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The Sims 4 is six years old now, is it time to move on?


  • FelicityFelicity Posts: 4,599 Member
    I'm not sure. I play Sims 4 intermittently and I can't play it for long sessions without getting bored; however, I am concerned about Sims 5. I think the next Sims game will most likely be on line and that Sims 4 will continue getting new content after it's released. EA is perfectly happy to support two mobile Sims games, after all; it would make sense to have two versions of the PC/console game as well.
  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 3,860 Member
    keekee53 wrote: »
    Not sure because I don't have any faith in Sims 5. I don't believe the engine will be any better. They have to make the game for console as well which is limiting. Console players were already dealing with memory issues which means they will probably cut the worlds down even more. I will be waiting a long time before I purchase it, if at all. I know I will not buy until Seasons is out. I get tired of waiting for weather.

    Well, maybe console players should stop wanting to play games that were never designed for console to begin with... simulation games literally have no place being on consoles. It never made sense to me why anyone would even prefer playing any simulation game on a console VS PC to begin with. Either EA needs to stop putting Sims on console OR they should go back to what they used to do (prior to Sims 4) and make the console games run on a different engine than the PC version. Otherwise, console Sims players are gonna be the reason for this game's ultimate downfall.

    I agree with you so much LOL When I heard it was going on console, I knew what it was going to bring.
  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 3,860 Member
    gnelso1239 wrote: »
    as I've always said: those who believe Sims5 is going to cure their Sims4 woes are in for a very rude awakening.

  • haisinhaisin Posts: 228 Member
    I've only played TS4 for a bit over one and half years now, so I'm definitely not ready to move on. I have all the pack I wanted for now and I still have a lot to experience with them, so I'm good.

    I'm waiting for bug fixes. Improvements for personalities or stuff like that would be very welcome too and I'd love the worlds to have more to explore and more interactable objects in them. I might be ready to start over if I could have swimmable water in all the worlds.

    Also, not that important, but I wouldn't mind them releasing some interesting and surprising new packs. More occults wouldn't be bad. Babies, cars, colour wheel or such don't interest me.
  • LiefLief Posts: 81 Member
    edited September 10
    heres when thing have to say ,if i play the sims 4 i need to use script mods but i never ever used mods in sims 3(fnfact i got sims 4 first)
  • dearie_blossomdearie_blossom Posts: 292 Member
    I‘m scared TS5 might be even worse than TS4. Online, multiplayer, microtransactions,....
  • DragonCat159DragonCat159 Posts: 1,841 Member
    OP, you forgot the option for "I see no hope TS5 becoming ever better, so I feel indifferent/skeptical of buying it and obviously I despise TS4".
  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,825 Member
    Basically without repeating everyone else, I've been ready to move on for the past two years. But I don't know that I believe sims 5 would actually be any better :/
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 3,948 Member
    I am ready to move on, or move back to Sims 3 if I can re-activate it.

    The PROBLEM with moving on, which I am sure has already been mentioned, is that I am pessimistic: It will be MORE of a cash grab, contain LESS features and have WORSE expansions. As the trend has been since Sims 3.

    Remember, Sims 2 is actually the Peak Sims. OBJECTIVELY. The most detailed content, the most detailed Sim animations... and for it's time the best graphics.

    Sims 3 had less choices, less included in the base game, more expansions (and micro transactions!!!) and for it's time less impressive graphics to compensate for an open world that was an amazing idea but very very badly optimized.

    Sims 4... had about half as much content as Sims 3 at launch, a much BETTER build mode (objectively it is by far the best), but missing things like well... toddlers. It also have the smallest amount of Stuff-Per-Expansion and the most simplistic animations of any game outside Sims 1 (and some animations are even more detailed in Sims 1 than in Sims 4).

    So... I am pessimistic about where we are heading: My guess is Online Only, mandatory multiplayer, micro transactions, loot boxes and basically nothing including in the base game (having to pay real money for individual sets of clothing would not surprise me for example).
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  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 1,385 Member
    Well even if the Sims 5 is worse than the Sims 4 like people guess, I am still ready for it to be released just to really know if it will be worse, then I'll know which game to stick with.
    Maybe the Sims 5 will turn out better, we will never know until we see it.
    Where's my Sims 5 squad at?
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 3,847 Member
    They really have no desire to add to the base game besides build mode additions like windows or cosmetic changes while ignoring the Sims themselves for 6 years so no number of expansions game or stuff packs are going to fix Sims 4 and they might as well move on.
    Sims 4 went from "You Rule" to "One of the stories we want you to tell"
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 3,948 Member
    Here is another pessimistic problem:
    EA has locked 95% of it's development to one single game engine these days. A game engine that almost caused Bioware's demise (It was forced on them for both Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem, and isn't really well equipped to do either game well). Now i shudder at what would happen if EA forced that on the dev team for Sims 5:

