    Hunting for collectibles. They didn't find a ton of things but enough for me to put in storage. One of these days I'll clean the trunk out for some simoleons.

    Once Dwight got a bit of control over his werewolf form, he was able to transform into his human form again. Since they were both starving, Melanie took him out to eat at the Bistro. They discussed a wide variety of subjects.

    Once at home, the young couple couldn't keep their hands off of each other. When these two met, they knew they were meant for each other.

    Dwight: Wanna try for a baby?
    Melanie: Do you have to ask?

    As per usual, Eric was first one up. He still is working as a Power Broker so he has to get up early.
    Eric: Can't I just retire? I'm almost an elder, for Watchers sake!
    Watcher: I am the Watcher, remember? You can retire once you have your birthday.

    For everyone that was still home, Fawn made waffles. Christopher was already eating leftover salad so only Dwight and Melanie joined her. She gained her second skill point in cooking.

    I decided to let everyone do their own thing for the most part. Fawn decided she wanted to play guitar before work. She'll be retiring after tonight but will probably play around town for tips.

    Melanie's breakfast didn't stay down, but she knew it wasn't that she was sick.
    Melanie: Ugh, I guess last night was effective. Why does throwing up have to be part of it?

    I got Melanie to work on her first book finally. I'd been putting it off because I was trying to build her werewolf skill instead. Since she is pregnant, I thought now would be the best time.

    Dwight has only worked one day since he got his job at the Stadium (MC gave him the job). Since he is on leave due to his recent wedding, he has been working hard to be ready to work again.

    Christopher was outside when he felt a strange sensation swirling around him. That's when he knew his time was up.

    Just like his wife, Christopher welcomed Death with a handshake. He lived 16 days longer than most Sims do and he was proud of all he accomplished. It didn't make the family feel any better though.
    Maid: I'm still getting paid, right?

    The family put him in the money tree garden with his wife. I'm waiting for another death before getting a family cemetery near the house.

    Grim's job was done so he went inside the Jones residence to grab a book on the table.

    I decide to have Dwight work on selling items from the WA chest. He made around 4000 simoleons at the alchemy store.
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    Last time I played, the game was lagging but Fawn retired from the music career. The family was nearby but you can't see them here.

    Her niece, Lois Bunch, aged up to child. She gained couch potato as her new trait.

    Melanie got her pregnancy notice. She hasn't told Dwight yet.

    Since Christophers passing, Fawn has taken over cooking duties for the most part.

    Dwight was the first person up besides Fawn so he ate breakfast with her.

    Fawn also has been doing the gardening.

    Since the new to me computer runs the game much better, I put Pets and Into the Future into this save as well. Old information, just didn't want to remove it Right when I started it up, the time portal appeared. Fawn decided to do gardening at the exact time it appeared and it messed up her routing.

    So far, there is still only the one money tree. Right now, they aren't making the family much money but I haven't searched for anymore seeds and this one hasn't gave one yet.

    I let autonomy take over for the most part so Dwight decided to do some board breaking. He's still at the foam board stage.

    Melanie: Hey, Dwight? You know how we wanted a baby?
    Dwight: Yeah?
    Melanie: I'm pregnant!

    Dwight: I'm going to be a father? I'm going to be a father!
    Melanie: I take it your happy?
    Dwight: Of course I am. Good job!
    Melanie: Really? A thumbs up?
    Dwight: I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that. It was almost like I couldn't do anything else.
    Melanie: You're such a dork, but you're my dork.

    Dwight: Hey, I think I felt him kick!
    Melanie: Him?
    Dwight: Him or her, it doesn't matter to me as long as they are healthy.

    Eric was a bit surprised when he went up to the attic. Apparently, his mother and father had hid some kind of future tech up there. He figured out how to power it up and went to work. He was shocked to find out it created nanites, chips, and possibly even robots!
    Eric: This is so cool! Let's see what I can build here.
    Eric found a simple schematic for a nanite and was successful at creating it.

    Dwight was practicing his martial arts but he needed a shower so he stopped. Unfortunately, he thought about Christopher and started crying.

    Dwight continued to mess around with the bot building station and was able to create a Plumbot! Her name is L4U-Rn and she is at duct tape status (Level 2).
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    Eric had a little chat with L4u Rn to see how advanced she was. Unfortunately, she wasn't as good as he thought she'd be. That is, until he remembered that he needed to put chips in her.

    Now Eric had some reward points built up so I had him use some to get trait chips. He ended up with many but put in Robotany Gardener, Efficient, and Solar Powered. Now she can take care of the gardening for the family.

    Going back to Dwight, I saw he was getting to know his mother-in-law better. They don't have the best relationship yet, although it is a positive one.

    The family was getting hungry so I decided to send them to the Bistro. Dwight had to change due to the full moon but he went inside to eat soon after.

    Fawn, however, exited the building to faint, even though she didn't even see him transform. :D

    Dwight, out on a hunt.

    Melanie: Phew, I'm starting to stink. Hey Dad? Hygiene Charm?
    Eric: You got it. (casts spell)
    Melanie: Much better. Thanks Dad!

    Bonus picture: Alicia Bunch, niece of Eric, aged up to teen. She gained Dog Lover as her newest trait. I did a bit of work on her face but not enough to change her genetics. I did change her eye color though.

    L4U-Rn went to the Science Facility looking for seeds. She found several special seeds so when she got home she planted one which happened to be a Money Tree.


    Eric has still been mourning his late father Christopher. It has almost been two days but it still hurts him. Fawn, however, is dreaming about recipes.

    Eric had already left so Fawn and Melanie ate breakfast together. Their relationship is still lower than it could be due to the fight they had shortly before Melanie aged up.

    Melanie has been working on a book called "The Art of Battle: Winning Week over Week. She ended up finishing it later, earning $36 for 6 payments. It's not much but she'll get there soon enough.

    Fawn had a wish to break 25 boards on the board breaker so I set her up to do so then left her be. In the back, you can see L4u Rn using the training dummy.

    Dwight had to work later that day, but I sent him to the alchemy store to cut some gems. I actually should make a basement to do this myself but it gets my Sims out this way.

    Instead of starting another book, Melanie decided to read a pregnancy book. She also wanted to start learning Mixology.

    Eric got off work at 11:00 AM so I sent him home to work on Bot Building to gain a skill point.
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    For supper, I sent the family to eat outside at the Bistro. They all decided to sit at different tables. I've noticed I need to change a setting as the building in the background looks funny.

    The original SV townies have all about died off, except the ones that Emily threw young again potions at. This is Darlene Bunch Alvi, all grown up and with children and grandchildren of her own. Apparently she was impressed by Fawn, who isn't a celebrity, by the way.

    Fawn and Melanie have been bonding over the babies. Fawn is looking forward to being a grandmother and had to feel her daughters growing stomach. Eric decided to practice his magic, he never was as interested as his mother though.

