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Simsovision concert! Results with FINALE performances!

ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,043 Member
The RESULTS show is here!!

This performance is a Sims version of Eurovision where different countries compete. Each performance is done by a different producer so there's a big variety in music, performance type and talent. If you don't like one, skip to the next! Voting is open for about a week I think and then they'll have the finale show to announce the results. Or you can watch the performances separately as each one was posted individually after the main concert was over. Post your favorite here!

All the performances were also posted individually after the stream.

This is the link to just the opening act by the winner from last year, Aurora, and I would post my favorite performance but I'm not sure yet! The very last one was pretty incredible but isn't it always. :)

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  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 542 Member
    Thank you for the link! I had never heard of this before and I really enjoyed watching it (I skipped over songs I didn't care to hear tho). But, oh my goodness the talent some of the producers have, simply amazing! And, I really loved that the did a little intro film of each world before each act, but it made me miss TS3 even more! LOL
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 18,078 Member
    That was amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,043 Member
    @Chicklet453681 You're welcome. I know, it blows me away what these simmers can do! Especially that one that had the drummer on the back of a big spider like machine.

    @simgirl1010 You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed!

    If y'all would like to vote for your favorites I'm sure they would appreciate it. Here's the voting page. It's in Russian but google translate does a good job for me.

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  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,138 Member
    This is incredible!! I'm two songs in but I just want to comment now because I'm loving this so much! I am a huge Eurovision fan (like, get up at 4:50 AM three times a year for the semis and finals, kind of fan) and I was so upset we never got one this year, but this has filled in the gap so well!

    Just the way it's set up is phenomenal. This must have been such hard work, and the Eurovision vibe is impeccable! Can't wait to watch the rest!
  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,138 Member
    Finished watching, and I'm completely delighted! There are some incredible performances there! Is there somewhere to vote? I had a look at the forum it's on (...with Google Translate, heh) and didn't see any other votes on that thread, do you do that elsewhere?

    Favourites were Zabroschensk and Midnight Hollow, the production values, staging, choreography, and costuming were incredible!
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,043 Member
    @ryttu3k That's awesome. :smiley: I've added the vote link to the first post. Zabroschensk is one of my favorites too.
    Even without understanding the lyrics they had me hooked from the first when it showed the audience reaction looking up and you wonder what they're looking at, then you see the drummer on the back of the giant mechanical spider!!

    Decided to put that in a spoiler for others who watch so it won't ruin the surprise.
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  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,138 Member
    @ZeeGee oh cool, thank you so much! And yeah, the production values there were out of the world!
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,043 Member
    Last day to vote! Here are the instructions in English: (see link in the first post if you'd like to participate)

    Simsovision 2020 voting is secret so it is not possible to see other people's votes until final results are released. Until then you would only see your own vote in this thread.
    Simsovision 2020 final results will be announced on August 29 during the final concert.

    Only registered users can vote. Link for registration .
    One person can vote only once.
    Participants cannot vote.
    Stage performance, quality of video footage and editing are relevant criteria for assessment. Simsovision is a machinima contest. Therefore, you cannot vote simply for the song you like or it's real artist. The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 games are equal participants of the contest, so your vote should not depend on whether you like one of those games more than another.

    How to vote
    Choose 12 performances that you have enjoyed the most. Arrange them in descending order from the very best to the 12th best. There is a template at the end of this instruction.
    You need to comment your choice of the first three performances. The rest of the comments are optional.

    This is an optional vote - you may not vote for nominations at all if you don't want to or you may choose to vote only for some of them or you can vote for all of them. It is not necessary to comment on your vote for nominations, but it is desirable.
    Best Video Postcard - choose the postcard that represents its city the best. It should show a landmark that can be a place, building, event, local tradition or activity. Postcard is a short video about the city prior to performance.
    Best Stage Character - choose the participant who looks best on stage. This nomination evaluates appearance and costume, and their consistency with the song and performance, as well as participants behavior on stage.
    Spirit of the City - choose a participant who matches the style of their city the most. Choice of the song, performance, decorations and participant's appearance should be considered.
    Viewer's Choice - choose the participant who you liked the most considering their appearance, activity during the contest or performance. Important: participant that you select for this nomination cannot be one those that you have already selected for the top 3 of your vote!
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  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,138 Member
    Voted! Fingers crossed for Zabroschensk and Midnight Hollow!
  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 1,667 Member
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    Thank so much for posting about Simovision! I've never heard of it before and the performances are truly amazing! I missed this year's voting period, but will try for next year.

    I'm home!

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  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,043 Member
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    The Finale! It streamed live. Find out who the winners are and see a lot of guest star performances from contests years past. We have English subtitles this year, yayyy!

    Here is the thread with all the results. You'll need google translate or something. :) Click on the 'MEKTO' and numbers and it will show you pictures in voting order. (Does anyone know what Mekto means?! :lol: )

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  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,043 Member
    @ClarionOfJoy You're welcome! Glad they have another fan. What they do is truly amazing.
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  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,138 Member
    This was the best!! So glad with the results, and totally going to be watching from now on!
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,043 Member
    New video up on Simsovision recapping the winners of all the seasons since the beginning (2013). I've GOT to find time to go back and watch all those old seasons. There's some brilliant performances on there.

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  • PotsaePotsae Posts: 58 Member
    OMG that's incredible! Love Monstars haha. Thanks so much for sharing. Will totally follow it from now on!
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,636 Member
    I'm constantly impressed with what can be done with this game!
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