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A guide for quests and quest lines?


So, I'm still relatively new to The Sims Mobile, and I read that it's best to be stingy with your Simoleons and SimCash, and wait until you need to buy things for Quests.

Well... Are quests pre-determined for levels? I would like it if I can plan for quests instead of holding out from doing things, perpetually in guessing mode about whether or not I will need to buy XYZ for a quest. For example, I don't want to buy landscaping items or an outfit before I get the quests for these, because I don't want to buy things that I don't want just to meet the quest objective. Get what I mean?

So, is there a guide somewhere for quests and quest lines? I'd like to start buying furniture and wallpaper, but honestly I'm hesitant in case I'll get a new quest to buy furniture or wallpaper. I also really wish I knew the full extent of the Photography Skill quests before I started/continued it, because now I can't finish it in time. Those are just a few examples.

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