    He also decided to upgrade L4u Rn as he wants her to be at her peak physical condition. He'll also be customizing her soon with a nice coat of paint, although he's not sure what colors he wants to use yet.

    L4u Rn gave Eric the time portal he had her store in her inventory so that he could activate it. A man named Emit Relevart arrived to inform him about the future and gave him something called the Time Almanac. After looking around the yard for power cells, Eric gave them back so Emit could go home.

    Eric decided at the last moment to jump in the portal with Emit. He felt decades fly by at a dizzying speed before being thrown out on top of a futuristic building with L4u Rn, who tried to "save" him from the portal.

    Emit: You shouldn't have followed me, Eric. Knowledge of the future can be dangerous.
    Eric: It will be okay, I promise.
    Emit: (sighs) Alright, but since you are here, you better learn to use a jetpack.
    Eric seems to enjoy flying around on the pack but Emit paid him no mind.

    Emit gave him some tasks to do in Oasis Landings, one of which was to work on L4u Rn.

    Emit also sent Eric around to get a synthesized drink. It tasted awful but turned out they gave him motor oil instead. After cleaning his mouth out, he decided to talk to a local celebrity. The man didn't want to talk to him but when he learned about Eric's wealth, he changed his mind. Eric became a celebrity in the future.

    Eric's synthesized drink turned out to be oil so he spit it out. I didn't get a pic of that, though.

    Emit offered some money if Eric visited a time statue. He decided to check out Emit's to learn more about him.

    Investigating the alien ship.

    Eric: Cool! I didn't know you could find Nanites in the wild!

    Apparently, Emit doesn't get boundaries. Eric was there first but since they are best friends, I guess Emit thought it was fine to sleep in the same bed.

    "Yum, synthesized food is so great, I can't even tell it is synthesized."

    After buying some supplies, Eric used the bot building station in the future to research new trait chips. L4u Rn needed a charge so she used one there.

    Before I sent him home, I had him visit his descendants. Only one little girl named Lucie Langerak was there. No one answered so Eric peeked inside, causing Lucie to believe he was odd when she first met him.

    Sometimes, even L4u Rn changes her trait chips. Eric only gives her ones he wants her to use, and she can't make them herself yet.

    Melanie woke up in the middle of the night with labor pains. I started to send her to the hospital but instead had her give birth at home.

    All together, she had three babies. There were two girls, Ariana and Abigail, and a boy named Evan. I used a list of 100 names to pick these. I will wait until they are toddlers and get pictures with traits listed.
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    Fixed the previous post so if you read it prior to 9/30/2020, you may want to reread it to see the correct sequence of events. I was tired the night I was working on it and made a mistake. Whoops! :D

    Eric gets up first still, so I had him sit in the nursery with the babies until the rest of the family got up. I had to get rid of the rocker later as everybody only wanted to sit in it.

    Fawn cooked pancakes for breakfast. Christopher used to do the cooking, but since her father-in-law passed, she took on the duties. Eventually, L4u Rn will probably take over, although I like my Sims to be able to cook at least a bit.

    Once she got that done, she went up to talk with Eric. They have a great relationship but they don't have much time for as each other as they'd like. Fawn couldn't stop talking about the babies.

    Fawn loves being a grandmother. Eric had to eat so that's where he went while his wife took care of the triplets. Here, she is giving baby Abigail some love. Mom and Dad were still asleep as they stayed up late during the births.

    L4u Rn is doing great with the plants. At least this way, I can take care of other things.

    Eric got much better at bot building so he was able to upgrade her to Decent level, as well as adding a fourth trait slot. She put Limitless Learning back in, she wants to learn some skills.

    Melanie and Fawn taking care of the babies while the men were busy with other things.

    Melanie then began working on her new book, "1948" but then the babies needed diaper changes so she didn't get far.

    The grandparents took care of the kids while Dwight and Melanie went out for a date night. Her cousin, Lois Bunch, was talking to her pet kitten, Echo Bunch while the cop was Kaylynn Langerak, Dwight's mother.

    Eric and Fawn were at home with their grand-babies while there daughter and son-in-law were out for a date night. They had a bit of their own date night, when not watching the babies of course.

    Date night extended to Garry Sekemoto's party. There were several Sims there so Melanie and Dwight socialized.

    Uncle Christian was at the party so Melanie spent a little time with him. Since they are so close in age, they are really good friends.

    And then they sparred in the Sekemoto's front yard. Can't remember who won, but Melanie gained a skill point.

    Dwight and Melanie got home and went straight to bed. When the babies were crying, Eric had been the closest to waking up so I had him get them. Fawn woke up as well (autonomously) but I sent her back to bed as Eric could handle it.

    Later that morning, Eric aged up to elder. I gave him a bit of a makeover after this.

    The two generations sharing Eric's birthday cake. For those who don't remember or are new to this, I'm on generation four with Dwight and Melanie's babies. Also, the family has been going for 85 Sim days but I've been playing off and on since December 1st, 2019.

    Then Fawn played her guitar while Melanie continued writing 1984. Eric was waiting on his brother Christian to come over.
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    Christian showed up so the two brothers could have a nice chat with one another.

    Dwight and Melanie taking care of the babies.

    Fawn wanted to talk to L4u Rn. Everyone seems to ignore her and just let her do her thing but I hope to build some friendships with her.

    She then autonomously went to flirt with her brother-in-law. Fortunately, Christian wasn't gonna do that and Fawn apologized, she wasn't sure why she did that. Eric was looking to fight with the paparazzo.

    It was time for another maintenance for L4u Rn so Eric took care of that.

    Sharing a supper of hotdogs with Christian.

    And lastly, Melanie chatted with Uncle Christian.

    L4u Rn was the only one up so she decided to have a nice chat with her "uncle" Christian. Since she is Eric's creation, I guess that's what Christian is to her.

    Fawn was first up so she got baby duty first. Today is their birthday!

    Eric may be getting old, but he's still got the moves.

    Once everyone was up, I had them eat breakfast. I try to get at least two of them to eat together every meal, if I can.

    Then came the birthday celebrations. The only boy of the triplets, Evan went first.

    Now that he is a toddler, here are his traits: Loves the Outdoors, Neurotic

    This is Ariana. She inherited her father's hair color when he is in his werewolf form. Her traits are: Easily Impressed, Friendly
    I somehow didn't get one of Abigail but her traits are: Athletic, Brave. You'll see her soon, she has shorter hair than Ariana.

    First skill to learn, walking. This is a pretty efficient way to handle this, and they get at least one household member as a friend.

    Eric is still working on his bot building skills. He is trying for the plumbot statue in Oasis Landing. (Sentience trait chip in a level 10 plumbot gives you the award.)

