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Renovate My House...


  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    Hello all, I am back and will be posting the new reno request and reviews in a moment.
    @ForeverTuesday - I don't ask for a total budget at the end, just that you do not go over the budget in the briefing. You can continue to add it up if you would like, as I know some other challenges ask for it.
    @JojoMOMSTER - thank you so much for helping ForeverTuesday out!!!
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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    Thank you all for participating…


    @icanhassims - Beautiful landscaping, that tree with the flowers really stands out. Hillary will enjoy eating fresh food from the garden in her side yard. Lovely brick façade on the exterior, an ode to the previous like of the building with the sign on the front. The window choices are excellent. Great extensions of the bedroom and bathroom. Seeing a makeup table in the bathroom is a treat! Loving the double entry into the bathroom. Spacious bedroom with views to the calming colors of the rest of the house but still feeling private. Wonderful kitchen and dining spaces. The colors all flow together nicely. The living room and office area will be great for remote working or entertaining guests. The use of some industrial pipes keeps the warehouse feel and that is what she was looking for. Thank you for participating again.

    @msmunkie - The garden terrace is out of this world… All of the little building tricks you used I will have to make a note of and use. Thank you for participating again.

    @luckyheather - Wow, the industrial details are awesome! Love the carport/driveway. The backyard is a great entertaining space. The other landscaping is wonderful. She will put the covered workspace to use. The relaxation section of the yard is a wonderful find. The industrial details inside are just as awesome! Cool indoor desert planters to match the outside. Great platform office and she will never get rid of any guest with that living room. The bedroom is secluded just enough but still has views to the front of the house. Great platform kitchen. And the bathroom design is spacious. All of your building tricks are awesome and I will be making note of the future…lol.
    The black and white color scheme with splashes of color makes this a great chic industrial warehouse home. Btw did you say that your name was Hillary? That is so coincidently fantastic. Thank you for participating again.

    @Pinkusfamily - Fantastic landscaping, cute ornaments in the yard, and I see that Yarny toy has made his/her appearance again…lol. Awesome carport/driveway. Love the brick façade choice and the fence crowning on the roof. The back yard and quaint and will be a nice place to come and relax. The sunroof is an added need to let in the light. On the interior, you stayed true to the industrial style with feminine touches. I like how you kept the vents on the ceiling, incorporating them into the design with the pillars. Using the room dividers as a wall in the kitchen is an inspiring idea! (stealing that for later)… Now that bedroom is magnificent, love how you lowered the wall to the living room. She will love playing the guitar there. The office corner is perfect for remote working and studying. The living room is a very cozy and relaxing space to curl up and watch TV. The bathroom is bright and colorful, a great way to start your morning on a good note. Thank you for participating again.

    @AlJay - Fantastic lush industrial landscaping, the sculptures feel like an ode to the building's former life. Awesome side yard, gardens, and workspaces. Nice addition of the solar panels. I smiled at the metal sheeting on the walls… (wait for it…). Love the industrial details in the kitchen, dining, and front living room. This might be a little thing, but I think that the beams that you used make the space. I have not used much from the snowy escape pack so this was a wonderful surprise. Outstanding office space. The back living room is so chic, I cannot even stand it…lol. Hillary thanks you for talking her into putting her bedroom in the back corner, it is beautiful. The bathroom is gorgeous. Thank you for participating again.

    @ForeverTuesday - Wonderful landscaping, the front yard garden/entertaining space is a great area for Hillary to get to know her neighbors. The tree and flower-lined property line are very beautiful. The painted garage door is a gorgeous design. Excellent design choice to move the front door to the side under the carport, which is also awesome. The neighborhood thanks for keeping the flag pool. All of the platform spaces are amazing… the kitchen is a place to keep an eye on all of your guests while cooking, the industrial choice in it is very cohesive with the rest of the house. The storage unit that you created is a nice combination I would have never thought of… will be filing that away in my bag of stolen tricks and tips…lol. Great dining table set up even if the bench is not usable… (um… I wonder why we don't have a dining table bench?) the bar area is a nice place to continue entertaining guests. The bedroom is wonderful and I like all of the plants in it. The bathroom has a very calming feel to it, I think it is all of the nature colors, would love to have a room like this in real life. Hillary thanks you for the laundry room. The guest room with the storage space under it is a terrific idea!!!! What a great office space and she can have clients over to consult without them having to go through her house with that well-planned back door and bathroom… cheers to you! Thank you for participating again.

