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Renovate My House...


  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 768 Member
    Origin ID: icanhassims
    Link to the gallery: Byer Remodel
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Yes
    Link to more photo/slideshow: https://icanhassims.weebly.com/byer-remodel.html

    Other sides of build: (3 photos)

    Top-down views (3 photos)
  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    edited September 2020
    I find it unnecessary to quote, thank you for not doing it.

    Thank you for answering. I should have clarified my question. Is it necessary for the challenge to have all the things in the house that you place with move objects on cheat? The cheat messes with the routing and I don't use it when I build myself. Your challenge sounds really fun though, and I'd like to try it.
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @Auroraskies, no not for you to post to the challenge. If something looks out of place it probably was something off the grid.
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  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    Ah, thank you, that is good to know. I will try the challenge. I do it for entertainment anyway, and I like that the challenge adresses that, not being a competition. It is a good idea to build a 'fixer upper'; a bit like playing the game House Flipper.
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 582 Member
    Entry form
    Origin ID: Clousinators
    Link to the gallery: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/013A1583F93D11EA8A05C820D9AD317F?category=all&searchtype=ea_origin_id&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=clousinators&max=50&maxis=false
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Yes, please
    Link to more photos: https://imgur.com/a/bCTZjfW

    I would post the top down but I am not sure how to do the spoiler thing yet honestly.... didn't want to take up to much space. Also I have learned two things from you in the two challenges I have done, they're always fun :smile:
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,436 Member
    @nali272 my house is just about ready :) but I just wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying these challenges and I love all the hard work you go to making each house unique (or messy) only to have us go in and demolish it all.
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,436 Member
    Entry form
    Origin ID: AlJay2000
    Link to the gallery: The Saltbox Reno
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Yes
    Link to more photo/slideshow: RMHByer
    Details: For this reno I replaced the shingles and siding. I Painted the shutters and completely bulldozed the mess that the previous owner left in the yard. Although the exterior meets the Historical Society's requirements to remain the same, the interior looks much different. The pantry, laundry and main bath have been rearranged and on the second floor I have added an extra bathroom so the renters each have their own. The master bedroom now has a walk in closet and the master bathroom has an added sink as well as a soaker tub and a shower. I was unable to allow space for the office in the home gym but I have placed an office area near the laundry instead. The home is decorated with artwork of historical landmarks made by my(sim)self.
    Street View
    First Floor
    Second Floor
    Additional photos
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @AlJay, thank you so much!! I appreciate that. I am enjoying what you guys are doing with them and learning so much in return.
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  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 582 Member
    @AlJay I like how you reworked the upstairs for two bathrooms! I really like the cool mint blue color you used throughout.
    @icanhassims The bottom floor feels nice and bright and open in your rendition, I like it. I like the two sinks in the corner for the bathroom redo too
  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    edited September 2020
    @Clousinators I like your entry.

    You'll find a lot of functions for formatting your post, just above the message box. The spoilers are under the symbol looking like a quotation mark.