    They made good progress on the walking skill but they all needed to potty so I had the adults teach them.
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    After all that training, the adults needed a break. I sent them all to the Bistro to eat outside. The guy by the door is Beau and Victoria Andrews son, Russel (Not sure on spelling.) They were given young again elixirs by Emily when she was alive and working on the alchemy skill.

    Christopher decided to come back to exercise with the TV. I haven't got a family cemetery yet as I'm not good building them. I may try to figure something out on that soon enough though.

    Dwight working on his martial arts. He is around level 4 or 5 but hasn't sparred against any of the tournament members.

    The family had cake for breakfast. They had four of them all together, still eating on Eric's cake as well as the triplets.

    Continuing to teach the triplets to walk. Later, they finished this up.

    Still working on the potty training, it takes a tad bit longer unless you are on it constantly. L4u Rn has to keep throwing the bags away.

    All three of the toddlers got Imaginary Friends. Unfortunately, they won't turn real as the household is full. I don't plan on using mods to allow more.

    Since walking is done, talking was next on my list. I just randomly pick an adult to train each one, they do switch out every once in a while.

    Fawn still enjoys playing the guitar every chance she gets that I'm not forcing her to do something else.

    Taking care of Ariana.

    Still teaching the toddlers how to talk at this point. I want them to learn this so they can socialize with each other at the blocks table.

    Melanie continued to write 1948, and was successful at finishing it.

    L4u Rn got a paint job but you can't really see the colors as good in the sun. She is now red, black, and white but I'm not sure I'll keep that color scheme forever.

    The toddlers have all learned to walk and talk so far. Ariana and Evan chatted while playing blocks.

    Working on finishing birthday cake. I may throw some out so they get other food to eat.

    Melanie and Dwight both got caught by the full moon. She scared one toddler, while Dwight left work early and had to go back.

    Eric took Abigail to the library and read her all the toddler skill books.

    And that next morning, Dwight and Melanie got together to do a group hunt.
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    Fawn played chess as she is wanting to reach level 10 logic. I'm not sure she'll get it before dying, but we will try.

    Eric took Ariana to the library, reading the toddler books to her. One more toddler to go.

    I made a quick fairy the other day, just for something to do. I didn't end up playing her so I decided to add her to town. Her name is Rain Forest and she is the only fairy in town. No vampires yet either, that's something I need to add.

    Dwight continues to work on his martial arts skill.

    Melanie likes to play guitar during her free time. She inherited her mothers virtuoso trait.

    The toddlers are starting to become friends. Little do they know, they are competing against each other to be the heir.

    Kind of forgot Melanie was working on her mixology. I meant to continue, but when the triplets were born, I forgot. I'll have to get the right bar though so she can max it.

    Finally got to Evan, now at least the toddler books are out of the way. The xylophone and blocks will be out, but it's up to them to play those. I'm not going to force those.

    Lois Bunch was at the library as well. She is Melanie's cousin, if you forgot.

    Dwight is progressing through the sports career. I believe he is a toddler coach, level 4 or 5. I don't recall, as I don't pay that much attention to him. :lol:

    At the start of this update, I still hadn't thrown the cakes out yet. Melanie ate a slice as that was the quickest thing to grab.

    Grandma Fawn helped get the toddlers ready as Melanie was still getting ready.

    Mel took turns talking to her kids. Evan was telling his sister about unicorns, maybe I should try to find one for them? Or cheat one?

    Eric has been working on his bot building skill some more but hasn't gone up a level yet.

    She may be old, but that doesn't mean Fawn can't enjoy playing guitar.

    The young couple had a nice chat during lunch. Dwight had been preparing for his upcoming promotion while Melanie took care of the kids.

    Eric finally got the skill point so he upgraded L4u Rn to the same level.

    Dwight was working on his martial arts skill when Melanie came for a kiss. He enjoyed that interruption...

    ...so much that they had woohoo in bed.

    Bot building didn't go so well for Eric last night. He kept messing up and getting the annoying noise.

    Fawn went for an early morning jog as she had an opportunity to get fatigued twice.

    Dwight and Melanie were the last to wake up, so they ate breakfast later than the others.

    Dwight loves taking care of the triplets. He may be busy with his job, but always makes time for them.

    Melanie has been working on her third book. It is a humor novel but I forgot the title.

    Grandpa Eric got tired of bot building, taking care of toddlers was much more fun.

    Dwight also had an athletic skill opportunity. His was to exercise with the tv/radio, jog, and swim for 30 minutes.

    The beach isn't too far from the house so he jogged there, before jumping into the ocean for a swim.

    Eric and Fawn went out for a date night while Melanie stayed with the kids. Eric bought her flowers, which was a surprise to Fawn.
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    I shifted my focus over to Melanie, getting her to cook breakfast. She'll have a longer lifespan since she is a werewolf. Also, the triplets are werewolves too, I forgot to mention that when they were born.

    Fawn is trying to enjoy holding the triplets as long as possible. She's getting closer to meeting Grim, while they are close to childhood. There isn't much time left.

    Once the kids were taken care of, Fawn and Melanie decided to have a sparring contest. A trip to China is coming up and Melanie will be competing, along with Dwight.

    Fawn is also working on her logic skill, there isn't much time left for her to accomplish her wish to max the skill.

    That next morning, Fawn and Eric were up before anyone else. They are always up before Dwight and Melanie for some reason, probably the beds they sleep in is my guess.

    L4u Rn was on schedule for another round of maintenance. Eric couldn't upgrade her, but he tried his best. At least she is back to prime condition.

    Dwight helped get the kids ready for the day while Melanie was doing other things.

    Dwight and Melanie are sparring every chance they get. They want a good head start before the competitions.

    L4u Rn was not happy with Eric, apparently he hit her in a bad spot but she got him back by shocking him.

    Later that day, the adults decided to take the kids to the park.

    While the kids played, the adults had a picnic. Unfortunately, the kids wanted to scratch at objects in the park, being werewolves. I had to watch them.

    Then it was time to use the spring riders. I added some fun things to the park, but I don't know if Sims use them autonomously or not.

    Fawn and the paparazzi weren't getting along. She gets tired of them following her family around.

    It's hard to believe, but these two won't be together much longer. They both know it, so they spend as much time as possible.

    And lastly, Melanie practiced on the board breaker. She's not as far as Dwight is.

    The little monstrosities on the move. They actually aren't that bad, just keeping up with them to make sure they don't attack furniture is annoying.

    Emily came back last night, and L4u Rn made sure to meet her "Grandma". Emily was a bit shocked at how hard the plumbot shakes hands.

    Eric woke up early like usual and wanted to watch TV, but he saw his mother and had to give her a hug. They then chatted for a while, so she could catch up on the latest family news.

    Eric, Fawn, and Melanie ate breakfast together. Dwight joined them a bit later, but he was last to get up.

    After breakfast, Dwight was trying to break blocks when I didn't want him to. The triplets birthday was today, so I wanted him in his normal clothes.

