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Crashing while loading family

smithfamily89smithfamily89 Posts: 74 Member
I finally got the Sims 2 UC to play on my new gaming computer. I've been playing with a family for awhile and now when I try to load the family it gets halfway through and says "Sims 2 Ultimate Collection has stopped working. The application will now terminate." Does anyone know how I can fix this?


  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 3,197 Member
    There may be problems with the lot. Try to move the family out and into another lot.

    I had the same issue. Since then I never save and quit.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,067 Member
    edited August 16
    Open the TS2UC folder inside your documents. Delete the cache files and try to reload the game. Accessory.cache amd
    Groups. cache. If you have used CAS and or Bodyshop delete the cigen.package. All these can grow very large. Deleting them before you play will take time for game to reload but will clear out any problems.

    Also, one of my rule of thumbs (unless you are on a very super gaming machine) is to not quit within a lot. But save the game, then go to neighborhood view and quit.

    The TS2 gives you the ability to save the game, then quit while you are still in the lot, but I stopped doing that years ago unless I was on a very good machine. Just seems to have less problems if I save the lot, then go out into the neighborhood view and click quit.

    ETA: If you are playing the game using Origin make sure Origin in game is turned off it's a resource hog. I think (can't remember) you have to enter Origin app to set that to off. Says something like 'while in game'.
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