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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    edited June 2021

    The Betancourt Briefing:

    Background - Vincenzo and his new wife Naomi, just moved into their new home. As a lawyer Vincenzo is very OCD about the things that he wants… and because if this he has taken it upon himself to mark the floor plan and take pictures of the items that he and Naomi agreed would come into their new domicile. Naomi on the other hand is very laid back and just wants her husband to be happy all she is asking for is a place for them to remove their shoes when they walk into the house. As a medical professional with an island upbringing she cannot stand to have the outside tracked into her home.

    Gallery Lot ID: RMHBetancourt BUDGET: $40,000 Lot size: 40x30 Floorplan: 2 story 2bd 2.5ba Lot/World I used: Inner Circle, Del Sol Valley

    Gallery Link: RMHBetancourt
    Household Gallery Link: The Betancourts

    Exterior style:
    Modern and clean lines, do not change the copper metal siding.

    Interior style:
    Vincenzo likes modern/contemporary and Naomi likes garden/island/Boho styles. The furniture in the house they want to keep and build from there. Any removed trash, plumbing, walls and floors do not count toward your budget. Any windows, doors, appliances and furniture do count towards the budget. If there is already a pool on the property, shrinking or removal count toward your budget.

    Landscape Style:

    Issues to resolve / things to know: (MOO is on)
    • Keep items in the picture below. Keep the art by ALJay2000
    • mix the 2 or more of the styles together for the interior.
    • create an office place in both places marked on the floor plan.
    • update the fireplace
    • may change the builder grade items for better ones. counters/ sinks/lights/toilets/tub etc…
    • The bedrooms/bathrooms on the 2nd floor can be reconfigured it needed as long as the TV room Wall is not removed.
    • Please leave the landing and the TV room as is.
    • if possible add a closet to the primary room somewhere.
    • Create a workout space in the garage and add a door to the back yard.
    • Create some privacy around the house.
    • Change the mailbox.

    Gallery TAG: #RMHBetancourt - DUE Friday 6/18

    Slide Show:
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  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 18,390 Member

    Thank you very much @nali272 for your wonderful review about my version of the renovated warehouse :) it was perfect for me as its one of my favorite themes to do ;) I had great fun thank you and I loved the raised area, I must do that more myself and I am so happy you like my ideas and want to use them yourself, thats cool and encouraging, I do try to do different things all the time so I have fun doing them. Yes my name is Hilary with 1 L :) Lots of people call me Hill but I prefer my whole name as I am a larger lady and well Hills are too Lol. Thanks again I enjoyed myself.
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,476 Member
    Thank you for your kind words on my warehouse @nali272 and thank you for using my artwork in your new challenge. It looks like fun :)
  • JosieAnglinJosieAnglin Posts: 591 Member
    Origin ID: NacreousSky
    Gallery name & link: Easy Living
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Sure :)
    Link to slideshow: Here.
    Notes: I spent most of my renovation money on the interior (oops) so the outside is very minimal. I did add a fence to the yard to create some privacy.
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @luckyheather - you are welcome and I completely understand wanting to address the why you prefer... people always try to shorten my name from Melinda to Mel. Drives me nuts. So nice to meet you, Hilary!
    @AlJay - you are welcome... hope you have fun.
    @JosieAnglin - wow! that was fast... I hope you had fun.
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  • msmunkiemsmunkie Posts: 35 Member
    Thanks again @nali272 for checking out and reviewing my warehouse build. It was a really fun shell, and I really appreciate the diversity of the challenges. I'm realizing that I need the push to force me into trying out new build styles.
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @msmunkie You are so welcome and your words help keep me motivated, thank you.
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 772 Member
    Thank you so much for the kind words, @nali272!
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 554 Member
    @nali272 , and everyone, thank you for the kind feedback !