    Evan went first at aging up. He turned out really well, but I did change his clothes after this. Traits are now: Loves The Outdoors, Neurotic, and Daredevil. I hope he gets better traits than after this, they won't affect his chance at heir though. I'll explain that in a bit.

    While waiting for the others, Evan said hello to L4u Rn. She was happy to chat with her potential future master.

    Next up, we have Ariana. She looks great too, I really like the hair color and would love to see it pass on to her kids in the future. Her traits are: Easily Impressed, Friendly, and Computer Whiz. I'm liking those traits much better but that doesn't mean anything yet.

    And last but not least, Abigail aged up. Her clothes weren't terrible so I just kept them for now. I'll have to work on a few outfits though, which I'll mention below. She is: Athletic, Brave, and Grumpy. Not bad traits, I've dealt with grumpy Sims before.

    Christen Bunch was fighting with who I assume is her boyfriend. He is a McGraw descendant but they were trying to flirt but rejected each others advances.

    I had the family eat at the Bistro instead of cake. I figured they deserve that, especially as school starts tomorrow.
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    Eric made waffles for breakfast and finished before anyone else was ready. The triplets were next, while Dwight and Melanie were last.

    Once they were done eating, the triplets went outside to have a water fight. Today was the first day of summer since I added Seasons, so I made use of the interaction.

    L4u Rn took care of the garden. She has two life fruit plants inside, and two money trees outside. Now with Seasons, I'll have dormant plants in the winter so I wanted some inside.

    Like I said, a China trip was coming up. I decided just to send Dwight and Melanie for this trip. He headed to the academy while Melanie checked the board. She had already done one tomb when she was a teen, so she had a tiny bit left for visa level 1.

    Dwight decided to head to the dummy to train while I was with Melanie.

    Melanie was told to spar with Bao Louie so she went to his house. They had a bit of a chat where they learned they were both brave, before starting their sparring session. She lost round one but won on round two.

    Melanie then had to check in with this Sim, who I forgot the name of. She gained her fifth skill point in martial arts and then took off for the academy to meditate.

    Dwight made salad that night and thats what they had for supper and breakfast on day two.

    Dwight needed his next sparring contender so he tried to call them up. Unfortunately, his opponent was none other than his wife! He ended up winning so Melanie gave him a kiss before they headed for the shower.

    Her next adventure was here. She found a trap activated when stood on, and it revealed stairs to an underground level. She was a werewolf, she wasn't going to be afraid of what may be down there.

    She had to clear some debris as well as find a key for a door, which she did perfectly. Then she found a room with five doors so she checked every single one of them. This unlocked floor plates.

    She couldn't just stand on them, so she had to move statues around. Luckily, this worked for her and she went on to the next room.

    She had to go through some wells and set off some traps but one of them caught her on fire. Lucky for her, the well was nearby. It was the full moon so she transformed and then called Dwight who brought a tent to sleep in. The two then went to bed. One more day left in China.
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    Once it hit six in the morning, I woke Dwight and Melanie up so they could transform back to their human form. I then sent them back to bed as werewolves don't sleep well in werewolf form.

    Once she woke up, Melanie checked in to finish her most recent task.

    By this time, they were both hungry so Dwight and Melanie bought egg rolls for lunch.

    Melanie: I want to thank you for this trip.
    Dwight: You're welcome. I know we didn't get a honeymoon, but this has been as close to one as possible.

    Even though Dwight is farther along with the skill, Melanie ended up beating him this time. Both have been doing great at it.

    Once their sparring sessions were done, Dwight taught Melanie how to meditate properly in hopes of xeneporting.

    Paparazzi: This will make the headlines! Jones Family Heir Meditates In China! Okay, maybe let the reporter pick the headline title, mine stinks.

    And they were successful. Once they got to base camp, they ate supper before catching a plane home.

    Back at home, Eric gave L4u Rn a more feminine paint scheme.
    Eric: Hot pink and white suits you far better than red, black, and white does. Hey, what's that over there?
    L4u Rn: Where?
    Eric: (hits over head) Alright, let's upgrade those trait slots.

    Melanie continued work on her fourth book, Mr. Goth Goes to Town. It's about Gunther Goth's eventful trip one summer evening in Sunset Valley.

    Dwight has made it to oak boards now, should be moving to stone blocks next time I play. I'm waiting for space rocks to collect some nice gems.

    Eric decided to play chess with his wife. Fawn is still trying to max the logic skill before she passes but I doubt she'll make it.

    I sent Eric to look for some elixirs but he didn't find any I wanted. I did find an original townie who is still alive, Zelda Mae Jones. She is married to Christian Jones who was a clone of Christopher but her son is Denny McGraw. Zelda was given a young again potion, hence the reason she is still around today.

    The children had their first day of homework to do. They weren't very happy about it but at least they only have four days of school. Friday is Leisure Day since I installed Seasons on a Monday.

    The family decided to have a nice, quiet dinner at home that evening. Eric made egg rolls as he got the recipe from TV or Christian.

    However, the full moon was tonight so the werewolves all transformed. Dwight left work early so I had to send him back and get the others supper done.
    Fawn: If you're all going to eat like dogs, I'm out of here.

    And then she peed herself from seeing them transform. I mean, really? You're not used to this by now? Her traits aren't even anything that should set her off!

    Once supper was done, I sent the triplets to take showers before the whole family went to bed.
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    Tuesday was cooler and rainy but Eric still got up to make breakfast for the family at 2:00 A.M. He always wants to make sure his three grandchildren are fed a good breakfast before school.

    Fawn and Melanie were the next ones up so they joined Eric for breakfast. Unfortunately, Melanie had a few hours before the sun rose so was still in her wolf form. Eric couldn't help but crack a smile at Melanie's lack of table manners.

    One of the money trees dropped a seed so L4u Rn ran outside to plant it. There are now 3 of them, and two life fruit plants inside.

    Melanie decided to work more on Mr. Goth Goes To Town while Dwight went back to bed. He had to work in the afternoon and evening and since he didn't sleep well last night, he wanted to be prepared.

    L4u Rn and Eric had a nice little chat about upgrades up until he tried to implement them. Once again, he was on the receiving end of a nasty shock.

    Once Dwight got up, he went to the TV to do a workout. His boss wants him to gain some athletic skill but he was putting it off.

    Early that afternoon, the rain had stopped so Eric, Fawn, and Melanie decided to go to the festival. First thing was the eating contest, which Fawn ended up winning.

    The hotdogs didn't agree with Sam Sekemoto and he ran off to vomit. Fun fact, he was Fawn's former boyfriend way back in high school.

    Melanie decided to learn to skate. No one else was on the rink so she figured if she fell, no one would see.

    While she skated, Eric and Fawn played chess together. Fawn was hoping to gain a skill point but that didn't happen. She is now 89 so she could go as early as tomorrow.

