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Not getting the Faithful Reputation

So, my two Sims were created in CAS as a married couple. They’ve been together 14 days at this point, but the countdown may have been reset when they went to Oasis Landing together a second time (I read somewhere that vacation worlds reset the timer), I forget how many days ago, but I’ll probably find out how many days ago it was when/if I get the Faithful reputation after X amount of days. I’ve had them go on dates daily on the festival grounds, kissing in public, WooHooing in the public bathroom’s shower each date, but to no avail. I have all the EPs except for Pets, and on top of that I also have the r Suite stuff pack. I’m playing in Moonlight Falls, and I have gotten the Eternally Faithful reputation before for my CAS married Sims in Moonlight Falls, but that was before I got Showtime and Master Suite recently.

Is there anything I’ve been doing wrong? Previous savegames, I made sure to kiss in front of the stall attendants, but I’ve only been doing it in public nowadays without being within eyeshot of the stall attendants, but when there are Sims on the same lot as me. And figures public WooHoo when there are Sims on the lot - even if not in the same room - would count.

Thank you in advance :)


  • Faerie197Faerie197 Posts: 1,077 Member
    Not sure. But if they flirt with someone else autonomously, that too resets the counter. Are you sure they didn't flirt with someone while you were focused elsewhere?
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  • LashinLashin Posts: 74 Member
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    @Faerie197 Yeah, I have free will turned off because it’s sooooo annoying, and it’s just the two Sims in the household, with no other friends in the hood.

    So... I just checked the scrapbook again and thumbed through every entry, only to have the number of days reset to 14 after 24 hours passed... strange. They were created in CAS as married, but the number of days seems to have been reset to 14 days. Bear in mind, they last visited the future 14 days ago, and had WooHoo in base camp in a few times. Looks like the number of days does reset in the future...

    When and if they lose the Faithful moodlet because of time travel, I’ll keep you guys updated.

    Edits: the first date was 16 days ago, and they have happened daily since, not to mention I’ve been sloppy re: having them kiss in front of the stall attendants.
  • puzzlezaddictpuzzlezaddict Posts: 1,877 Member
    I don't think making out at the festival has anything to do with it. I've had sims get both the Faithful and Eternally Faithful moodlets without Seasons installed, and without any PDA not on their home lot. I've also had them lose the moodlet when they traveled, and then gain it in a different vacation world where they'd previously visited while dating. So... maybe traveling breaks it?

    There are definitely some world-specific features of the romance manager, for example a sim can be married to a different sim in each world without the game objecting; it's only when two spouses are in the same world that things go haywire. So it's possible that the count resets in each world, and also possible that when you transition from a world where the sims haven't met the requirements to a world where they did a while ago (as when they come back from a vacation), the moodlet doesn't get reapplied.

    Maybe there's a way to fix it, but maybe it's unfortunately just not going to work as it should. If it bothers you so much, you can probably add the moodlet with NRaas MasterController, that is if you use mods.
  • LashinLashin Posts: 74 Member
    @puzzlezaddict I have actually gotten the moodlet by engaging in kissing and WooHoo at festivals, but I always did it in front of the stall attendants.

    I actually do think that travelling broke the score - where the first date was 16 days ago, and every single day after that was a date - and I think that's the culprit.

    I don't use mods, but it's not so much annoying, it's... puzzling, that's all O_o
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