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Vampire Dynasty [Legacy Challenge]

Wake me up inside
Call my name and save me from the dark
Bid my blood to run
Before I come undone
Save me from the nothing I've become

This challenge is a combination and inspiration of the below challenges. Please check them out:
Legacy Challenge
Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

Have not playtested it yet. Please let me know if anything doesn't work out.
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  • undressyourbonesundressyourbones Posts: 345 Member
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    • Create a Royal Vampire Family in every world except the one you’re going to have your legacy start. Families must consist of 8 total sims including:

      1 ‘King’
      1 ‘Queen’

    • Create your starter sim. They have to be YA & human. They can have any aspiration and traits.
    • Move into an empty 50x50 or 64x64 lot in the world where you didn’t create a royal family.
    • Use money cheat to lower your funds to $1800.

    • Complete Sim’s Aspiration
    • Complete the rosebud achievement before marrying.
    • When your sim has the funds, create a beautiful, lavish palace on your lot with room for a dedicated wall/room/hallway for family portraits.
    • Your sim must marry one of the children from the royal families.
    • Your sim must complete 4 gold star dinner parties to impress the royal family that you’re trying to marry into after you’ve completed the rosebud achievement and built your palace.
    • Your sim must be best friends of the parents of the royal family and at least friends with the rest of the royal children you’re trying to marry into.
    • After marrying, your sim must turn into a Vampire by their spouse.
    • After you marry, your spouse moves into your ‘palace’.
    • If your sim has a job, they must quit their job after getting married. (unless it’s a freelance job, politician, or conservationist.)
    • Must have at least 4 kids.
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    ORIGIN ID: undressyourbones
  • undressyourbonesundressyourbones Posts: 345 Member
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    • All children must reach at least Master level vampire.
    • Weakness and strengths can be of your choosing as well as aspirations and traits.
    • All kids must be “A” Students in highschool.
    • If you have the university pack, they can attend university, but must live at home and be “A” students.
    • When they are all YA (you have to age them up manually from teens since they are vampires) & at least Master level, they must duel to be the next king/queen of (insert world name here). Should go something like this:

      If you have an even # of kids: split the group in pairs. The first pair will have a duel, and then the second pair will have a duel. The winner of each duel will then go head to head.
      If you have an odd number of kids: write down the names of the kids in no particular order. Have the first kid on the list duel the 2nd on the list. If they win, they go on to duel the 3rd. If they lose, the 2nd on the list goes on to duel the 3rd and so on down the list until there is a winner who is named heir to the throne.

    • After the duels are complete, you must move out all the children that lost. They become dukes/duchesses and can basically live anywhere and do as they wish.
    • Can have any job.
    • Complete the official heir’s aspiration.
    ORIGIN ID: undressyourbones
  • undressyourbonesundressyourbones Posts: 345 Member
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    • Throw a Ball (Dinner Party) and invite all the eligible bachelors/bachelorettes. (They must be from the royal families. If the other royal families didn’t have grandchildren, etc, you can create more family members) At least have a silver star event. Interactions between sims are allowed, as long as they are non-romantic.If a romantic interaction happens autonomously, you must let it happen.
    • After the ball, single out at least 4 of the bachelor/bachelorettes that your heir sim had the most compatibility with.
    • Have the heir go out on a date with all 4 of them one by one. Whoever your sim has the least compatibility with by the end of the round of dates will be eliminated from the marriage pool. The dates can be spaced out and not one after the other, but your sim cannot have a date with the same sim twice in a row.
    • After the single dates, go on a group date with the potential spouses. No one gets eliminated from the group dates.
    • After every group date, go on another round of single dates and eliminate another person.
    • Keep repeating the single date, then group date, etc pattern until there is 1 bachelor/bachelorette left standing.
    • Have your heir sim and the sim left from the dating rounds marry.
    • After they marry and become the new King and Queen, Move the parents out.
    • After marriage, the heir and spouse must quit whatever job they have (unless it’s a freelance job, politician, or conservationist.)
    • They must have at least 4 kids.

    Repeat parts 2-3 for as long as your heart desires.
    Switch it up by making the heirs have different aspirations and traits, good vampires, bad vampires, destroy some family members, etc lol.
    ORIGIN ID: undressyourbones
  • undressyourbonesundressyourbones Posts: 345 Member
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    • Start with a photo of your gen 1 sim and a photo of their spouse (or portrait if you don’t have Get to Work) on your dedicated wall. Every heir born after that must have a photo placed on the wall. The photo can be taken at any time of their life.
    • Every month your household gets a royal allowance of 20,000 simoleons after Gen 1 marries.
    • You don't have to do the single dates one after another, you can space them out. Same with the group dates.
    • Okay to have pets if you have the expansion pack.
    • Truly the most important rule is...there are no rules lol. In the end, play as you are inspired to play. If that means switching up the rules to make things more exciting for you, go for it.
    ORIGIN ID: undressyourbones
  • valkyrieplaysvalkyrieplays Posts: 22 Member
    just wanted to say that i only discovered your challenges recently, but i absolutely adore them and i'm so excited to try them out!
    my simblr
    cc finds
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