    The triplets did their homework together again. They were to name several of the constellations, a subject on Ariana seemed to like.

    A cop named Santos decided to skate a bit later that night. Melanie decided to skate with him as she felt a bit of attraction. She won't cheat on Dwight though, she loves him too much for that.

    Fawn got tired of chess so she decided to practice her soccer skills. Then everyone went home and I sent them off to bed.

    L4u Rn is practicing her logic skill because she will outlive everyone most likely. She can tutor future generations as well as being a butler bot.

    Most everyone was up by 4 in the morning so they ate breakfast together like usual. Abigail had already finished eating so she was off getting ready for school.

    Abby decided to join L4u Rn at the chess table. Since Grandpa Eric had read her the toddler books, she started out at level 3 logic.

    Fawn, who actually turned 89 and not 90, decided to play her guitar for one of the last times. When she passes, one of the triplets will inherit it.

    L4u Rn harvested the money trees, bringing in almost $3000.

    I was off with another of my Sims when I decided to check in with Eric. I was too late to stop him from setting his wife on fire! Needless to say, she was not happy with him and yelled at him. Luckily it didn't hurt their relationship any or we would have had a problem.

    Dwight and Melanie did a little bit of fighting training as werewolves, then went around looking for collectibles.

    Tired of hunting, Melanie decided to work on her book outside. The neighbors probably wonder how she has a floating computer when they don't.

    Fawn decided to play guitar in her nightgown so Melanie joined her, although she wore her everyday instead.

    Ariana started work on her painting skill. She isn't guaranteed to be the heir yet, but I want them to learn a variety of skills like they were chosen.

    Dwight lost his game and came home in a bad mood. Two of the triplets were finishing up their homework so he just read a book before everyone went to bed.
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    The family got up a bit later this morning as I am working on getting them on a bit later schedule. There was a lot of grumbling but it all worked out.

    Fawn decided to play chess with L4u Rn. She ended up hitting level 9 but tomorrow is day 90 for her so she may not make it to ten.

    Before school, Melanie joined the triplets in a water balloon fight. I sometimes have them do this to gain relationship. Just hope someone doesn't accidently hit L4u or Fawn.

    Once the kids were off to school, Melanie decided to work on Mr. Goth Goes To Town. She finished it and will get 6 payments of $363. She's getting better, but hopefully she can complete her LTW of $4000 a week.

    Eric got excited when he discovered a new trait chip. He is at a level of 8.5 so hopefully he can get to 10, make a Sentience trait chip, get L4u Rn to Future Quality, and get the Legacy Statue from ITF. If he needs to, he may eat some life fruit until he accomplishes it.

    Speaking of, I sent L4u to collect gems and rocks. I had her do this as she was getting stir crazy.

    After a late lunch, Melanie worked on her mixology skill. So far, she can only make party drinks, but hopefully can make more soon.

    Fawn decided to try one of the mood drinks. She seemed to like it, even though it was nothing special.

    Dwight and Melanie practiced their sparring. Dwight ended up winning and they had a shower together before being the last to head to bed.

    L4u Rn has been doing her own maintenance now, on her own. That makes me happy because it means I don't really have to do much with her. She pretty much goes by the autonomy of the game. She has also been learning the bot skill to make trait chips, since she never knows when certain ones will come in handy. Also, the needs of her owners may change as well.

    Now it is Friday, and that means Leisure Day in my game. As everyone was hungry due to the new schedule, I decided to send them all to the diner to eat. Once the finished, they headed home and when I play tonight, Dwight and Melanie travel to China to try and get the axe.

    As soon as Dwight and Melanie got to China for the third trip, Dwight went to get an opportunity done. Brianna Alvi asked him to learn some athletic tips in China.

    Dwight: Really, that's the advice you have for me?
    Woman: Yep, now go away. I got a tournament to attend to.

    Melanie: Hey, wanna do a tomb together?
    Dwight: Sure, sounds like fun.
    Melanie: Sorry, only one here is to look for some items. That's only a one person job, really.
    Dwight: Yeah, I'll just stay here and do something.

    Melanie got an opportunity to search for Lapiz Lazuli and Mercury. She found these relatively easy due to the markers on the map where they are common.

    Melanie: Hello? I just gave you gems and a rock I could have kept for myself and you won't even look at me.
    Man: I can't help it, I can't turn my head the right direction!

    The man then sent her off to look for Assassin Beetles. That took a bit of time because I could find where they were at, but not see them crawling around. She ended up getting the two required though.

    Dwight made waffles for the first time but they didn't turn out well at all. Melanie ate them but they weren't that good.

    Dwight: Liking the vacation?
    Melanie: Yes, but I like you more
    Bet you can guess where this led to.

    Dwight is now breaking stone boards. He's not too far off from breaking space rocks. Melanie was breaking oak boards not far away but I didn't get any screenshots of that.

    That evening, Dwight and Melanie found a place where no one really was and they transformed into their wolf forms for some hunting. It was pretty productive, although Melanie did better than Dwight.

    Dwight finally got to assist in a tomb, the Dragon Cave. He was pretty fascinated but doesn't have the experience Melanie does.

    Melanie: You got to put your back into it.
    Dwight: I think I got this.
    I didn't take screenshots of every little bit of this but they ended up finishing it. I had a feeling I already did this but realized what it was. When my charger came undone (battery is bad) I lost this part of China. That's why I had to do it again.
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    Dwight was up earlier than Melanie again so I had him make breakfast. This time, he did not burn the pancakes, although they are only normal quality.

    Um, guys? You don't have to social distance, you can't get Coronavirus. Also, who eats pancakes with chop sticks?

    Melanie telling Dwight how great he is.

    She then got another opportunity, this time running around looking for gems and rocks. Still waiting on that axe one.

    While she was off doing that, Dwight was sparring with another contestant, Ai Bei. Dwight ended up winning, hitting level 1 of the tournament.

    Melanie turned in what she found, just to get told to look for more.

    After a day of running around, Melanie decided to stick with a salad to eat. She's got to keep her figure after all.

    That next morning after breakfast, Melanie went down in her short nightgown to check for an adventure. I bet the male explorers were happy with her choice of clothing.

    Melanie: I heard you want some boulders smashed.
    Woman: I do, and you get a nice, shiny ax for your troubles.
    Melanie: Great! I've been wanting Pangu's Ax for a while now. So where is it?
    Woman: Oh, forgot to mention. Run around some more and get three Chinese citizens to agree with smashing boulders, then go talk to someone who isn't sure we should smash them.
    Melanie: Then I get it?
    Woman: After you find it in the tomb. It's not going to be easy.
    Melanie: Of course not.

    Dwight spent most of his day at the academy, working on his martial arts.

    Melanie was able to convince the man to let her smash boulders, but the full moon came out, causing her to transform. Also, a zombie appeared behind her. She hunted a bit before heading home to eat and go to bed.