    This thread amazes me all the time! I love the creativity here !

    I have been working on a line up of builds & playing.

    Hopefully I can get this new one in by the 18th..

    I look forward to seeing everyone's creations. !

    Have a great week all !

    Diane Pinkus o:)
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @icanhassims you deserve it.
    @Pinkusfamily , you are welcome too. if you cannot get to it, no worries! I understand being busy. I doing good by just keeping this challenge up to date. I am hoping no one takes offense to me not participating in theirs.
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 772 Member
    Origin ID: icanhassims
    Link to the gallery: Betancourt Remodel
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Sure!
    Link to more photo/slideshow:
    Leftover funds: 0!! (I would've done so much more boho if I had the funds, lol)
    Construction Notes: In a bid for more privacy and missing the islands, the home was meticulously taken apart and moved to Sulani (Chieftan's Villa) where they were surrounded by water. Even then, a large concrete wall was built around the property. Due to the nature of the new lot, the build had to be turned a quarter counterclockwise and the pool reestablished on the side of the property. All requested changes were made though I ran out of funds before I could decorate as much as I wished, especially to incorporate more boho/island elements inside the home. To make up for it, the landscaping was done in pure island style to really blend into the surrounding nature.

    Side views:

    Top-down views:

    Few other screenshots:
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,476 Member
    Origin ID: AlJay2000
    Gallery name & link: Island Life in the Valley
    Do you want feedback from anyone? sure
    Link to slideshow: RMH - Betancourt
    Leftover funds: $16.00
    Construction Notes: The house was already beautiful and really didn't need much work done, but as always I like to add my personal touch and so I made a few changes. I added a walk in closet in the master bedroom, shrinking the spare room to add another bathroom. I changed the entrance of the house, turning the former foyer into an office BUT I totally messed up and somewhere along the line I accidently deleted the second floor office space. there is still two offices but the second office is more of a library. I tried to give the home a modern contemporary boho style, but I don't know if I have achieved that (I have never actually designed anything boho before) I have tried to give the couple privacy in the yard and have created a lush tropical island landscaping style. I planted a few tropical garden plants for Naomi to care for and discovered during playtesting that she loves just spending time talking to them. Thank you for another fun challenge @nali272
    Street view
    Overhead views
    First floor
    Second floor
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,850 Member
    That is so lush and inviting @AlJay Cant wait to see it in gane
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,476 Member
    Thank you @JojoMOMSTER :)
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member



    AWESOME landscaping! The rotation of the house and pool are wonderful, I like the walkway you built between the two off the garage. Wonderful master bedroom, I have not explored the new pack so it was nice to see items like the artwork. Cute master bath update. The guest bedroom and bathroom is a beautiful to match the master. The Bentancourts thank you for leaving the feature wall, art, and giving them a more comfortable lounge chair. Superb use of the upper and 1/2 floor office spaces, not sure who will use which one. The kitchen and dining room are very streamlined and functional. The half-circle island is so cute. Nice décor with the plants. The fireplace in the living room is a great upgrade. The shoe storage in the foyer is music to Naomi's ears. The garage converted gym will get good use. The Betancourt's are now curious about how the house would have looked if they had an additional $10-20K to give you. ;-)

    It is all good on only being able to decorate the inside… most of my family & friends did the same thing… a year or two later they did the outside. The fence was the ask and you fulfilled that, the addition of the grill and picnic table is tops it off. I love how you created a snack station in the TV room for them and gave them a table to eat at if they choose to do so on the balcony. The Bentancourts thank you for keeping the feature wall and art. The art that you added to the space highlights it. The reformatting of the bedrooms and bathrooms is clever. Any guest will feel right at home. The master bedroom is very relaxing but the retreat is that bathroom! Very spa-like atmosphere. The double desk on the 1/2 floor is brilliant, leaving the space upstairs for the chessboard. The kitchen is wonderfully decorated with items from the new pack, an excellent choice to turn the island. The dining set and 1/2 bath are adorable. Nice choice removing the fireplace wall and updating it with a new one, the sitting room is a clean line minimalistic space to hold a conversation with guests or each other. Great gym conversion.

