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Mod For Singer Award Ceremony?

GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,328 Member
Hi. EA left out singers, for the most part, likely because Sims3 handles that. But, Sims3 didn't have any kind of an award show, and Sims4 does. I have played with a singer Sim in my game since GF came out and I was simultaneously alerted to the Road to Fame mod upgrade, allowing for the Professional Singer career. I'm one happy camper. However, despite my Sims' meteoric rise to fame, he goes completely unrecognized for his musical talents. This is absurd. Other players have suggested I have him attend the ceremonies on the hope he will randomly be called. So far, nada.

In one earlier game save with this Sim, I had him join the acting career after uni, since he has a degree in Fine Arts. (EA, please note it's plural, NOT singular, incorporating all of the Arts. A typo on your part, I'm certain.) Yes, he won almost immediately. But music is his first love, so it was almost an empty win, at least for me.

Oh, he was humble about it, everything I expected from this Sim, so it was touching in that sense

But, I want him to get that coveted Grammy (Simmy) or whatever it should be called.

Is there anyone willing to take up this challenge? Is there anyway to create a mod that will fulfil this need? I'm a very low-tech grandma, so I have no idea how or if this can be done. I just wish to see my singer Sim recognized for his talents. Musically. Right now, I have him in the Entertainment career, on the odd chance this will get him recognized. But a mod that increases his odds, or even has a separate Award Show for it, would be great. I would be first in line!

Please, and thank you, in advance.
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