    Imagine the game engine from Mass Effect Andromeda trying to cope with a build mode for example?
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  • JokubasJokubas Posts: 46 Member
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    It's definitely time to move on. For some reason the gap between sequels seems to be getting larger and larger for everything, and it's strange and even a little bit frightening to me (obviously, expectations have changed with the times about the scale of a project, but that only explains so much). When I was a kid, sequels were often yearly, for both games and movies. No one seemed to mind too much back then (and when you're a kid, that's a lifetime between sequels anyway). Can you imagine what it's like for a kid nowadays? You get the first installment when you're little, and half the time nowadays the sequel doesn't come out until you're out of high school, even when they're planned from the start! When I was a kid I only waited that long for a sequel when a franchise went dormant. From a business perspective, even, imagine how many of those impressionable years you've missed the opportunity to sell them another full-priced product! ;P

    For the Sims 4 specifically, though, its time has come and I say that as someone who has barely touched its history of content. There is a ton of things people still want to see in it that it should be able to do, but it really does feel like the game was hard-coded to never be able to properly implement a lot of other key things. Frankly, Sims 4 felt a bit outdated to me when it came out, and I don't even mean when it came to features. A future for the Sims 4 at this point feels a lot like throwing good money after bad, and that feels worse when it's been the biggest gap between games in the main series. If we keep hanging onto any of them longer than normal, should it really be the one we're unhappy with?

    Obviously, that doesn't mean the Sims 5 will be better, but even the Sims 5 being bad doesn't mean that continuing to support the Sims 4 would resolve the long-standing issues. If our only choice is to go back to an earlier game in the series anyway, it doesn't matter if the newest is 4 or 5.

    ^ Definitely, the Sims 5 being forced to use an engine that doesn't work for it would kill it before it even got out of the gate. In a lot of ways I think that's already the sort of thing that appears to have permanently handicapped Sims 4.
  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 10,897 Member
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    Hmmm, Sims 2 was the best for me when it came to the Sims itself, but when it came to options I have to go to Sims 3. In Sims 2 what irritated me most is the loading screens and the Twilight Zone effect meaning you had an quarter of an block to do everything. But I overlooked that and still had fun. However as said if EA/Maxis cannot come up with anything new do not go and make some new cash grabbing version and just end it. You did it to Sim City 2013 and that opened my eyes when they shut down one of the oldest franchises in an bad way and with no respect, I am glad Paradox took notes. :)
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  • JadeleineJadeleine Posts: 1,997 Member
    I think that I´ll be ready for Sims 5 after 1-2 years. I like how things are added in the game. I would much rather wait them to make Sims 5 with some totally new and fresh ideas and things rather than it to be made fast with all same old repeated things.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,001 Member
    edited September 12
    haisin wrote: »
    I've only played TS4 for a bit over one and half years now, so I'm definitely not ready to move on. I have all the pack I wanted for now and I still have a lot to experience with them, so I'm good.

    I'm waiting for bug fixes. Improvements for personalities or stuff like that would be very welcome too and I'd love the worlds to have more to explore and more interactable objects in them. I might be ready to start over if I could have swimmable water in all the worlds.

    Also, not that important, but I wouldn't mind them releasing some interesting and surprising new packs. More occults wouldn't be bad. Babies, cars, colour wheel or such don't interest me.

    I'm actually glad you enjoy it sometimes. It was an ok game to me, but not something to write home to mother about. It's like joining the marathon after the race has been run about 3/4s on the route. I've been waiting on bug fixes for going on seven years now. Didn't happen.
    Improvements to personalities since Sept. 2014.
    The removal of fake backdrops and more to explore.
    More interactable objects, but seven years of clutter.
    Swimmable worlds (all worlds) since Sept. 2014.
    Occults since Sept. 2014.
    Color wheel I don't fret about since I know it would break CAS by what Graham said. too bad, I guess, oversight they didn't know.
    Babies are objects in TS4, I thought this was a life simulator.
    Cars were stated would be in base game.....I guess cars are bad.

    The race has been going on for seven years, and yet again instead of calling it over, they have moved the goal post and taken a detour and ignored the road signs to finsih the race all posted along the way and decided it was a trend simulator instead. It's funny we all thought we were running the marathon only to find out we are running the Truman Show.
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  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 728 Member
    If the bug report forum is fun to be around I'll buy TS5 from the start; otherwise it is not prudent to buy a game during its development. I bought TS3 when TS4 was released, and play it perfectly fine. I bought TS4 last year, not for the game itself or my entertainment from it, but to test the issues, because that is entertainment; and I don't care about the bugs since I mostly build. If I wanted TS5 for the game experience and therefore probably would be bothered by the bugs, I would not buy it until it is out of development.
  • BeetrootBaronBeetrootBaron Posts: 2 New Member
    6 years on and they still can't make the game stable,
    Sims 5 base game will consist of a bed, fridge and toilet, everything else will be payed dlc XD
  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 2,028 Member
    edited September 15
    I'm actually finally ok with TS4. I stayed with TS3 until I thought the base for 4 was actually something I wanted to buy into (and at launch with no basements, pools, ghosts or toddlers, it was NOT worth it). They released an unfinished game and I'm glad that I waited.

