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Chrome Dark Mode?

I have been using Google Chrome Dark Mode Extension and it works great for this forum but I have to switch it off when I type here.

When I try to type with dark mode on the letters that I am typing are really light gray and very hard to see. I have a progressive eye disease and I am very light sensitive right now. My occupational therapist visited me at home and she recommended the dark mode for everything and helped me apply it to twitter for both my phone and desktop. She also added the Chrome Dark Mode Extension to my browser and it's great but for typing here. I have not run into any other problems with other sites.

Does anyone know if this is a problem with the Chrome Extension or this forum?

Does anyone else use this Chrome extension? Does it work for them?

The only other thing she did was turn on the blue light shift on my monitor. I put that setting back to off and it did not change anything with the light gray letters on this forum so I put it back to 40 like she had it.


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