    You can also type it yourself, by typing the word: spoiler inside bracket symbols, in the beginning of the text you want to hide; and then again after it, adding a slash in front, like so (without the spaces):
    [ spoiler ] picture [ / spoiler ]
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 582 Member
    @Auroraskies Thank you!!
  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 768 Member
    Thank you for the kind comments, @Clousinators!
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @icanhassims, nice addition of the dormers and the woodworking shed! Nice change to the exterior siding. The backyard is ready for hanging with friends, thanks for the hot tub. The front yard circular flowerbed is an attractive design idea. I like the colors of the laundry and pantry areas. Turning the back foyer into a library is a good idea. Great use of space in the office/gym. Almost missed the attention you paid to the front door foyer as small as it is. Nice traditional furniture choices in the living room. Thanks for the master suite with the extra sink and closet. I like that there will be no fighting among the roommates for rooms or over the guest bathroom sinks, nice job putting two in there. Thank you for participating.
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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @Clousinators , Great change in the exterior colors, fencing. Keeping the trees in the backyard lends to more privacy when partying with the roommates in the entertaining areas. Thanks for the woodworking shed and hot tub. Lovely traditional master bedroom furniture and the double sinks the bathroom. Creative division of the extra bedrooms. Nice design of the guest bath. Using the half bath to create a new layout of the kitchen is awesome! Putting the dining room in the corner is a nice use of space. The furniture placement in the living room shows the amount of space. Using the back foyer for the office/library leaving the office space entirely for the gym is a great idea. Your use of red really tied the main floor together. Thank you for participating.
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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @AlJay, Great woodworking shed, nice entertaining areas, loving the trellis over the hot tub. Nice exterior colors and the large pines frame the house nicely. I like how you put the plant in the planter and the front of the house… I might have to use that in the future.
    The guest bedroom with 3 pillows was a surprise… I don't think I've seen it before. I must say the whole top floor was a surprise. Ingenious giving each guest room its own bath. The master suite with a 5 piece bath and a walk-in closet, no words. The living room is elegant but inviting. The touches of teal brighten the space. Love the new layout of the kitchen, pantry, half bath, and nice idea moving the office to that extra space that was created. It is great how you connected the kitchen to the back foyer. Making the foyer a mudroom was an awesome idea. The mix of traditional furniture, interior black and white theme with pops of color create a modern feel throughout the spaces. Your art adds to the overall design. Thank you for participating.
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 768 Member
    Thanks for your kind review @nali272!
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,436 Member
    Thank you so much @nali272 :)
  • SerraNolwenSerraNolwen Posts: 619 Member
    Somehow, I had a hard time sticking to budget with this one. After doing all of the outside renovations and landscaping and placing all the furniture I wanted, I ran out of simoleons halfway through decorating. I didn't have much time left for building and I couldn't bring myself to go through all the paintings and furniture to figure out what was too expensive and remove them, so it's a little more sparsely decorated than I would have liked, but I guess it works out ok. Thanks again for the interesting challenge that made me discover some more things about architecture! :)

    Origin ID: SerraNolwen
    Link to the gallery: Gallery
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Yes, please!
    Link to more photo/slideshow (optional): Imgur



    Other pictures
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @SerraNolwen, Loving the brown and green exterior color scheme. The fencing gives it a more historic look than before. Great entertaining backyard, the fact that you got a pool in it is amazing, almost missed the birdhouse. The flowerbeds along the sides are beautiful. Thanks for the woodworking shop. The master bedroom suite is calming and relaxing. I never noticed the tub in the master bath before… will need to use that in future builds. Any roommates will feel welcomed in the guest bedrooms and bathroom. There plenty of seats in the kitchen for entertaining that Bryan and his roommates will do, the bar counter is a nice addition and the layout is wonderful. Nice cleanup and decorating of the laundry, half bath, and pantry space. The back foyer as a music room was an unexpected nice choice. The dividing wall as a way to maintain a separation of the living room from the rest of the 1st floor was awesome. You say "sparsely" décor, I say plentiful when coming to the renovation of the home. Thank you for participating.
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  • SerraNolwenSerraNolwen Posts: 619 Member
    Thank you @nali272! It's very kind of you to say this.
  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    edited September 2020
    Origin ID: DonroaAkashu
    Link to the gallery: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/3D64B364005111EB8AA57F7DB00D4B8C?category=all&searchtype=item_name&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=RMHByer&max=50&maxis=false
    Do you want feedback from anyone? No, it's alright, but thank you.
    Renovation: Went for a minimalistic restauration:
    Walls repainted to original colour, upstairs and downstairs.
    Cleaned the carpets in the whole house.

    Ripped up the linoleum in the kitchen to expose the wooden floor underneath. New counters and fridge, to match the old restored stove found in the attic; somehow made to function with new technology.. New chairs and table. Old lamp found matching the wall lamp fixtures.

    Replaced the linoleum in he pantry, laundry room and half-bath. Replaced the shelf in the pantry and installed a ceiling lamp. Equipped the laundry room with small essentials.

    Placed a bar in the back foyer.

    Cleaned the fire place, added some wear and tear furniture and a music system to the living room. Moved the wall lamp fixture for more even lighting and added a modern ceiling lamp.

    Removed the linoleum in the office to expose the wooden floor underneath. Placed a time typical desk, and cubbard; a sofa and some essentials. Installed a modern ceiling lamp.