    I do want to see TS5 though. If it's the same mess that TS4 was, I'll wait again. However, if it's better, (and I do hope that it is but also not holding my breathe) then I will be all over that. I really don't think they'll repeat mistakes of the past, but who really knows? I'm still very curious and ready to see a TS5. If I jump ship and immediately buy in remains to be seen based on what that base game looks like.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,001 Member
    I'm inclined to believe they won't make the same mistakes again with TS5, as a matter of fact I think they will be worse. It's been going downhill for years.

    Babies in TS3 were worms, babies in TS4 are cribs. Worse. I wonder what happens to them in TS5.
    Pets in TS2 were cats, dogs, and smaller pets such as a hamster, with not much interactions for them.

    The pets in TS3 took an uphill turn and were improved with things like horses.

    Another downhill turn with C&D and sick strays no one can actually cure. And just cats and dogs. Even TS1 had smaller pets. And unlike TS2 which gave pets a job and trainers and more commands, TS4's Pets got a vet career one would think would have been fun until it got broken and IIRC is still broken.

    Another downhill turn.

    I could list a thousand downhill slides TS4 has taken, but I would be here all day. Like the lack of snow depth in Seasons, for the sake of a of the easiest things in world to program because it doesn't need animations or FX. Last I heard though it is broken half the time.

    The downhill turns to do more clicking rather than simulating. They won't make the same mistakes they did with TS4, I fear they will make worse ones, such as doing away with simulation altogether or for many more things and we just click something and the Sim doesn't even have to move, it's all done. :o What kind of life simulator is that.

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

  • SimLarkSimLark Posts: 132 Member

    Not looking for Sims5, I didn't vote cause I am not looking for Sims4 either. I would like a Sims 3 without bugs. After JB I have to say I lost interest towards Sims4. I cannot even play it since freelancer career is (STILL, since Sept 3rd patch) broken and nobody bothered to release a hotfix. Only modders as far as I read cared about fixing it. Don't have the mod, so to me the game is broken. In 2020, after 2 weeks we do not get a hotfix. Fine, I'll skip playing it.

    I reinstalled Sims3 and the 15 packs I have. While in Sims4 I can understand the lack of cars, there is not road assignment as TwistedMexi posted few days ago, in Sims3 I have huge other gameplay - like 3 worlds to travel and really play? Make nectar? Learn martial arts? Not just dancing rumbasim with a skeleton - btw we have slowdance in Sims3, was almost shocked when I (re)discovered it. Babies, we have babies! I can fry icecream, catch butterflies and mourn in a graveyard. I have spiralcase stairs! I can partnership with different businesses, buy vacation homes, own a hotel, a second house, throw a bachelor party, see if cats need something (the ''realism'' reasoning was a slap into my face with JB&Disney launch), have werewolves, fairies, bunkbeds and so many more. All in 15 packs - which I own.
    15 packs in Sims3 versus 36 in Sims4. Check for yourself. To me, the ''evolution'' of the game is not calling for a Sims5. The Sims4 is 6 y.o. but did not learn anything, still a baby (object).
    2020 and we debate on lack of gameplay in Sims4. What makes you think Sims5 would be better?
    I am not an English native speaker, so excuse my French :)
  • amberlunezamberlunez Posts: 27 Member
    I want TS5. I think TS4 has in a way gone on too long. I like TS4, but I feel like every single expansion is just a's like having snacks and snacks and snacks when you just want dinner. However, I fear that if they end TS4 now and start TS5, it's going to just exacerbate the problem. Do we really want the same company who just released a Star Wars expansion pack instead of literally anything that would make sense to start a whole new game?? I honestly think they just need to take a step back, and reevaluate. Maybe stop spitting out new expansions for long enough to really plan out the future of the game. I don't believe they need to just like, offer nothing but fan service. I get that they technically know more than the community does. But they do need to really think about what their players want in the most general terms of gameplay, and figure out how they can make that happen in a way that they can afford/realistically do, before they just spit out TS5 just to make people happy.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,125 Member
    Sims 3 was freezing up back in 2012-2013.
    Sims 4 had practicly nothing in 2014 & it glitches everytime we get patches, updates & new packs.
    I'll wait until Sims 5 is completed , fixed up & much better than Sims 3 & 4 to even consider buying it. Otherwise, I'll stick to Sims 4 & probably get Paralives.
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 945 Member
    edited September 16
    I'd be so happy for a new game at this stage. We need a change.

    Most the improvements players want can only be done with a totally new game, and a better game engine would completely change the game and add a lot more options. I think in terms of where other video games are at in 2020, Sims is lacking. A lot more is possible than what we have.

    Only negative about a new game for me though is that we go back to square one. Stuck in the base game waiting years for the content I want. The island based packs have always been my favorite. I didn't start playing Sims 4 until island living came out, which was 5 years into the game. I don't wanna have to wait that long for packs that are essential to me all over again.
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    Please kill this version already.
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