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Does Anyone Know A New Mod?

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I was thinking about the attraction system the other day. I'm wondering if any modders out there who still make things for TS2 would be interested in building a mod to add to the likes and dislike selections in the Sim's personality, in CAS?

For instance, though there is the aspiration for Fortune Sim and they roll the want to marry a rich Sim, what if that was also part of an attraction system where it would be a like/reason they liked another Sim, if they had money? Adding a chemistry bolt because they knew that other Sim has more money.

It could be possible because Sims find out some Sims are rich somehow, or at least richer than them when they marry some of the townies. So, the want to marry a rich Sim gets filled. What if that could be part of the attraction system and one of the reasons they liked the Sim?

Another thing about likes and dislikes. What if your Sim likes another Sim because that Sim is considerate? Adding a chemistry bolt.

Attraction isn't just based on likes and dislikes but their star signs which being very nice (personality points) is part of those some of those signs.

But what if it was also a like? We all know relationships build faster if the other Sim is a nicer Sim but what if it was also an attraction selection? Wouldn't Sims who are very nice also be considerate of others? What if that was included into the likes and dislikes?

I always wanted them to expand on those choices and they did like disliking witches etc. with each new EP however, I'm wondering would any modder want to build such a mod and revive it and make the likes and dislikes more robust with many more choices?

There are many great modders for all the games, I hope someone thinks they would like to do that. I would be willing to test it for them. :)

Do you have any thing you wanted added to those choices and wished had been added to the game concerning the likes and dislike/attraction system.

Another example: Not liking a grumpy Sim. What if there was a choice not to like a moody Sim, which could be included because the other Sim was a grumpy Sim. We all know Sims will still love a grumpy Sim even if they argue etc. What if it could be chosen as a dislike and they would not be as attracted to a grumpy Sim?

ETA: Some of these things are hidden from the player because they are all wrapped up into the astrological attraction system but what if you could choose more of this as a like or dislike and therefore, adding much more flavor to your Sim's personality and reasons to love other Sims or hate them, lol.

What if other Sims become unattracted to a boaster? Or viceversa. This is a romantic interaction sometimes to make the Sim boast, but not always, what if this turned off other Sims? Sometimes, we can see it does, but what if we could choose this as a like or dislike? Let's say you have your Sim boast to a romantic interest, what if that removed a chemistry bolt? But only if they ever boasted because you made them and or because they did it autonmously, or would that be too flip floppy, unlike not liking grumpy Sims which is part of the actual personality?

More later.
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