    Dwight kept waking up in the night to freak out over the moon. I was going to play a bit longer, but got tired of constantly sending him to bed. Now I'm hoping to get the ax today and send them home.

    As Melanie was up late, she had a late breakfast at the market before her husband got there.

    She then went to check in with the woman who wanted her to get approval. The lady gave instructions of where to go so Melanie headed off to get the ax.

    Melanie located the first staircase in a secret room on the ground floor. Going down the stairs, she found a long hallway with a locked door. Realizing the way to open it must be under the debris, she took a pickax on the wall and cleared it away, unlocking the door.

    There was also a secret door in the wall that she stumbled upon. Inside was a chest full of some treasure, which she promptly took.

    She faced another locked door but luckily she found the stone key in a chest.

    She found some more treasure inside the next room but came face to face with a maze of stairs and landings. She could see Pangu's Ax but knew it'd take some patience to get to it.

    In yet another room, she found dive wells. Knowing from experience what that meant, she tumbled in on her stomach. On the other side, she found two more plus the one she came out of.

    Traps were in the next room so she had to be careful. She found an unlit torch and figured it must be some kind of trigger. Apparently it was as it opened another door.

    At long last, Melanie got Pangu's Ax. She could feel the power that it wielded and it made her happy. Too bad she has to give it to the woman, it'd sure come in handy.

    She got too tired and hungry and it caused her to turn into her wolf form. She decided to try the Ax anyway before heading home. She figured she'd finish up in the tomb tomorrow.
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    Melanie woke up and ate breakfast before meditating. She wanted to teleport to the tomb from the previous update. She was successful but soon realized there wasn't anything left to do there like she thought there was.

    Melanie: I found the Ax. Where do you want me to put it?
    Woman: That thing is too powerful for me, you can keep it. There is one condition though, you must smash a boulder for me and find an item.
    Melanie: Sounds good to me.

    Smashing the boulder

    I always feel like this tomb is a pain in the rear to finish, especially this part.

    Melanie has gotten much better at the dive wells.

    A familiar sight, pushing and pulling statues around.

    Trying to figure out how to get rid of the flames.

    She finally found the item and returned it to the woman. By this time, I was starting to get tired of China so I decided to send her and Dwight home.

    Bonus pic: I had the whole family get together for a water balloon fight. This was just to get them at a place for me to have them all together before quitting the game for the night.

    Last time I played, I had the whole family minus L4u Rn have a water balloon fight. This was a good way to build up relationships while having fun.

    Dwight had to leave though as he had an opportunity to finish. Brianna Alvi gave him some money for finishing it.

    He had a few gems that needed cut so after talking with Brianna, that is where he went.

    Eric has still been working on the bot building skill but hasn't made it any farther quite yet. It's starting to look like I may have to use some life fruit until he achieves his goal of making a future tech, sentient plumbot.

    For supper, the family went to the Bistro and ate outside. Speaking of, Illinois is now going to allow us to eat outside at restaurants and bars again. Can only go inside for the restroom.

    Eric said hello to his niece, Lois Bunch. He hadn't really been in touch much with his sisters family as I always forget to invite them over. That will change now though.

    While the rest of the family was doing other things, Fawn decided to bring out her guitar and collect tips. She made somewhere around $500.

    Dwight and Melanie enjoying Fawn's music. Fawn is at the top of the skill so she sounds great.

    Cousin Alicia, all grown up. She is the middle child, between Christen (named after Christopher) and Lois. Her newest trait is Loves The Cold.

    L4u Rn was the only one up so she had to do her own maintenance.

    Seeing that Eric made breakfast all the time, she decided to surprise them all and make it herself for them.

    Then, she took care of the garden like she normally does. When that was done, she worked on cleaning up the house.

    The first two up were Eric and Fawn. Ariana and Abigail soon joined them when Fawn started talking about her time with the orchestra.

    Eric failed again, and L4u Rn gave him another shock. She better quit or he may have a heart attack. Instead, someone else passed away later that day.

    Abigail left after breakfast because she had an opportunity to finish. She was supposed to find certain gems and metals but she was just given them by her parents who had found them hunting and on vacation.

    Ariana, Dwight, and Fawn watched TV together. Eric was busy setting up a party with the extended family.

    The first guest to show up was Alicia Bunch. Melanie hadn't talked with this particular cousin very much and they had a nice chat.

    Christen caught Abigail in the bathroom and they struck up a conversation. They don't show up as related since the game doesn't register extended cousins.

    Tommy Bunch got the shock of his life when his sister-in-law Fawn kicked the bucket.

    She wasn't afraid of Grim, she had seen him take Emily and Christopher and knew there was nothing to be afraid of. Oh, and she did reach level ten logic, dying the next day. The extended family seemed shocked but none of them were close with Fawn to cry about it.

    Grim stuck around a bit and even had a pillow fight with Eric.

    Much food was brought to the party so Eric helped himself. Zelda and Lois were wandering around the house before everyone left. Now Eric has 3 days left until 90 but he will probably eat some life fruit for a bit until his goal is met.
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    Eric made a new plumbot named Fiber Optic. He inserted random trait chips to make him a better bot.

    Then Eric sold him for $4000. He isn't doing the career, just making extra money.

    Everyone went to sleep so L4u Rn sent some metals to be smelted.

    She also got a paparazzi named Tina Medina to play chess with her. L4u doesn't have an evil trait chip so she can't be mean to anyone, not even the paparazzi that follow Eric and Dwight around.

    Had my first alien sighting last night. L4u Rn had to say hello to Ahilac, she'd never met an alien before.

    She invited Ahilac in to meet the family. Eric and Evan don't seemed fazed, they even talked to her. Ahilac left half her hotdog though as she wanted to go home.

    Eric went to the attic to work on his bot building skill. He reached level 9 and a bit towards ten but will need at least a life fruit or two to reach ten and get L4u Rn to Future Tech.

    L4u Rn worked in the garden a bit in the morning. The third money tree is growing nicely, although fall is coming soon so it will go dormant.

    Dwight is still working on his athletic skill. He is getting close to the top and should make it way before becoming an adult.

    L4u Rn drove the kids to the grocery store to take a fishing class. This will help them in the heir competition. I'm going to play them tonight as I want the competition over before working on Ava's story.

    L4u just stayed outside and talked to a Wan descendant. I believe her father is Hank, making her an alternate reality half sister to Brittany Goddard who was Ava's youngest daughter.

    The triplets also needed to work on painting, mainly just to have another skill to work on.

    Melanie began working on another book, this one is called FrankenSim. It is the Sims version of Frankenstein, only with differences. I'm pretending it is a modern retelling of the story, mixed with Sims related things in it. (Occults, plumbots, that sort of thing.)

    Eric decided to try and upgrade L4u Rn and once again got a shock. Come on, girl, he's just trying to get you to Future Tech status. Geesh.