    Loving the lighting at night on this lot… those lighted palms are my favorite trees. The lanterns lining the pathways are great…(will be using that). The gravel/stone walkway is beautiful, along with all the additional landscaping that you did. Great idea to use the debug platforms to frame the pool! All of the outdoor living space will get a lot of use, including the reused bench from in the TV room. The home gym will come in handy on those days they don't want to run outside. Great design choice moving the front door to create the office space, whoever gets that will have an awesome view of the water feature. Nice sectional in the living room and the kitchen has an amazing layout. The Betancourt's thank you for keeping the feature wall and their items. The TV room is beautiful too. Splendid reconfiguration of the bed and bathrooms. That master closet and bath is the bee's knees, love the double shower…lol…Great interior doors and design choices…your art too. All the rooms look great with the new pack items but if I continue typing this will turn into a book, so I will end with this….Magnificent interior decorating… I would live here in RL if I could afford it.

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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member

    The Rowhouse Briefing:

    Background - Liberty Holding bought a home in a historic detached row house district, unfortunately, the home burned to the ground, along with all of her belongings. She had good insurance and was able to build the shell again. She is looking for someone to create a functional, practical floor plan. Fortunately for you, she is no longer restricted to the interior historical floor plan and design. The exterior on the other hand must stay as close to the historic nature of the other houses on the hill.

    Gallery Lot ID: RMHrowhouse BUDGET: $75,000 Lot size: 50x40 Floorplan: 2 story 0bd 0ba Lot/World I used: Twin Oracle Point, Newcrest

    Gallery Link: RMHRowhouse

    Household Gallery Link: Holding

    Exterior style:
    Rowhouse, please use colors that would coordinate with the other homes on the hill.

    Interior style:
    Any removed trash, plumbing, walls, and floors do not count toward your budget. Any windows, doors, appliances, and furniture do count towards the budget. If there is already a pool on the property, shrinking or removal count toward your budget.

    Landscape Style:
    Low-maintenance with some color.

    Issues to resolve / things to know: (MOO is on)
    • create a 2 story floor plan, 2.5 bathrooms, primary and guest bedroom. Kitchen, living, and dining room.
    • If you can, a walk-in closet in the primary
    • reading nook.
    • please make the place comfortable for her and her friends.

    Gallery TAG: #RMHRowhouse - DUE 7/2/21

    Slide Show:
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  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,850 Member
    Best speed bumps ever
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,476 Member
    Thank you so much for your kind comments @nali272
    You have done a great job building the new challenge. It looks so good!
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @JojoMOMSTER - too funny.
    @AlJay - you are welcome and that hill was a doozy!
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 772 Member
    Thank you for the wonderful comments @nali272! I'd be curious what I came up with if I had more money too! Haha

    The new challenge looks amazing!
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 431 Member
    @icanhassims you're welcome and thank you
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 772 Member
    Origin ID: icanhassims
    Link to the gallery: Rowhouse Remodel
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Sure!
    Link to more photo/slideshow:
    Leftover funds: 21,008
    Construction Notes: Updated the exterior a bit to better match the other buildings as well as adding a back door for easier access to the backyard. Planted bushes and wildflowers as both are extremely easy to care for. All requests fulfilled. It was a little difficult to wrap my head around the idea of transitional interior design, so this is my best attempt! Also, there are a bunch of curtains missing because they aggravatingly kept placing outside the building instead of inside.

    Other sides of the build:

    Top-down views:

    Few screenshots:
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,850 Member
    edited July 2021
    Entry form:
    Origin ID:jojoMOMSTER
    Link to the gallery: RMHrowhouse infill
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Yes
    Link to more photos/slideshow (optional): Slideshow
    Pictures: 1 top view (per story)
    1 of each side of the house/lot (walls up)

    and others of your choice use spoiler.

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