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What's with this VIP Feedback?!



  • Sk8rblazeSk8rblaze Posts: 7,338 Member
    Let me quote what EA_LeeLoo stated when I asked if she actually sent feedback from the "Feedback" section to the team:
    @Chicklet453681 Yes, I do pass on feedback.
    I understand that it might not always feel like it but I'd like to assure you and remind you that just because someone from the forum team hasn't replied to a thread/post it doesn't automatically mean it wasn't read. :relaxed:
    With all the great discussions here on the forum, I obviously can't relay everything but I'm trying my best. However, I would also like to mention that not all things shared here can be implemented into the game or acted on right away - but again, that doesn't mean that the community isn't heard

    So someone on the forum is definitely sending some of our feedback back the Gurus and Dev Team.

    That's very great to hear. And I'd love to see dev diaries, too.
  • knuckledusterknuckleduster Posts: 1,257 Member
    Anybody who has legitimately paid for this game and who has played it should be good enough to listen to.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 19,200 Member
    SimGuruMrE wrote: »
    SimGuruMrE wrote: »
    Harukotyan wrote: »
    SimGuruMrE wrote: »
    We lurk, we look at feedback and discussions, we try to acquire feedback from various places including these forums, we cant always talk about what we are working on but we always start by searching the forums, sometimes though written communication can not be as good as a direct dialog in person or in this case in virtual person.

    @SimGuruMrE Are you familiar with WOW forums and their Blue Posts? To me this is a really good and honest way of communication. We are in feedback section of the forum. But all this feedback is one way. To the point you have actually assure that gurus are "lurking". At least monthly follow up would be very appreciated. Otherwise the point of feedback is somewhat lost I guess. Unless - and that's how I see it - silence is a fully intended marketing approach to build Hype. It looks like the main way of promoting Sims content these days. Yet at this point it should be obvious that due to how psychology of expectations and magical thinking phenomenon work it mostly leads to disappointment and outrages like the recent one. So probably written communication is still better than silence?

    We tend to interact on twitter and social media channels, but I've said it in another post on the forums but I think it applies here so I am going to copy and paste the response here...

    "I know The SimGurus and quite a few members of the development team read through these forums, though I know we dont post often.

    I dont want to speak for other Gurus but I have seen a few calls for more interactions and discussions from Gurus on the official forums through out reddit and our forum, so in a effort to address this and have more transparency I will try to comment, answer questions, and post here more."

    SimGurus should post Dev Diaries like a lot of game studios do.

    I would love to write some dev diaries, I might be able to get SimGuruConor to join me, I will look into this
    Please do. I loved reading the journals that Lanzer did on Gaiaonline. He is a really cool guy and has such an amazing underdog story. Site would have died had he not bought it back. Nice journal he did about an ex-Maxoid and friend of mine that died last year. He worked on the artworks for the aliens during the Sims 2 days:

    I haven't been able to play Lineage II since his passing. I used to play it with him and a few others. I really enjoyed the time SimGuruConor did in getting feedback from the community during the Nifty Knitting pack. It made the anticipation until the pack release even more enjoyable and the time pass by nicely. Congrats to him too, not easy to do weddings during Covid year, but life doesn't stop. One of my coworkers is getting married soon too.
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