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What was your first experience of the Sims?



  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 10,917 Member
    My experience did not happen until Sims 2 came out but I did have some of the Sims1 packs which I brought when it first came out but never loaded them up and gave them to my niece. I however brought the whole collection at an later time and one day I loaded them up and was hooked, but I sometimes got frustrating playing as their needs was difficult to maintain and then Sims 2 came out and brought it and did not play that until an year later and when I did I dropped Sims1like it was hot and just played Sims 2 and was pleased their needs was easier to maintain. Sims 2 for me was the best experience I had. :)
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  • Kita5399Kita5399 Posts: 1,627 Member
    A few of my friends and cousins played TS1 and I was intrigued, but was super busy during that time so I didn’t really get into it. I bought The Sims Bustin’ out for game cube when it came out in 2003, just after purchasing and moving into my own house. I bought TS2 shortly after that and have been playing ever since, even bought all of TS1 not long ago.
  • FaberriesFaberries Posts: 1,351 Member
    I believe i played the TS1 first, but I’m not quite sure. I do remember my sister being gifted TS2 and us both playing it (well she played, while i looked). She made a family, but we hadn’t even played for more than 30 minutes, before three family members were dead :lol:
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  • Sha2520032003Sha2520032003 Posts: 2,160 Member
    My little brother was who introduced me to the Sims franchise. He used to hog the computer all day long, playing Sims 1 & would play this game for 8-10 hours straight. I was so frustrated as I never could use the computer lol....& was so intrigued to see what the fuss was about. & then once I started playing....just trying to keep my Sim alive, I was hooked on this game.

    But it was Sims 2 where I became a huge fan (had my own computer by this time too lol). I really loved the challenge. I remember that Sims magic of just getting lost in the game for 6-8 hours and forgetting to eat or do my homework lol. To this day, I don't think I've ever played a game where I could focus that long of a period of time.