    The family then headed to the the Bistro for supper. I was going to send them to the park but it was raining, then let up at the last moment.

    But they didn't get peace for long as the full moon hit, transforming all but Eric into their werewolf formed.

    Eric was first one up as usual, the others were at a slower sleeping speed due to being in their wolf form. He ate a life fruit in hopes of living just a bit longer to get that wish.

    Nobody but L4u-Rn was up so Eric decided to go up to the attic and work on the bot building skill.

    I had to wake the kids up without getting a full nights sleep. They all three needed showers so I had them do that, then head back to bed for a bit before breakfast. Ariana didn't quite make it into this picture.

    Eric called L4u-Rn up to the attic so he could do maintenance. He was able to get her to Next Gen quality, or level 9. He already has the sentience trait chip, just needs her to get to Future Tech quality. He can't do that until he gets to the top of the skill.

    Once he had finished that, Eric used some leftover trait chips and created a new Plumbot named Toaster. This one was not sold but instead released into the town to be one of the only Plumbot townies. This got Eric halfway up on getting the last skill point.

    Waiting for the kids to get back home, Melanie decided to work on her mixology skill. Unfortunately, only one of her drinks was normal quality.

    Then it became time to age up the triplets. Evan went first with only his siblings and L4u-Rn watching.

    Evan grew up to look decent, although I need to get a headshot picture to share tonight so you can see him better. His traits are now: Loves The Outdoors, Neurotic, Daredevil, and now Artistic.

    Next up was Ariana. By this time, everyone had joined the celebrations except for Dwight who was at work.

    Here she is aged up, although I forgot to get her makeover picture. I was a bit distracted last night, I'll explain below. Her traits are now: Easily Impressed, Friendly, Computer Whiz, and Bookworm. Her traits seem to be a bit better than Evan's.

    Last up was Abigail. Everyone was here by then as Dwight left work early because he got a promotion.

    Again, I forgot to get a makeover picture. Her traits are now, Athletic, Brave, Grumpy, Artistic.

    You may be able to see it a bit here, but anyway, the family ate cake before they had to head to bed. Tonight will be the competition and then I will give them a break to work on Ava.
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    Eric and the girls were the first up this morning. They had been watching TV while waiting for the others to get up.

    Once he was up, Evan got on the phone and called his family travel agent. He booked three tickets to Egypt and took off with his two siblings.

    Ariana Langerak

    Evan Langerak

    And Abigail Langerak.

    First up, we had the fishing competition. They all have at least one skill point in fishing before this but by the time they got to the fishing spot, they only fished for several hours. The results of this are: Evan ($66), Ariana ($65), and Abigail ($64). This was by selling directly out of the inventory. Evan is looking like the heir for now but it can change in the next part of the competition.

    To get to a beach side campground, the triplets had to take an underground tunnel. I actually didn't even know this existed but I explored it and figured out that from certain directions, you don't need the tunnel but others you do.

    For supper, they ate hotdogs and sat around chatting. They are best friends and even when the heir is selected, I hope to keep it that way.

    The following morning, Evan started a fire and he and the girls roasted food over it to eat.

    Now it was hunting time. Much more money was to be made by this than the fishing part did.

    This is a short video of them searching for gems, metals, and insects. They went hunting 16 times. First place went to Ariana with $3696, Evan with $2198, and Abigail came in last with $1452. Again, this was selling from inventory. Now Ariana is in the lead to be heir.

    Then the triplets ate their supper with an Egyptian townie before heading to bed. That next morning, they went another 8 rounds of hunting. In order from lowest to highest, when all hunting was done, we had our winner. Evan came in last with a grand total of $2862. Abigail came in second with $5096, and our winner was Ariana with $5966. This means Ariana will inherit everything, although she will have to give money to her siblings before they leave. Total earnings for all three was $13,924.

    Last time, Ariana had been selected as heir through a fishing and gem collecting tournament in Egypt. When they came home, Eric took the entire family out for breakfast.

    Beau Andrews was standing outside, he was given a young again potion several Sims weeks ago. I struck him with lightning to try and get rid of him. Apparently it didn't work. Next time will be a meteor.

    Back at home, Eric continued his work on bot building. He had about 1/4 left until hitting level 10.

    Melanie is still working on her Frankensim story. It seems certain genre's take longer to do than other ones.

    Dwight spent most of the day working out before going to work. He talked to his teammates before practicing for the next game.

    The triplets got home from school and began working on their homework together.

    Eric made a new plumbot named Plumbob. He gave him some traits and sold him for $3000.

    Finished with their homework, the triplets ate some leftovers before bedtime.

    Eric hit level 10 in the bot building skill and upgraded her trait slots to 7. Somehow though, the Sentience trait didn't take so will have to try that again. He should get the statue then but they'll have to go to the future to see it.
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    The triplets were the first to get up so they watched a bit of TV. Before long though, they got hungry so I sent them to get some leftovers.

    The heir of the family, Ariana decided to make sure Abigail wasn't jealous of her. She wasn't, she didn't like the idea of being tied down to the Watchers plan for the family.

    Apparently I still had rocks and gems in Melanies inventory so I sent her to the alchemy shop to cut some. She made a decent profit later in the day.

    Dwight continued to work on his athletic skill but he still did not reach level 9 yet. In the background, Eric is practicing spellcasting while L4U-Rn is reading a book.

    Later on, Eric decided to call his sister Jessica. She had just recently had her elder birthday and Eric is now 90 days so they are both discussing their plans for their last days.

    L4U-Rn took a turn and did the cooking for the family. She doesn't have the cooking trait chip so has to learn the skill like everyone else. That may change soon though, probably tonight.

    When the triplets got back home, the family minus Dwight ate their autumn salad. Dwight was at work in his third game, which he happened to win.

    Once the finished, Abigail, Ariana, and Evan worked on their homework. Forgot to mention this, Abigail got stuck in a hedge during a field trip so she ended up missing most of the afternoon of school.

    Just for something to do, Eric messed around with making drinks. He was not good at it however and he ended up breaking several glasses.

    Everyone else had went to bed as they were tired so Eric stayed up for a while. Emit came back to visit so he talked with him until he got tired and went to bed too.

    This time, Abigail was the first of the family to wake up. They've been getting up later now with just enough time to get ready in the morning before school.

    Dwight has been continuing work on his athletic skill. He's not too far away from 9 but is still a bit of from getting it. He is still a YA so he has plenty of time left.

    Eric made a new plumbot that was a future tech quality. He decided to try putting the sentience trait in him and was successful! Emit Relevart came to congratulate him before taking his leave. Eric decided he needed to take a quick trip to the future.

    "Well, they got my face right but I look bald and I don't even like wearing shorts at my age! Gonna have to complain to Emit."

