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Vanilla + only Maxis Match CC

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A year ago, I discovered the world of a CC free game where I found a ton of buildings and building tricks to actually make better use of the original in-game content. I never imagined I could play without CC as.. well.. the original content always seemed so out of style to me. But having watched many building videos, discovered some amazing houses where I learned to use content I never even seen in the game, I changed my mind that it IS actually very possible to have fun playing without CC and not feeling the items are just.. blegh.

Then, I told myself that if I was to download CC, it could only be Maxis Match as I also learned this term and the meaning of it a while ago. I found some nice CC packs from a creator named IllogicalSims and loved the idea of him just creating fan made packs and clearly showcasing what is in it without the mess of having bits and pieces all over the internet. I also liked the fact that everything was one style per pack and it covered all the rooms with matching swatches.
I tried to look for more fan made packs like these or at least the work style of this creator, but I could not really find what I like. Mostly YouTube videos that claim to showcase Maxis Match, but the content does not even look close to the original Maxis style at all.
I checked some names online of creators that were recommended, but I just really liked the idea of an entire pack being made in a certain style.
Does anyone here have such recommendations?

* I am even thinking to create my own showcase you tube videos with actual Maxis Match content from other creators and set styled themes, so it doesn't become one hot mess in the CC folder again. I couldn't find anyone doing this the way I imagined, so I am considering it.


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