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DLC Features That Should be in the Base Game Next Time (either fully or partially)



  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 1,827 Member
    edited September 2020
    Pets and Seasons aside, which are the more difficult features to include, I think some of the other stuff I mentioned need to be in the game.

    My Sims can't watch a movie in the base game? Wth? This is such an easy thing to include and movies with family and friends are such an important activity in every day life. Why do I have to buy DLC for my sim to watch a movie?

    Okay I see what you mean now. Yeah, I think nearly all of the TS4 Stuff Packs are a good example of things that should be in the Base Game. Backyard Stuff, Perfect Patio, and Romantic Garden stuff (which btw all sound like they should be in one pack together), Vintage Glamour and Luxury Party (especially which ever one came with Butlers), Toddler Stuff, Kids Room (especially considering how much these two life stages lack in general, it's annoying to have designated small packs for them that still don't add enough stuff for them). Cool Kitchen Stuff. I think the only ones that /maybe/ are okay not being BG is Spooky Stuff (or whatever it's called. Should have just been added with Seasons anyways...) and Bowling Night (which could have been in Get Together...). anyways. yeah, the fragmentation of the packs don't make sense and just adding their features/objects in Base Game just makes more sense to me.

    Yes I agree, Backyard stuff and Perfect Patio could just be one pack really, Romantic Garden is stuff we could have seen either in the base game or in a Romance EP since the base game lacks variety in garden furniture and landscaping.
    Vintage Glamour is to me cut content from Get Famous, especially because of the butlers that I feel like are always part of a celebrity life pack.
    Bowling should have come with some EP, that's what I believe as well.
    and Movie Hangout like I said should be a base game feature by now. I also think buying and selling things online, so Plopsy from Nifty Knitting, should be part of the BG by now.

    In general Stuff packs, though not all might belong in the BG to me, for sure should have been part of some other EP we got with TS4.
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  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 343 Member
    I think in the future Seasons should be part of base game because its really a BASIC aspect of life. I know its been a DLC since The Sims 2 but it could be replaced by a "Natural Disasters" expansion, expanding on the seasons theme with different catastrophes like tornados, wildfires, etc...
  • SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,783 Member
    edited September 2020
    Some of these features are DLC, others are add-ons that previous games had...and some are just new features...

    1. Basic Weather--Sun, Clouds, Rain

    2. Cats, Dogs, and Small Pets

    3. Aliens, Vampires, Werewolves, A Magic Skill (Not a separate lifestate this time, O.K.?), Plantsims, Ghosts, and Zombies

    4. Paintable Ceilings

    5. Spiral Stairs

    6. Rounded Walls

    7. A Stage/Platform Tool

    8. Pools (shouldn't have to say this, but...)

    9. Hot Tubs (another thing I shouldn't have to say, but...)

    10. Bowling

    11. Restaurants

    12. Retail Stores

    13. A Martial Arts Skill and The Option to See the Action Instead of That Fight Cloud (for better fights)

    14. Vehicles (cars, bikes, motor cycles, tricycles for kids and adults, those 4-wheeler bikes, mopeds and scooters, etc.)

    15. Create-A-World built right into the game, not as a separate app.

    16. Create-A-Mesh which let's you mold, paint, and save clothing, hairstyle, and furniture meshes right in the game. Maybe use a system like the PS2 game Magic Pengel, where the player draws the parts and the game procedurally generates a mesh, then add a system which could allow the mesh to then be edited and molded with an interface that works like sculpting virtual clay.

    17. Lots and Lots of Gameplay Settings Options--Population, Occults, Difficulty, Lifespan, Autonomy, Taxes, Bills, etc.

    TS5's base is gonna have to be pretty darn impressive to compete with Paralives and any other competitors coming to market. They'll have to go big or go home.
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