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Renovate My House...


  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @icanhassims - sorry I was not clear, I correct the briefing.
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 767 Member
    Origin ID: icanhassims
    Link to the gallery: Manley Remodel
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Sure!
    Link to more photo/slideshow:
    Leftover funds: 70,399
    Notes: Talk about tight spaces! I didn't change any of the walls or create any additions, except for a basement "man cave" with bathroom for the dad. I kept envisioning the dad as a bit of a sports fanatic, so that's where my decorating choices came from. And I know you said that Jo liked "a bit" of purple, but it kinda turned into a whole LOT of purple. lol In the backyard, I had fun putting together all kinds of fun things for the kids to do with the adults or by themselves. And in the front yard, I pulled out all the old shrubbery and replaced with a new garden as well as a pond.

    Other sides of the home (3 photos):

    Top-down views (2 photos):

    Few miscellaneous shots (7 photos):
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    Oh this sounds like fun! I had to search on the term man cave..!
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    @icanhassims - The landscaping choice really gives the house a cottage feel. The colors really pop against the brick color of the house. Nice use of the new platform option. The children will never get bored in that backyard. Thank you for keeping Mo rocky chair, you can tell that the children are the center of this home. Jo will enjoy his new room. Zo said that is just the right amount of purple…lol. I Not sure I have ever seen or used those posters on her wall. I'll have to keep those in mind. Nice touches of the ocean in Mo's room. Both of the bathrooms' designs are really cute. Bo is rather giddy that he basically got 2 mancaves for the price of one. The Bedroom is bright but masculine. And when he is ready, down to the basement to watch his sports as loud as he wants…he can't wait for Jo to get bigger to share that love with him! Thanks for participating.
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 767 Member
    Thank you @nali272 for such a great review. So glad that I found the “right” amount of purple. Lol
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    Entry form: RMHManley
    Origin ID: AlJay2000
    Gallery name & link: Family Home in Windenburg
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Yes
    Link to slideshow: RMH-Manley
    Top view
    Front View

    Side View
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    @AlJay Nice change to the exterior to make it look more cottage! That backyard is meant for family, the children will be entertained for hours while dad and granny can relax either in the hot tub or outdoor living room. The master suite conversion is very masculine, cute car pictures (I will have to add those to my collection), add the man cave gym, equals awesome. Love how you shrunk the kitchen to make a laundry room and master bath. Cute corner for homework or computer use. Beautiful airy living room. The mixed wall covering in the kid's bathroom is a great combination. Zo's purple is wonderful for a growing girl, loving the curtains! I really need to start looking at other swatches for items. Nice art. Jo's room is so adorable. Mo's mother-in-law suite is relaxing and soothing. A repeat of the wall covering in the bed and bath draws it back into the décor of the house. Thank you for participating.
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  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,412 Member
    Thank you so much @nali272 I always enjoy your challenges :)
  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    Origin ID: DonroaAkashu
    Link to the gallery:
    Do you want feedback from anyone? No, it's alright, but thank you. I'm happy that you host the challenge, it is very entertaining.
    Description: Ripped out the carpets in most rooms to expose the wooden floor, and repainted the walls. Redid the plumming, and fixed the facade. Put down a stone walk and some fruit trees and bushes, for the wild look, and for child play. Redecorated the bedrooms and created an inviting family room, and ma needed a redone kitchen. Less is more though, and costs were spared, so the bedroom for Bo is just half begun, since he rather save the money for the kids; and is perfectly at peace in his own corner, where, admittedly, no one will want to go but him.
    Money left: 70 000 simoleans approximately.

    Helping with homework.