    Exchanged the bed in the master bedroom; added antique dresser, and a small table.
    Replaced linoleum, and drew new plumming in master bath.

    Replaced linoleum and redecorated the guest bathroom.
    Placed cheap essential furniture in the two extra bedrooms.

    Cut the grass and the trees and repositioned some of the flower bushes in the yard; built a small wood shed, and a pool; added essentials and sports/entertainment equipment.

    Gremlins and spiders and foul stink gotten rid of, but it seems like there was an opening for other things to move in..

    Money left: 45 000 simoleans. This was a lot of fun! And you did a great job of dirtying down the place, it looked really good.






    Floor plan 1

    Floor plan 2
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 552 Member
    edited September 2020
    Entry form
    Link to the gallery: Historic Saltbox Home
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Yes thank you
    Link to more photo/slideshow: Renovate My House " Historic Saltbox home "

    Exterior style: Redone to historic Brick Saltbox Façade. 4 front windows were removed. 2 from main floor & 2 from 2nd floor..
    Interior style: Rustic, Colonial . To keep with the Historic accuracy of the Home.
    Landscape Style: Simple . Round back there was made room for Fruit trees . A fruit & vegetable garden was planted .
    All issues were resolved. A closet was added to the master bedroom. A small work shed was built for wood working. The yard was updated for entertaining . Hot tub was extra cost but done..


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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @Auroraskies, Thanks for participating.
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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @Pinkusfamily, The extending the patio creates an awesome backyard for entertaining, the open door woodworking shed is really cute. The Garden area will come in handy for feeding all the friends and roommates. The master bedroom suite is a great throwback to the historic period. Loving the wood beams on the master ceiling. The roommates will enjoy using the historic period guest bath, Wonderful ship theme in guest bed 1, and in guest bed 2 nice touch adding the saltbox barn house picture! But the 1st floor is the gem of the house and again loving the ceiling beams, I don't have ever used that brick wall, this was a perfect way to use it. The wood stove in the kitchen was a nice surprise and liking the way you used the bar as the peninsula. A beautiful take on the laundry, half bath, and pantry area. Lovely sitting area in the back foyer. Great combination of the office/gym; I've never seen the candle log in the faux fireplace I will need to remember that. A lot of the little items you used for decorating I would not have paid attention too, I will now. Thank you for participating.
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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    edited September 2020

    The Lytle Briefing:

    Background - Retirees Finn and Anne Lytle, traded to this Mid-Century Modern home. The house they raised their children Tucker and Jill in, got to be too much to maintain. But they wanted a house big enough to have their grandchildren Tyler, Jennifer, Tanner, and the twins; Janet and Julie to visit. But this smaller square footage home came with the previous owner's LARGE LOUD interior design. The Lytle's are hoping you can tone it down without losing the character of the house.
    (so tell me, did hurt your eyes to renovate it as much as hurt mine to create it? lol)

    Gallery Lot ID: RMHLytle BUDGET: $65K Lot size: 40x30 Floorplan: 1 story 3bd 1.75ba Lot/World I used: Slipshod Mesquite, Oasis Spring

    Gallery Link: RMHLytle

    Exterior style:
    Mid-Century Modern.

    Interior style:
    Mid-Century Modern may redesign the floor plan…….Windows, doors, walls, and floors do not count toward your budget. Any appliances, plumbing, and furniture do count towards the budget. The Lytle's sold all of their furniture except for what you see in the house, only so they would have a place to sleep and sit while waiting on your design expertise. However, they are not partial to them, but they would like to keep the card table that they bought with the house.

    Landscape Style:
    Whatever matches the house, don't remove the desert garden at the front of the house.

    Issues to resolve / things to know: (MOO is on)
    • Whatever you decide, they would like to see some resemblance to the original house.
    • Enlarge the master bathroom
    • Create enough beds to accommodate the 5 grandkids (2B/3G).
    • create a sitting space in front of the area opposite the desert garden so they can view the fountain.

    Gallery TAG: #RMHLytle - DUE Oct 13th
    SlideShow: https://imgur.com/a/CjIAlKn
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