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Tell me about your Hotel



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    JestTruJestTru Posts: 1,761 Member
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    SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,965 Member
    edited September 2020
    Hi @InuMiroLover

    Thanks I have downloaded more and left a couple comments this time which I should have done last time :)


    your builds are also lovely I am downloading the B&B for Brindleton Bay as I never visit that world nearly enough so now I can. Your Cabana lot is also fab and I have saved it in case I ever push my family out that are currently living on that 40x30 lot I will replace it with yours.. :)
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    SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 11,794 Member
    Ah, I'd love that Hotel Transylvania idea - even if I don't have the vamp/magic packs - would be quite cool staying there as a guest :)
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    tatselktatselk Posts: 531 Member

    I just finished an inn in Windenburg for the Reddit Bi-Weekly Build Challenge, Week 101: Lodging with Spirits; Haunted Hotels & Spooky Staycation Spots (

    The challenge was to make the inn spooky but, uhh, it turned out to be kinda cosy instead. Haha. Oh well. At least it is haunted.

    Anyway, this is the second house I have ever built in TS4. Decided to share it here as I was quite pleased with how it turned out. :)

    Name: The Tichy Trident Inn

    Description: Known as the oldest surviving hotel in Windenburg, the historic Tichy Trident Inn offers characterful rooms, hearty meals and a handy location to explore the Ancient Ruins nearby. But just beware of the various, ahem, long term residents of the inn!

    Gallery Link:


    Teaser Pics:



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    Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 4,168 Member
    I would love a hotel pack, and I'm honestly quite surprised they don't have one
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    SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 7,058 Member
    SPARKY1922 wrote: »
    I’d love a hotel/motel EP of some sort and an expansion of the ghosts/happy haunts type thing for the sole purpose of recreating the Cornish Victorian monstrosity we went to when I was a kid every year that definitely fuelled my intolerance of anything that’s spookier than Casper the Friendly Ghost.

    Serious note: hotels/motels/b&bs would be amazing! Someone should definitely try to make the house from the shining too! That’s a very pretty hotel for a spooky game play.

    If only forgotten hollow had been a bigger world. I ended up putting a spooky restaurant in Windenburg just so I can send my sims somewhere spooky that does not look too out of place but I would also love a spooky hotel to match it that would be fun :)

    I also wish Glimmerbrook had been much bigger as well to accommodate more magic/spooky lots..

    I would love to have some world packs with no people, but maybe a few houses or community/ commercial lots.
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    Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,042 Member
    xamira99 wrote: »
    Instead of hotel, I would prefer it in a form of resort. Probably they could add lodging/renting lot type & allow multiple lot types in one lot. So, we can use the existing lot type to create any kind of lodging that we can have.

    Since we didn't get resorts in IL, I think they'll have to make a hotel/resort GP as customizable as possible, allowing for any type of temporary lodging. Personally, I am a fan of the fancy hotel style so I look forward to the build/buy that could come from it. It would be necessary to add run-down build/buy for shady motels (also looking forward to that) and some nice relaxing resort build/buy that would complement beach worlds. Imo, hotels would need some spa elements, so I hope they add some therapeutic services to the pack (ex. a salon setup for pampering).

    As for my own worlds, I have a few makeshift hotels and am planning on building many more. Most of them are restaurants or spas, depending on the vibe of the place - many of them being able to function as both if you change the lot type. Others are generic lots. My generic "hotels" are usually cottages or B&B's. I love placing them in the rural area of Windenburg, since they just fit in so cutely.
    The only hotel I've put up on the gallery so far is my massive, pink Mount Nelson Hotel (here), if anyone is interested.

    I really like hotels, whether they're "real" or not, since it's a nice way for my sims to travel. I generally keep them in only their home world and occasionally a world I view as neighbouring it (ex. Willow Creek, Magnolia Promenade and Newcrest). Traveling to ex. Windenburg is thus a big overseas vacation. I am yet to take sims on a hotel honeymoon (only a camping honeymoon, once), but I'm sure that would be fun too.
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    catmando830catmando830 Posts: 9,117 Member
    Didn't TS3 have a hotel option?
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    catmando830catmando830 Posts: 9,117 Member
    AphoticLee wrote: »

    What lot is the Cabana BnB on?
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    SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 11,794 Member
    Didn't TS3 have a hotel option?

    There was some hotel/resort feature with the Island Paradiso pack, but I never played it fully, because it seemed like a rabbit hole compared to the TS2 hotels. I might be wrong though. Just hoping a TS4 HOTEL feature will allow us to see the hotel rooms.
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    crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 7,679 Member
    Didn't TS3 have a hotel option?

