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Abandoned to Abundance challenge rules

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Here is the link to the rules and pictures on word press.

or check the rules below


Gameplay on normal life span, you can use youth potions or any other potion you may need.

Create your own backstory as to why your are now abandoned, create a trailer (optional if your making a video). The back story must be compelling and possibly have someone else involved who you may want to bring back later, Lots of drama for this lets play, get creative with your story telling. You may build your own home in the future or download from the gallery as long as you have the money.

2.Where to live: Preparations

If your backstory has other people in it you may move them into the abandoned lot so that you have enough money to afford the lot then kick them out. If your starter money is enough to make or buy your abandoned home that’s great just give away and spare money.

You must live in an abandoned Lot, you chose what kind of lot. Is it a warehouse? Dump site, Broken home or shop you decide whatever you want. i have a warehouse in the gallery under Lussh or L-LuSsh for my username, if you want to use the same lot i used to start out. Must me on a 32 tile home. you don’t need tiny living pack, But the home must look like trash, including the garden.

3.Lot Traits and items to start with:

Your abandoned lot must start with the following lot traits, creepy crawly, cursed, Cat hang out

items to start with, Sink, sofa, book shelf, trash bin, mail box, bush to pee in or you have to travel to find a toilet. Selling table, rat/mice holes, cobwebs. You must have an unpleasant home to start with

4.Challenge rules:

1.This is a no cheat and trophy game, so the only cheats you can use are: bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects, bb.showliveeditobjects, using these cheats won’t activate the cheats and disable trophies.

2.Start with 0 simoleons, you may give it away at the start, as you have the cat hang out trait you can give pets treats too. (if you don’t have the pets pack you may choose a different lot trait like hunted or something to make it more challenging for you).

3.You may only sleep on your lot to start with unless you pass out somewhere, but then you must return home. No tent or anything that can help your gameplay until level 5 handiness and gardening.

4.You may only sell items from your selling table unless the item is to big and found in the dumpster or gifted by santa. (then you may sell from inventory)

5.If you have a baby or toddler and want to travel without them you must gift someone 100 simoleons per child.(childcare costs)

6.You must reach level 5 in Gardening and handiness to start home renovations, these home renovations must start at a slow realistic pace, so 1st start with a little clear out and tidy of the garden, once at level 5 you can get rid of the rat holes and change some lots traits, apart from the cat hang out that stays until you have 15,000 simoleons in your bank.

7.You may start doing the trophies any time you like.

8.once you have raised 20,000 simoleons you may start to open your own retail business, if you have the pack for that, if not you can work from home as you see fit or choose a career to get a trophy. You may then start to open a family business of your choice. example, restaurant, bakery whatever you like.

9.As this is a trophy game you will end up with a legacy, you may choose which generation does what trophy, BUT THERE ARE HIDDEN TROPHIES, ONE IS; Your heir must outlive must out live 5 spouses. EEk! There are a few more hidden ones too. keep a look out.
(there are lots more hidden trophies)

10. The challenge is complete when you have completed all the trophies and have your own family business. you may choose to keep your business in the family or the next generation does something else. it’s a long game so be prepared and have lots of fun telling your amazing story, i can’t wait to see it and whatever twists and turns you bring to your own story.

Here is the trailer to my start of this challenge story if you would like to see how its starts and watch the journey:

Have fun and share this challenge if you like it. i would love to hear about it if you try it. If you feel that something doesn’t make sense please let me know.

Happy simming all.xx

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  • Lady_LuSsh01Lady_LuSsh01 Posts: 287 Member

    My story so far part 1 settling in and some big new!!
  • Lady_LuSsh01Lady_LuSsh01 Posts: 287 Member
    aiming for them trophies baby, this is my latest episode. check out the challenge rules if you want to give it a go.
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