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What EP, GP and SP do you expect?



  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 7,343 Member
    super hero
    events pack
    events pack
    happy hunts
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • StrawberryNightmareStrawberryNightmare Posts: 58 Member
    edited September 15
    I would like to see:
    Farming (with Equestrian career and Horses, Farmer career, proper gardening overhaul to live off the land, greenhouses, ride on lawnmowers, bigger farm lots with tractors, proper crop rotation, cows to milk, chucks for eggs, pigs for bacon, sheep to sheer for the ultimate knitting empire!, a loom to make said wool, pasture rotation, real lovely oldie-worldy b/b styles. Will take old American frontier or something based off English stone country farm houses just give me the huge cooker! weekly farmers market, little produce stall for our homes to tell yo NPCs that walk past, jam/jelly, soap, nectar, canning making all these cool items that can go on our stalls or plopsy or in retail stores, ability to have a farm shop/retail on the home lot, I could go on but I won’t)

    Hobbies (glass blowing, ceramics, bingo for elders, skateboarding, other sports, proper expansion of clubs with club vacations that have club related activities, elders going on seaside coach trips, etc)

    Happy Haunts expanded (grim reaper-ghost Hunter- psychic/medium playable career, mortician, grave digger, grave robber (for evil Sims) as some rabbit hole careers, haunted house that you can go on ghost tours and stay over night, update to ghosts, possession of sims, maybe some secret cult weirdness like with university), bonehilder plz, would not mind a murder mystery element here so long as it’s another feature and doesn’t take away from the rest of the pack or dominate as the main theme).

    World Adventures - because I lived and died in that EP. It was one of my all time favs. I think having 3 or 4 fleshed out destinations would be amazing. It’ll add more to the archeology field and could have new restaurants types and culinary types and a whole bunch of new building styles. New “languages” to learn, mummies in tombs, artefacts to collect, puzzle like traps, new aspirations and skills and traits.

    Not at the top of my list but a Generations type pack. Maybe something where you can play the day of the kid in school. Or there is a playable teacher career. Definitely more options for elders (like bingo, coach trips, retirement plans and homes). I saw on another post and please forgive me I cannot remember their username and don’t take credit at all. It was about a retail post. And they suggested a home becoming a retail lot and where an elder grandma/gramps dies the other downsizes or moves in with family the rest of the family help them sell up. Could have a proper playable realtor career with this or go it alone option. Second homes/rental home career/portfolio Retirement apartments/communities, community centers for young and old, skate parks, more youth clubs like scouts (guides as an option instead), summer camps, that sort of thing, toddler pre school/social clubs, prenatal classes for expecting Sims, mother’s and father’s day celebrations, meetings for mums with babies to go to, freed babies needed obvs for strollers and leaving the home, more fleshed out social workers (social worker career), school having more impact like picking subjects and grades influencing uni and career choices more, more traits for kids, teens and toddlers to earn through growing up and interactions, school career advisor and aptitude tests for suggested careers/uni degrees. Mid life crisis for adults approaching elder stage (need motorbikes and a shed for dad to live in for this). More traits that sims learn over time through decisions they make. Fears about life, fears in general. More aspirations. Yeah lots to do here.

    Horses and Equestrian careers (both Western and English - I’ll settle for this being a fleshed out game pack)

    Werewolves (because)

    Better Fairies (one thing I didn’t like was Sims 3 fairies but I think they’d be cool with the new powers way of doing occult)

    Something Druid and Elfy (if y’all get Star Wars I want Elves).

    Fashion/catwalk to go with photographer, would love a famous model sim


    Clubbing/Proper DJ/ bands and proper singer careers

    Expanded playable journalism/magazine writer career with a New York style world (for all of us oldies who want to be Carrie Bradshaw) (can throw in a cheeky playable citybroker/investor/ hedge fund career - I have ideas for this having worked in this area). Throw in with apartment life so we can build our own apartments and town houses like someone above suggested (again not taking credit for that bit).

    Vineyards and nectar tasting (if it can’t come with farms), can include a french theme and some cooking additions/ new recipes/ dinner parties where you out a menu together match with nectar and have a silver service. Posher restaurants.

    Retail overhaul - larger dummy limit, more items, set defined types of retail lots (clothing, book, cafe/bakery, tech/IT/gaming, photography, art gallery that you buy from, pet item store, that sort of thing. More predetermined shops with their own unique item requirements but you customise yourself), potentially would like this in a Mall EP if it would add bigger lots, ability to have shops already run you can shop in not own, combine with food courts, crazy golf, arcades, other new activities, bar/casino on top floor, proper grocery stores, that sort of thing.