    I guess you can say the rest is history....I just love the Sims. My brother's daughter, now plays as well & she's a huge fan of TS4 & got her start in this series. We got a real life legacy Sims players....passing it down to the next generation :)
  • Jasonschick80Jasonschick80 Posts: 471 Member
    It was 2016 and I was watching Clare Siobhan and her LP of Skyrim. Saw she had posted something called Sims 4 Dream House or something about her and her then bf Ali. From then on I was hooked. Wasnt able to play until it came out on ps4, then a year later on pc. Had never heard of it before then.
  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,419 Member
    I must have been about 9 years old when I played TS1 for about an hour round my best friend’s house. I went home and raved about it to my family so much that they bought me TS2 for my birthday and I‘ve been completely hooked ever since 😂
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 3,761 Member
    The sims1 . My youngest, about a third grader then came home after being at a friends house and said they a game called the sims. My oldest had been in an accident, was immobilized for awhile and moved back home to heal from out of state...... the game sounded interesting to both my older daughter and I, and my youngest wanted to play too, so we bought the game, and all shared it on the same computer. My youngest didn’t stay interested in it very long, but it had my oldest and I hooked on it.
  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 6,893 Member
    I took my son to the gaming store to find a game he wanted for his gameboy, and I looked around at all the interesting box art in the store of the pc games. I didn't have a computer, and at the time didn't have enough money to afford one. I saw the box for sims 1 and I was intrigued. I read the back of the box, and this overwhelming desire to play it came over me. I was crushed because it was like 6 months before tax time and the possibility of buying a computer. I went home and that game kept popping in my brain. I knew I had to have it as I loved playing with doll houses when I was younger. I was with my boyfriend at the time now husband, and without telling him I took my tax return and went out to buy a pc and the sims 1. I think he wasn't really pleased as spending over 1,000 for a computer to play a game didn't seem practical to him, but I got what I wanted lol. Since sims 1 I never looked back. Sims2 came out and I got it on release date as well as the other packs, same for sims 3, and it took a while to warm up to sims 4 enough to buy it, but about 4 months after sims 4 came out, I was feeling blue and wanted something different, but didn't have the money to purchase the sims 4. I mentioned it to my adult son that I wished I had the money to buy it, and he offered to buy it for me if I paid him back. I was thrilled. Sadly it didn't turn out to be as fun to me as the others, but I play it even now because sims 3 with mods takes forever to load, and so sims 4 is just easier to play. I have fun, but I do miss 3. I just can't bring myself to play 3 due to the loading times.
    I might go back someday.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 7,211 Member
    mine was the sims 3 pets on ps3
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • thelawtmanthelawtman Posts: 1,421 Member
    I have been playing since sims 1 was released. I loved it and have at one point owned every expansion, dlc, etc that they have released. I was active on the forums back in sims 3 and early 4 days, but sadly the community seems extremely toxic. Especially if you like something that ea did ex Star Wars pack.
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  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 896 Member
    edited September 15
    I started with Sims Freeplay. When I got disappointed about the "life dreams and legacies" update I deleted the game. I missed Sims so much that I decided to get the PC Sims game. I bought Sims 4 and fell in love with the game instantly.
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 4,036 Member
    The Sims specifically? I ran to the store and bought Sims 1 on release day.
    But i had played every single Sid Meyer game before that; personal favorite was Sim Ant, actually. Oh and Sim City 2000 of course.
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  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 8,354 Member
    I was visiting my parents for Christmas, then found a free demo game version TS1, that they probably had got with a magazine. Checked out TS1 and sat up all night :) Few weeks later I started my first TS1 site (that still gains traffic, despite not being updated since release of TS2).
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  • charmed4life4charmed4life4 Posts: 121 Member
    The Sims Busting Out for PS2 in 2003 I had wanted the game for years, but due to the T rating my mom said no. For my 13th birthday it was the gift I wanted. My mom took me to Game Stop and she said I wasn't installing nothing on the computer so I settled for Busting Out. I ended up loving it and that is where my propensity to kill off sims I didn't like started. I still find the diving board death to be a funny one.
  • AquariusMomAquariusMom Posts: 227 Member
    My first time with sims was in my mid-30's back in 2009. I was waiting for the results of a cancer screening and was driving myself crazy obsessing, and I guess my husband too, because he bought me the Sims 3 base game to help distract me from worrying while waiting. It worked, probably better than he wished at this point considering how addicted I still am all these years later. (No cancer BTW, just a scare!!) My first EP was World Adventures, and to this day it is still my all time favorite pack from Sims 3 and 4 both.
  • LizzychicagoLizzychicago Posts: 779 Member
    When the second pack from Sims 1 came out, I got that with the base game and haven't looked back. I've owned everything since.
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  • Wiggles007Wiggles007 Posts: 36 Member
    edited September 16
    I was a mom with two young boys was at a friends home her children were playing it. I thought what a neat way to teach my sons about life. so I brought it for them Sims 1 they played a bit I got hooke. so 25 years later I still play everyday. I have every basegame and expnasion pack stuff pack game pack for all the sims 1 2 3 and four just got the star wars pack last week. I even played the The sims on line, if anyone remembers that one. I also played second life for a while. but I have never stopped playing the sim. My sons are grown now and children of their own. when new packs come out My family don't call Mom or grandma she is playing the sims. I am 60+ years old. I brought my self a XBox this summer so I now cal play on my big screen TV. also for mothers day this year I brought myself an Aleinware gaming computer just for my sims.
  • AphoticLeeAphoticLee Posts: 1,242 Member
    I was at a friends house who had Sims 1 game and I loved it. That was back in 2000. We didnt have a computer in our home at the time so I would go over to house just to play it. Eventually I got my own computer and played Sims 1 deluxe edition. It had all the packs. Round about that time Sims 2 was coming out and I bought every pack on release day. The rest is history. I still go back and play Sims 1.
  • LoveMcQueen5683LoveMcQueen5683 Posts: 3,679 Member
    My mom played the Sims 1 and I didn’t really even touch it until Makin Magic came out and I made Harry Potter characters. I didn’t really play the game.

    I got way more into Sims 2 and I liked making custom neighborhoods and building the worlds.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,167 Member
    My daughter discovered Sims 3 PC games in
    EB Gamestop at a mall. We never had experience with Sims games before that so I accidentally bought the Sims 3 Diesel Stuff without the Base & tried to install the game. So, a few days later we went back to the store & asked what a Base is. The clerk showed me Sims 3 Base game, so I bought it & was able to install it with Diesel.
    We eventually got 18 packs but unfortunately it was too much for our Windows 7. This was back in 2011.
  • So_MoneySo_Money Posts: 2,397 Member
    edited September 16
    For whatever reason I never had any interest in the series until TS3, and even then I only dabbled in the base game. So TS3 was technically my introduction to the Sims, but TS4 was the first one I played properly.

    My wife informs me that she played both 1 & 2, so I guess as a household we have everything covered. :)
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,976 Member
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