    "I'm glad the lady at the desk was a fan of mine, otherwise I probably wouldn't have got these lotto numbers for tomorrows lottery."
    Eric did end up winning but it was only $5,000 that he got. The family has $226,501 now.

    Brock Keaton of Sunset Valley passed away. He was a Sim I saw around a lot, especially earlier in the save file.

    Abigail decided to pick some pumpkins for her brother, sister, and herself so they could cut them Friday morning. Friday would be Spooky Day and she was looking forward to it.

    Ariana bought some food from the stands as did the rest of the family. Eric can be seen to the right getting his food.

    She tried to invite Harlan Goth over to the park but he wouldn't come so she invited Quentin Sekemoto. Unfortunately, there was no attraction between them. She'll try with Harlan later but if not, she'll find someone new or resurrect an original townie.
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    L4U-Rn put in a Steel Chef trait so she can help the family out. Ariana will learn to cook some too, being the heir, but no food in the refrigerator meant I needed someone to cook something quick.

    Someone interrupted the routing to the table so Abigail ate standing up while the rest of the family sat down.

    L4U-Rn did what will probably be the last harvest before winter sets in. Today was Spooky Day so winter starts very soon.

    The triplets had paintings in the backyard I wanted them to get done before the party. They all three sold their paintings for $11 each then I put the easels away for the party outside.

    Ariana, Abigail, and Evan then carved the pumpkins that Abigail got yesterday. They just finished them when the rain cut loose and poured. This meant the party would have to stay indoors.

    Dwight and Melanie sometimes don't get much of a chance to talk to each other so they had a little chat while the kids were busy.

    The triplets decided for some odd reason to do their homework in Dwight and Melanie's room. I'm guessing it's because of the desk in their room.

    Flirting led to kissing and kissing led to woohoo. They'd been on a dry spell for long enough. :lol:

    Switching to Eric, I saw L4U in his queue so I checked to make sure it wasn't anything bad. It wasn't, she just wanted to hug her "Dad".

    Eric's party was about ready to start so he and his family changed into their Spooky Day costumes. I'm not sure a 92 day old should ever wear something like this, lol

    Melanie decided to dress up like a chef. Dwight was a cowplant but he was standing where I couldn't snap him in it.

    Either Ariana or Abigail, they both dressed the same so it was hard to tell. Cats were pretty popular at this party.

    Evan decided to dress like an alien, only the rest of his outfit is his normal everyday outfit.

    Melanie decided to break out her guitar for the party guests. Unfortunately, most of them got stuck at the doorway so hardly anyone came in.

    Eric met a woman named Brianna Alvi and the attraction was instant. He spent most of the party talking to her.

    Brianna: Love your Spooky Day costume, Eric.
    Eric: I like yours too. What character are you supposed to be?
    Brianna: Oh, it's not a character. I'm dressed like a person who has no fashion sense at all.
    Eric: Oh, that makes sense. I wondered why you were dressed like that.
    Brianna: I'm just glad you noticed me.
    Eric: How could I miss someone as pretty as you?

    While Grandpa was flirting with a woman who could be his daughter, his grandkids were trick or treating at Toaster's house. Toaster was made by Eric but then I removed him from the family tree so we'd have another plumbot in town.

    The party ended but Eric didn't get a kiss from Brianna like he was working up to so he visited her at her house. She has a sister living there with her as well as a nephew. Carina is the sister, you can see her back here.

    In the bedroom, Eric finally got the kiss he wanted from her. She was still in her awful everyday clothes at this point but I soon changed her looks after that.

    She and Eric then jumped into the only bed in the house for some romantic fun. Of course, Eric had to get a naughty reputation even though Fawn is gone. Oh well I guess.

    Eric left later that night much happier than he has been since his wife passed away. Let's just hope Brianna isn't a gold digger or Melanie may have to fight to keep her legacy with herself and her daughter Ariana. By the way, Eric and Brianna are officially dating, at least for now.

    Random screenshot of L4U-Rn. I only took this picture to send to my aunt as we like to talk about our Sims every once in a while. I just decided to add it here anyway.
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    Evan was the first up so he turned on the TV to learn some cooking skill. L4U-RN was playing a game on her holo-computer.

    Once everyone got up, Eric took his family to the diner for breakfast. Sometimes they just like to get out instead of eating home cooked meals.

    Every single one of my Sims needed showers but since Eric can do magic, I had him perform a hygiene spell on them all, including himself.

    Once everyone was sent home, Melanie took Ariana to learn to drive. She obtained her drivers license, the first of the triplets to do so.

    Dwight took a jog through town as he is still trying to max athletics. He has that to do, as well as increase his relationship with his coworkers and perform well in games.

    Eric met up with his girlfriend Brianna in the park for a date. Unfortunately, it began to rain so I sent them to the art gallery for cover.

    Eric's brother Christian must think it is still Spooky Day, he hasn't changed his outfit.

    At the art gallery, Eric surprised Brianna with some red roses. She happily accepted them but then told Eric she had to go to work and would be leaving. She then proceeded to tell him this was the worse date she's ever had. I was angry at her but decided against breaking them up as I knew it's just the way the game is set up.

    Feeling a bit angry himself, Eric decided to chat to his niece, Christen Bunch. Christen is pregnant with a McGraw descendant's child and using mods, I saw she'll have a female baby.

    He also talked to her sister, Alicia Bunch. If you can tell, Alicia likes to show what she's got. That outfit was actually what the game gave her but I just made her shoes match the dress.

    One of the money trees produced another seed so L4U-RN picked it up and planted it. The family now has four of them and the two life fruit plants. They may start growing other harvestables in the spring.

    Melanie decided to go to France. Unfortunately, she lost Pangu's Ax and buying it in debug works but it disappears in live mode. Due to that, doubt I'll make as many foreign trips. Anyway, Ariana tagged along for an opportunity for school.

    Ariana went to the town center and talked with the woman at the food register. This finished her opportunity, although she has to go to school to complete it.

    She talked with a man who had similar interests as her but that was it. I took a look at him in CAS and thought he looked weird. Hopefully someone good turns up in Sunset Valley.

    Melanie decided to do a tomb so she met up with her contact. Apparently his name is Gaston Dutiel and he wanted her to find an object for him.

    After clearing some debris from a secret door, Melanie went inside the room and found a foot plate.

    After collecting everything in the room, Melanie found a switch that opened another door.

    In yet another room, she had to pull statues onto floor plates.

    While her mother was busy, Ariana made her an autumn salad to eat. She still has half a skill point to reach level one.

    Finally, Melanie got to the last biggest room. She collected everything, including Gaston's lost object then went to give it to him.

    Back at base camp, she finished her FrankenSim novel. She still needs around $2500 in royalties to complete her LTW.

    Ariana transformed and did some hunting before coming in. Melanie was a bit busy and I was getting ready to direct her elsewhere when Ariana got into an argument with this lady. Needless to say, I sent them home after that.
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