    Top down:

    Four sides:



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    Entry form: RMHManley
    Origin ID: Clousinators
    Link to the gallery: RMHManley
    Do you want feedback? Yes, please
    Link to more photos/slideshow (optional): Manley Remodel Tour

    I wasn't sure if I was going to get this done in time because of work, but after I made the bedrooms for Mo and the kids I couldn't stop. I think the beach bedroom is one of my favorites. I also have no idea exactly how much I used on the budget but the entire house is under $100,000 So I figured I made it under budget lol Sorry if my math is off

  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    I like your colour scheme and the stone 'fence' is very homey.
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    @Clousinators - The exterior color combination is so nice! Awesome back patio covering and yard for the family. The brick fencing and landscaping is a great touch to expand the cottage look of the exterior. Zo's room is set up nicely for a child to teen transition. Jo's room is cute for the little tyke. Grammy Mo's room is lovely relaxing blue and the bathroom is perfect for her. The red and white color scheme for the open concept kitchen, dining, and living room is wonderful. Bo's room is a nice brown masculine room and the caveman room for him will be well used. Thank you for participating.
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    @Auroraskies - sounds like Bo pick a great builder with the extra money he can save up for college! I am glad that you are enjoying the challenge and thank you for the nice comments on the gallery!! <3 I am going to have to download it again after I buy the other packs to get the full experience.
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    The Escalante Briefing:

    Background - Milan and Isabella wanted to have and raise their children in Oasis Spring, but as the cost of living has increased they decided to take the children back to their home Sulani. They sound all they had in Oasis Spring and bought Key Point in Sulani. After starting the house renovation themselves they realized they were in way over their heads. The changes they want are out of their element and are in need of your help.

    Gallery Lot ID: RMHEscalante BUDGET: $200,000 Lot size: 40x30 Floorplan: 2 story 4bd 2_ba Lot/World I used: Key Point, Sulani

    Gallery Link:

    Exterior style:
    Caribbean, keep the outer shell cream or white and the inner bright turquoise.

    Interior style:
    Airy but full of life, use yellows, blues, oranges or blushing pink colors for interior colors, Caribbean folks are not afraid of bright colors. Any removed trash, plumbing, windows, doors, walls and floors do not count toward your budget. Any appliances and furniture do count towards the budget.

    Landscape Style:
    Lush tropical.

    Issues to resolve / things to know: (MOO is on)
    • Keep the home off-grid, they are still saving for the triplet's college fund.
    • Add enough solar panels or turbines to make the family believe that they have electricity.
    • Milan and Isabella would prefer to have a bedroom downstairs as they are getting older, please reconfigure the house so that they have a master suite on the 1st floor and they do not want to share their bathroom with guests.
    • Reconfigure upstairs for the girls, 2 bedrooms minimum but would prefer three one for each girl plus a bathroom for them to share.
    • No carpet throughout the house.
    • Add ceiling fans
    • Anastasia would love to have a small garden to grow food
    • Mariana is really into family and would love a place for them to do things together outdoors
    • Michaela is all about finding love, please give her a place to gaze at the stars because she is still too young to date but she can dream.
    • Add some tropical house plants for décor.
    • Create an outdoor eating space under the house for them to enjoy eating on nice days/nights.
    • Decorate the wrap-around with tropical plants and various places to sit.
    • It seems the previous owner had a small kitchen fire, please do fire restoration.

    Gallery TAG: #RMHEscalante - DUE Fri 12/11 - adding extra days for the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Slide Show:
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 767 Member
    Origin ID: icanhassims
    Link to the gallery: Escalante Remodel
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Sure!
    Link to more photo/slideshow:
    Leftover funds: I lost track with the walls, etc, but it was at least $120k leftover
    Construction Notes: When the home assessor first looked at the building he was aghast at the foundation (or lack thereof). Therefore, the difficult decision was made to bring the home down an entire level. Due to the complexity of this process, the roofing and overhang were a bit changed but remained in the spirit of the original home. Stucco'd the outside wall to better stand up to the elements, as is evidenced by the inner wall being worn, pale wood. Tore out some walls on the first floor to open it up a bit, while adding walls on the second floor to divide it into two rooms. The kitchen fire was easily cleaned up and everything replaced with new counters and appliances. All of the indoor torches were removed and replaced with enclosed lanterns, as that many open flames indoors must be a serious fire hazard! That said, the bathrooms, as well as some of the hallway upstairs, have open flame candles, but they are small and securely attached to shelving. There are two desks available in the main living area where children can do homework. There is also a small laptop (powered by solar panels and the wind turbine) to stay connected with the mainland as well as complete work and school assignments, as well as increase skills. All requests were also instituted.

