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The biggest problem when they release a pack you don't personally like



  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 999 Member
    edited August 2020
    Honestly, the last pack I bought that I liked was Parenthood till I recently got Discover University. So I literally waited years between. I'm obviously not the target audience.

    The truth is, I just play with packs that fit with my playstyle and enjoy the game still, I don't need a new game pack to keep me interested.
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  • S1MSLYS1S__QARDS1MSLYS1S__QARD Posts: 206 Member
    Chazzzy wrote: »
    The biggest problem when they release a pack you don't personally like or want to buy/play is the fact that it will take SO LONG for the next opportunity to get a pack you may like. They've been saying a new game pack is on the way for a while now. For those of us who have zero interest in this Star Wars Game Pack, where does that leave us? It means we now have to wait MONTHS for them to announce another pack and HOPE that the next pack is something we will enjoy. To me, that is the most upsetting part.

    I already was not interested in the Knitting pack and now since I'm not interested in the Star Wars pack, that is now 2 in a row that do not speak to me as a player. They are not doing good as far as I'm concerned at this moment in time. I am disappointed. I hope they come up with another pack soon and that the next pack will appeal to me.

    Same 💯.I’m just😑.
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