    Living room
    Bedroom (room based to flesh this out nicely)

    Pool/more outdoor stuff


    Scandinavian minimalist styles

    Wilderness/Wild West frontier stuff (for my cabin in the woods off the grid mountain man sim who I want to be a werewolf)

    Teen room stuff
    Child room stuff
    Toddler room stuff (more decorations like paints and wallpapers and carpets for this I’m thinking to give rooms an individual personality as well as obviously more age appropriate objects, bed styles, etc. Could be one stuff pack but I liked the eco toddler beds and would like more room themes like that. Playrooms, animal themed rooms, cute kitschy rooms, artsy rooms, teen goth/rocker rooms, item sets that would reflect a personality. There was a really cute fox/bunny decor CC where they had a little tent the toddlers could play in and the whole pack of stuff was designed around this one theme of cute Peter Rabbit type things (it wasn’t Peter Rabbit it’s the closest I can describe it as) so that’s what I’m thinking).

    Retail - more retail items for making our own stores.

    Probs more. But I’ll stop here haha!

  • simopolissimopolis Posts: 7 New Member
    Expansion Packs:
    Community - can own both commercial and residential lots as real estate with the ability to fix up and rent them out for profit, the ability to work on various lots as the lot-specific gardener, bartender, etc as your job, opening up neighborhoods for travel without a loading screen, the ability to enter CAS on any "not in world" townie by clicking on them, the ability to determine job, skills, and starting funds in CAS, a pretty new Mediterranean inspired world, "real estate mogul" and "house flipper" aspirations, ability to use handiness skill to upgrade sink, counters, toilets, lights, etc that then "stay" as part of lots for "rent."

    World Travel - new "world traveler" aspiration, new "hotel owner" aspiration, ability to own and operate 1-5 star hotels in all worlds (including destination worlds so we can finally live there) severely reducing the likelihood of spawning townies on lots far away from where they live, restricting "not in world" townies to "living" in specific worlds, charging time and money for travel between worlds, ability to collect and reminisce about experiences for positive and negative moods, gorgeous new African inspired world, new photo album in Sim's phones with ability to caption, UPDATED SKINS! build/buy to fit African theme, new radio stations.

    Game Packs:

    Romance - attraction system with horoscope, likes and dislikes and online dating, small Asian inspired world, expanded wedding system including stag and hens night parties, eloping, and cake testing, build/buy to suit the asian theme.

    Farms - the ability to zone areas for "cropping" various crops for cash, cows, pigs, chickens, for meat produce, "farmer" aspiration, new farming families, all crops sellable at the new farmer's market community lot, small new world resembling bread basket America or Canada, build/buy to fit the farm theme.

    Stuff Packs:

    Bands - instruments work together and can form metal, reggae, and pop bands that then perform at venues and at parties, need to keep relationship and skill bars high to have successful shows, fans and fan clubs.

    Funerals - the ability to have wills that allocate possessions and money to certain sims, the ability for sims to ask elders for certain things, a funeral "party" option
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 1,581 Member
    I am not entirely sure about the categories. For example hotels could be either EP or GP. What I want :

    - hotels : I would love to see the inside, let our sims run them or actually spend the night there.
    - Hobbies : I would like to see sewing, pottery, soccer, ballet,... And preferably hobbies for all ages.
    - time travel : either distant future or distant past (pre industrialisation)

    - werewolves
    - fairies

    - historical stuff: low tech alternatives for the computer
    - dragons: hatch your own dragon and take care of him. Avoid fires if possible.
    - another stuff pack devoted to children with smaller doll houses, new types of toys, more toddler beds,...
    - wedding stuff : a few bridal gowns and such. And a proper honeymoon option.
  • SimyimSimyim Posts: 104 Member
    What I would expect:

    - Romance EP (some people say it could be combined with reality-tv ingredients as per a survey on future expansions, like chef contests and matchmaking programs)
    - Happy haunts SP (better if it was a GP)
    - Winter GP as per the clues in nifty knitting.

    What I would love to see:
    - Romance pack set in France (let’s change reality TV for Paris or the mountains :)
    - Winter GP with tons of new activities and resorts, set on the Swiss Alps.
    - Happy Haunts GP (too good for just an SP)
    - Another Vacation GP set in Asia (South Korea perhaps as per the survey? Japan and China would be great! World adventures was my favorite S3 pack :))
    - Another occult GP (werewolves or fairies)
    - a Time-travel EP (maybe to ancient or medieval times)

  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 7,343 Member
    I think it will be a romance ep but I honestly have know idea what it will be so far none of the packs this year have been what I thought
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
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