    Other sides of the build (3 photos):

    Top-down views (2 photos):

    Some select screenshots (7 photos):
  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    I really liked your description!
  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    Can I ask what carpet means here - is it the floor/tile cover in build mode; or all mats, from buy mode, decorations?
  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 767 Member
    Thank you @Auroraskies!
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
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    @Auroraskies - I am asking that nothing under this colored section of flooring is used... ja15ONL.jpg
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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @icanhassims - 1st of all, I got caught up in your construction notes, it made my day! That assessor must have fainted…lol. The family will love their home even more with all of the outdoor activities you added. The addition of the solar panels will help keep them from having an electric bill. Your rendition of the jack and jill bathroom upstairs is awesome. The ceiling fans are in fact more important than the lights so thank you for that. Milan and Isabella also thank for moving their master downstairs and adding a bathroom. I am LOVING the turquoise and brown/tan color scheme. It just makes me want to get away to the islands. Nice touch either expanding the back inner porch so the dining table can be outside the home. I also like that you removed the safety wall to get a better view of the water. The back of the house is my favorite part. Thank you for participating.
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 767 Member
    Thank you @nali272! I had a lot of fun with it. And yeah, that assessor nearly fainted!
  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
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    Entry: RMHEscalante
    Origin ID: DonroaAkashu
    Gallery link:
    Do you want feedback from anyone: No, thank you, the challenge is enough!
    Leftover funds: ca 140 000 simoleans
    Construction notes: All features done as requested. Some walls were torn down to fit a master bedroom and bath where the small bedrooms used to be; these instead moved upstairs. Stone valves sold to fit ones of wood. Three children, all daughters like in the fairytales, each got their own level of the house escalating upwards: the base for the family, fun social gatherings; fit under the house and the main floor. A sensible garden for study and sustenance on the upstairs level; and a top dome for gazing at the stars and dreaming yourself away..
    The lush nature, colourful and nourishing, were allowed to conquer the beach, hiding among its leaves the stone of an unfortunate soul burnt by passion, as a Valuable Lesson of .. something.
    (We don't know yet, they sort of sit on the knowledge, or lay).


    Gaze at the moon

    Green Footprint aurora










  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,412 Member
    Entry form:
    Origin ID: ALJay2000
    Gallery name & Link: Off Grid in Sulani
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Sure
    Link to slideshow: RMH-Escalante
    Total Cost: $152,909.00
    Details I unfortunately had the same problem as @icanhassims when the home inspector came to look at this house. But Milan & Isabella insisted that the foundation must stay exactly as is (I think there may have been tears involved). So we worked with the house, adding expensive structural beams and ornate corbels to make the home structurally stable. The home is decorated with bright colors and rich red woods, being sure to give the family turquoise walls. This home is still off the grid but I have added lighting for future use, if the family ever decides that they need it. I have given them more solar power panels and wind turbines which can actually keep up with the power the family currently uses for the most part. I have changed the floorplan to give the couple a main floor master suite and given each of the girls their own room upstairs. There is a tropical garden near the Sulani BBQ pit; with coconut, plantain, avocado, pineapple, kava, and taro root planted. There is seating all around the house to enjoy every single beautiful view that this property has to offer.
    Thank you @nali272 for a fun challenge! I was in need of a little tropical therapy in my life :)
    Street View
    Left Side
    Right Side
    Ocean view
    Ground Level
    Main floor
    Second level
  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    Oh, I liked that foundation negotiation!
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @Auroraskies - I really really enjoyed touring your build. That Dome!!! Thank you for participating.
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