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What year did you start playing your first The Sims game?



  • CreativeMom88CreativeMom88 Posts: 53 Member
    1999 (TS1 pre-release tester)
    It was a disc that was mailed to a step cousin of mine. I watched, learned, and got to play. I wasn't yet 12 yrs old yet.
    He let me play for nearly a whole hour the next time. Few months later I got to have my own in 2000, but it was cool I got to test his before the game was in stores.
  • Jessims4Jessims4 Posts: 16 Member
    1999 (TS1 pre-release tester)
    1999 - I remember this distinctly because for my High School graduation, a friend of my Mom's called her and asked if I would be interested in trying a new game out that was marketed towards Teens. I received it in the mail, along with a survey(?) and it was only for so many hours. But I could be mistaken. It also came with a discount code for the release copy of the game. *shrug*
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