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Walking Cats -- Cats & Dogs

troshalomtroshalom Posts: 753 Member
Uh, IRL I have leash trained my cats and I take them on walks. I wish there was a pet stroller in Cats & Dogs and the ability to take cats for walks.

I just discovered there is a mod for walking cats, but that is a huge miss for this pack. Everyone should leash train their cats. It helps them learn their neighborhood and not get lost. It allows for them to get exercise, and they are happier.

Anywho, I might try this mod.
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  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 1,031 Member
    I had bunny rabbits that I leash trained and litter box trained lol
  • OEII1001OEII1001 Posts: 3,516 Member
    I've known people who leash their cats and take them on walks. I don't know how effective it is given the cat's proclivity for independence, but at least there's a mod for it in-game.
  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 647 Member
    They missed out with a lot of interactivity possible in this pack. Walks is an interesting activity to me, but beyond cats, children cannot walk dogs either (I have walked dogs since I was a small child, we had a boxer back then and my first personal pet was a pug). I wish they would have made walks and bathing, basic care, accessible to all ages.
  • troshalomtroshalom Posts: 753 Member
    edited September 2020
    @OEII1001 my cats will go to the front door and ask me to take them for a walk. They do walk differently than dogs. They like to investigate every bush, climb a tree, chase a bunny, sit around and survey. But still fun.

    @Calico45 one of my fondest memory as a child is when I was around 8ish and I was walking my two dogs in NYC after it snowed and they dragged me down the street. It was like I was sledding. Was so much fun.

    Yeah, I wish kids could walk dogs too.

    But I think there is a mod for that too.
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  • logionlogion Posts: 2,400 Member
    edited September 2020
    One of my households have multiple dogs, it would have been nice to be able to walk them both at the same time.

    But what I wish for most is that my sims could use the umbrella at the same time when they are walking the dog.

    I might try that cat mod though, although the cat that they have runs around a lot already. Despite him being a pretty fat cat so it's pretty funny.
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