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Another Patch? Oh, Please, No…



  • FairyGodMotherFairyGodMother Posts: 7,338 Member
    @crinrict Thank you so much for your help. You answered all my questions. I did click the links you provided, seems it's not ready for Mac yet though.

    I had just came out of my game and this is the first time I saw that it is offered to me and provided a link. (last couple of days it did say at the top of Origin about EA Desktop but never provided a link to try it out till today). I am retired so I put lots of hours in my sims, I would probably be a good one to do the beta testing, but will have to wait till they get Mac's ready :D Good to know that we can play beta, but still play the Origin way also (till they replace Origin)!

    Thanks for explaining the subscriptions! I did check your link out and its all mostly sports games right now :D I only play Sims2 (app store) S3 and S4 thru Origin, and Sim City (app store), I am just a sim gal, so I will stick to playing thru Origin until the EA Desktop is ready, or beta for Macs!

    I am old now, I have had to change with the times raising all my kids (started early, ended late age). I just shake my head with all the new things that keep happening (S3 not ready for Mac Catalina), now this.....sometimes I want things to go smooth :D

    I feel much better now that you explained it and provided links. Thank you so much for all you do!
    Sims3 is my love. I own the store. I am known as charlotteprice on S3 store. I don't go to the store or forums here much, but I will throw gifts out when I can!
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,737 Member
    I think EA Play still isn't for Mac either but there aren't that many Games from EA that run on Macs so it will probably not be worth it even if there was.

    I think a good example to explain the subscription service is to compare it to either Netflix or Spotify. There you get access to tons of music and movies/series with one monthly fee. If you unsubscribe, you no longer have access. If you bought your movies on DVD or as download, you can still listen to that and watch those. EA Play is the same for game.s
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