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a mod vs fan request spamming?

DanmanNefariusDanmanNefarius Posts: 562 Member
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I have had a ton of patience with this….but now i want to know… is there a mod which allows me to either disable obnoxious fan request spamming? or just a mod to get rid of fans alltogether? (already got one to rid myself of the filth that is paparazzi....hate them irl and in game)

i know it is part of the celebrity gig but being bothered for fan request stuff by either friends or the same person 4 times in a row?? yeah...that's getting a little annoying and it just never ever stops unless i confine my sims to a hermit's existance since fans show up EVERYWHERE instantly and never stop bothering my sims. and once they spawned as a fan once sims seem to get some sort of hidden fan trait? causing them to behave like this even if they aren't tagged as a fan NPC....and fans are pretty much useless sims since all they do is harrass celebs for stuff or repeat the same old enthousiast/wisper about celeb interactions all day long.

i do remember someone mention lot traits which disallow the spawning of fans and paps?? in case there is no mod to disable fan request spamming?? please help... i know it takes away some immersion but this kind of overkill gets really annoying since they also keep bothering my sims at university causing my sims to miss class >.<

edit: i am aware of the celebrity disguise option and well...i almost Always am forced to use this...but it hardly ever fits with my sims outfits >.< if only we could create our own celeb disguises… and it doesn't stop fan sims from showing up and still be worthless wastes of space since 1. celebrities show up everywhere as well and 2. if even one fan shows up all sims will behave like this making lots like nightclubs utterly boring since everyone will just be doing the fan interactions all night long leaving a extremely boring dancefloor.

and is there a way to remove the hidden fan trait? i know it is there because even if said sims with this becomes celebs themselves they will STILL behave like braindead fans if another celebrity shows up.


  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 6,204 Member
    What is a fan request?
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  • DanmanNefariusDanmanNefarius Posts: 562 Member
    Chazzzy wrote: »
    What is a fan request?

    just go to any lot aside from your home lot with a celebrity (3-5 stars) and you'll know soon enough…. your sim will be flooded with them
  • logionlogion Posts: 1,718 Member
    edited August 7
    Maybe MC Tuner with MC Command Center could remove it? Try scan for autonomy with the autonomy scanner when a fan is requesting something from your celebrity and see if that action pops up. Click on it to disable it.

    Here is a tutorial if you are not familiar on how it works:

    I used it to remove the animation when the fans are getting excited, when they whisper to each other and laugh. And also when they are fainting by adding these two:


    There is probably one for requests as well.
  • logionlogion Posts: 1,718 Member
    edited August 7
    Here are a few others I found:


    You can add those to the mc_tuner.cfg file and the fans should leave you more alone.
  • logionlogion Posts: 1,718 Member
    looks like there are multiple actions involved with that, so for AskforAutograph for example there is:

    192560,celebrity_Socials_Fan_AskforAutograph and also 201522,celebrity_Socials_Fan_Ask_Cont_AskforAutograph
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