    There was some hotel/resort feature with the Island Paradiso pack, but I never played it fully, because it seemed like a rabbit hole compared to the TS2 hotels. I might be wrong though. Just hoping a TS4 HOTEL feature will allow us to see the hotel rooms.

    It WAS a rabbit hole. :lol:
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    PlainevilPlainevil Posts: 221 Member
    I have no building skills, but I built this as a hotel. I mostly just use it as a generic or a bar for my Sims. It can be a pretty much any lot in the game to Eco Lifestyle.
    Besides the honeymoon suite on the 1st floor never got around to adding more bedrooms, so top 2 floors are empty.

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    simlicious2015simlicious2015 Posts: 373 Member
    So since I clearly hate myself Ive built SEVERAL hotels/motels knowing they'll never function as such. I have at least 8 spread out over my 2 saves, so I'll share the ones Im most proud of.

    The Crowne Palace Motel
    1 Plumbob Rating
    Once a source of town pride in its glory days, is now a dilapidated and near forgotten structure on its last legs. Its restaurant attracted locals, and also served to house weary travelers and tourists on vacation. However, due to Strangerville's declining economy and inability to encourage tourism within the last 2 decades, the motel has fallen into serious disrepair and could very well be torn down to make way for a parking lot. People are advised not to stay in the motel's rooms.


    The Regency Queen Hotel
    3 Plumbob Rating
    Situated in downtown Mirage Canyon, the hotel sits perfectly in between the city's vibrant nightlife and restaurants. Whether you're on a business trip or on a romantic getaway, this hotel is as stylish as it is affordable. All rooms come with 1 queen bed. Suites include a separate sitting area, microwave and fridge. Conference room is available for business meetings and gatherings.


    Sandy Oasis Motel
    2 Plumbob Rating
    Located off of Interstate 169, this motel is the ideal rest stop for travelers on long road trips. Comfortable rooms at cheap rates, its a popular choice for family vacations. Only 30 minutes from the beach! All rooms come with 2 queen beds, fridge and microwave. Hot/cold breakfast is included!


    Motel 7
    2 Plumbob Rating
    A discount motel chain with basic, yet comfortable rooms for cheap prices. Great for travelers looking for short stays, or family trips. All rooms are either single or double queen beds, with a kitchenette. On site laundry is available.

    Casbah Heights
    4 Plumbob Rating
    Located in the artsy corner of San Myshuno, Casbah Heights is the ideal location for visitors wishing to explore the Arts Quarter in sophistication and style. All rooms offer spectacular views of the city, with some standard rooms and suites offering balcony views. Bask in the creative energy of the city during the day, but feel free to step inside the Casbah Cafe for a latte or take your tastebuds on a culinary journey at our on-site restaurant. (Reservations highly encouraged)

    Choose from either single or double queen rooms or single queen suites. Balcony rooms depend on availability.

    The Queen's View Inn
    2.5 Plumbob Rating
    In the early days of Brindleton, the inn was once of the first structures built in Whiskerman's Wharf. Many men were working and building the docks, so someone thought to build a boarding house for them. For about 5 simoleans a week, a dock worker could rent a cot and have access to 2 free meals a day. Since wages were good on the docks(on average a dock worker could make perhaps 9 simoleans a day) it was ideal for the men who wanted to save up for their families or spend freely on themselves and not worry about finding a bed for the night. Sailors enjoying land after months at sea were a common sight, and were welcomed at the house and tavern as long as they had money to spend. The downtown area had built up around the boarding house and stayed intergral to Brindleton Bay's maritime history. Over time, the family that owned the boarding house turned it into an inn to further preserve it.


    Love the look in the first one. Is it available in the gallery?
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    SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,965 Member

    Hotels and resorts are fab in S3 there are so many features to play with plus sims can own hotels/resorts and make money from them plus they have to build a hotel/resort reputation which can take some time. It's one of the really fun features I love to play from the seedy hotel stage to the 5 star plus hotels/resorts :)


    Nice looking modern hotel. I would put something like that in Newcrest as I am trying to make that world a sort of exclusive entertainment world as I can never really think what to do with the place :)


    @InuMiroLover's hotel and other lots are really nice I have used a couple in Strangerville and one festival lot in Oasis Springs. You can find his lots in the gallery under his forum name of InuMiroLover :)
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    candy8candy8 Posts: 3,815 Member
    I just move people in and out of their homes I may vacation homes for them.
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