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Let's Watch Together: Gamescom - Opening Night Live

EA_LeelooEA_Leeloo Posts: 741 EA Community Manager
Sul sul Simmers!

Are you Ready for gamescom: Opening Night Live?

If you want, you can register and tune in at gamescom here.

Click the spoiler to find out about the announcements so far:

Let's watch together and talk about all things gamescom here in this thread! :)

- Leeloo
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  • SimsliophileSimsliophile Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm not super into Star Wars, but still might be fun. Its always a gamble when you try to crossover two brands.
  • BriBear689BriBear689 Posts: 9 New Member
    I'm so disappointed... I really can't believe that I put so much hope in the Sims team... They continue to cash grab and the installment of a Star Wars game pack is a slap in the face. The community is begging for family gameplay and it just is ignored. I feel done with EA.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,495 Member
    I turned off the show after finding this out as there was too much violent repetitive killing sprees going on and that's not my particular scene at the moment.

    I'll be interested in the new planet, building objects and tools but will be keeping clear of any killing stuff. I don't want guns in my game. It's probably not obligatory as StrangerVille wasn't either. I don't mind an adventure occasionally and never completed StrangerVille but I loved the build and buy stuff there. I can see why it has come after Realm of Magic as it looks like some of the same actions used for the new weapons.

    It might be interesting to see how it sells though. Some of the Star Wars players might like to make their own world for a change.

    I feel that EA/Maxis are finally trying to shake off their older fans with a pack that might crash their machines! It makes me wonder what's coming in the Fall/Autumn pack.
  • thesimmer14thesimmer14 Posts: 335 Member
    Oh, goodness. This isn't the beginning of Star Wars -- it's the beginning of Sim Wars.
  • genx20genx20 Posts: 5 New Member
    So excited thank you!
  • sudiwasudiwa Posts: 3 New Member
    > @Simburian said:

    > I feel that EA/Maxis are finally trying to shake off their older fans with a pack that might crash their machines! It makes me wonder what's coming in the Fall/Autumn pack.

    I agree and being an older fan (I have bought all the games, expansion packs, stuff packs for all the sim games 1through 4) I feel they have succeeded in 'alienating' me from their franchise.

    Rather than fixing many bug fixes and listening to fan's requests for better gameplay, they decided to jump into bed with a franchise that many don't want or would happily have given up for better gameplay with what we have already in the game. Most wanted better babies, generations for sims 4, etc, etc.

    There have been packs in the past I haven't been keen on but this is one I would avoid at all costs and not because I am against sci-fi, I'm a big sci-fi fan I just don't like Star Wars and don't see the attraction of basing a game pack on a Star Wars-themed story. If this was on their T.V. show sparked I would give the comment that they lacked imagination and instead used someone else story' rather than developing their own.
  • krist556krist556 Posts: 9 New Member
    im disappointed it wasn't happy haunts with the ghost hunting job
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,177 Member
    I'm not a fan but if it makes others happy, fair enough. I'll wait for a medieval or dragon pack.

    I found the Dragon Age 4 video though so that made me happy and nostalgic.
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  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 2,418 Member
    I’m excited about it. I just have to figure out how it will fit in my world. What do I do with my current Rey and Kylo Ren? Will they be twins? I can’t wait to try out this pack. I think this is a fun new idea.
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  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 8,357 Member
    I think the trailer looks fun! Locations seem well made, and quite a few weird creatures in there :) If game play is cool too, I'm sure many simmers will love it. Personally, I'll stay a while on the fence, because I don't really see how I can blend this with my ongoing realistic game. And - what will the rec specs be? I'd hate seeing my old pc causing the spaceship to lag... I need 2 full RL months to play through all my families, so I don't see how I can send someone to space and actually finding the time to join it. Whenever I might need a break from my main game, it should be interesting, though :)
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  • WilliamVSimsWilliamVSims Posts: 98 Member
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    Nothing in the BB I would use but it looks great, it looks really fleshed out. It maybe isnt what a lot of people want but I definitely know some pple that would really like it. This pack is a hit or miss because it is a pretty specific theme. Getting kinda tired about this demand for better babies, it was hinted at and prolly coming. It just isnt planned for this pack (most likely). And there are people that dont care about babies just because you want it, doesnt mean the whole Sims community wants it too.
  • sm1kettesm1kette Posts: 6 New Member
    :/ :( so disappointed. who asked for this?! not gonna buy this pack.
  • MsKatieRoseMsKatieRose Posts: 362 Member
    Thus far, I am super excited about this pack as I am a long time Star Wars fan. That said, I hope they can do it justice (and not be lame or feel incomplete) and that it also contains build and Cas stuff that is futuristic and/or space oriented that other players who are not into Star Wars can still use or have fun with. Btw, I also wouldn't mind a medieval pack inspired by Game of Thrones. Oh heck, why not a Game of Thrones pack itself? Lol.
  • IObelleIObelle Posts: 65 Member
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  • Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,905 Member
    I am severely disappointed. Why? Who wanted this? When we said we wanted more for aliens I am sure many thought original ideas would have been implemented. This has to be a joke. There are a multitude of other ideas that could have been used, such as werewolves, preteens, etc. I am really starting to believe the devs and/or the company no longer listen to what the fans want. I normally don't complain to such an extent, but I think this might be the first pack I do not buy.
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  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,495 Member
    edited August 27
    I was more of a Star Trek fan, having seen it from the very first episode on BBC TV years ago. I'm not so keen on Star Wars except for Harrison Ford! Reading about all the unlocking of things you have to do I'm now going to wait to see what the building and object stuff is first.

    I was a bit puzzled about this bit in their blog...

    Plus, any droids ordered on Batuu return to the Sims world as well! Sure, droids might not go around zapping people in Willow Creek, but Sims can still build relationships with them and have fun driving them around with a datapad!

    What's a datapad?
  • username3645937username3645937 Posts: 130 Member
    Chazzzy wrote: »
    Such a waste of a game pack. Now how long do I have to wait to get a pack I actually want to buy and play with? How many more months? Smh

    thats honestly the worst part of it. we wait 6+ months for packs and news on the packs.
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  • amcroceamcroce Posts: 38 Member
    I have never been more disappointed. I literally have no words.
  • InuMiroLoverInuMiroLover Posts: 578 Member
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    Because the community was certainly desperate for a Star Wars pack. Oh so very desperate. Star Wars was going to save TS4! Yessir Star Wars was DEFINITELY going to fix all the problems that players have been clamoring for. Yup! Totally! I hope the team gave themselves a good ol' pat on the back for a job well done! Good job sims team!


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