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2 questions about spark'd submissions

Cinna32Cinna32 Posts: 52 Member
Hi there, can anyone answer me my questions? I'm working on a submission for the builder challenge and have two things that are unclear to me: 1st it says no CC allowed. Do pictures users create that are nocc count as cc or not? Bit confusing as the game doesn't count them as cc but they are still created by users. 2nd it says no red shelf allowed. Is it ok to use other ingame objects to get an object to the desired level and place them like this? e.g. you can use a counter to to place a toothbrush at the right heigth for a sink that doesn't have object slots?


  • gothbuniegothbunie Posts: 43 Member
    1. Better not. It's a copyright issue. Custom poses are not made by EA so they could get sued etc. It's the same for pictures made by users.
    2. Yep. That is acceptable.
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