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One CC item you can't play without!

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I thought this would be an interesting way for people to share what CC they use in their game and help others to discover new items!

If you use CC (custom content items not game mods) which is your favorite CC item you wouldn't want to play without?

Mine is my CAS background which is from littledica on Tumblr. I love how it makes CAS feel more in depth as it's an actual room so it feels like it's part of the game rather than being a weird blue void, I love the Sims 3 vibes and I love how it has a fully functional mirror! The regular background looks so boring in comparison :D
Thank you for over 1k downloads on my more realistic Sulani mod on MTS!
Click the image below to download : )

Please click here and click the me too button to get the locked out of houses bug fixed


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