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The Sims 4 is very boring right now!

Not really a rant but a question.
Is there anything new and exciting coming out? What can I do to improve my gameplay? I have
Eco living
City Living
Get to Work
Island Living (I think it’s called, the one with Sulani)
Outdoor Retreat
Laundry Day

I am so bored. I stopped playing ts4 for a whole month and I’m still bored. I wish there were seasonal park holiday themed activities, snow accumulation, more teen gameplay, and classic robbers.
Anything out there like that or what have you been doing to have fun with ts4?
I’m really into teen/young adult gameplay because I didn’t get to enjoy my real life school years.
So anything fun to do along those lines?


  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 3,707 Member
    Good luck, I never get bored with the game but I mainly play kids and tots hahaha. I think I perhaps would if I was wanting to play teens/young adults too as I lose interest in Sims as soon as they age up to teens, so I don't know if I can be much help that way. I focus mainly on huge families with lots of little ones living in Sulani.
  • peragogoperagogo Posts: 205 Member
    If you’re bored, it’s better not to force things but I’d take some inspiration from challenges and run with it if you feel up for it. Otherwise, Use Seasons to create a summer vacation. Organize a prom event as a dance party.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 16,678 Member
    edited August 2
    I don't think we'll see any new packs for a while. Eco Lifestyle was released June 4 and Nifty Knitting just this week.

    You may want to check out the Creative Corner for a challenge.

    Zerbu has a go to school mod that you might want to try.

    Also check out Carl's guide.
    Sometimes when I'm looking for info on a specific feature I'll see something that I totally forgot about.
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  • RionAgriasRionAgrias Posts: 251 Member
    I'd suggest playing something else life-sim related. It's just not that fun (mainly due to bugs, ignoring the lack of any reason to play any other stage than YA). You can hope Paralives turns into something worthwhile in a year or two or three.
  • wickichickwickichick Posts: 10,983 Member
    it is hard to help much when someone is bored simply because we are all not the same in how we play. I would agree that maybe you should check into a challenge as simgirl1010 suggested ...i just started a new save in Willow Creek and spent some time doing some add in lots ..a bowling alley...night club with dj.......restaurant....a day spa....and a outdoor public pool. My sim is single but since you like to play a teen you could have a family with your teen as the focus...i went to outdoor resort and set up the camp home a bit and added some things to the park. my single sim is just home from graduation from university and has a degree in botany. She spends her spring moving into a simple home and getting to know her neighbors but when summer comes she will go to a camp convention to further her studies with plants. She will meet someone who has funding for a trip into the jungle to study an upset in the Eco system that seems to be killing plants. Back home again, she finds out the person going on the jungle trip lives in Willow Creek.
    so maybe you can do something like that ...do some set up in your town of choice and create a bit of a mystery to solve and see where that goes
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,338 Member
    Do something crazy (things you wouldn't normally have them do) with your sims in your game instead of having them be 'perfect' and afraid to mess them up 'walking on eggshells'. ;)
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  • daydreamsdaydreams Posts: 102 Member
    I like to have a whole lot of families with teen kids and make these rival families have their teen kids become best friends or vice versa where the teen kids are enemies while their parents are good friends. (I use MCCC to speed up this process by establishing the base relationships between parents and then I like to focus on the kids and build their relationships manually...that is the heart of the fun, anyway.) It’s cool to get inspiration from my favorite TV shows in terms of personalities or storylines, and along the way I get my own ideas through my sims and their natural interactions with each other.

    The world(s) definitely play a big role in entertaining gameplay so I would imagine setting up exciting venues to encourage fun times with your sims. I say this because I’ve been personally hit with the slump of staying on the home lot for too long and that’s what makes me want to exit the game out of boredom. In one of my saves, I have two separate teen hangouts that are representative of cliques in my town and I like to have these groups of friends get along....sometimes. My personal preference of setting up these hangouts include San Myshuno (since I love the diverse quarters and I just like the city vibe) and Newcrest (considering it’s basically empty and so much room for creative freedom.) In general, I love to have these big parties (or as big as my computer will allow without suffering from overload) and everyone is mostly happy. They take pics, tear up the dance floor, eat all the food, and maybe have a couple stray away from the party to the backyard so they can have a sweet conversation on the swing set. :) it’s bittersweet to see these teens grow into young adults and see their lives blossom.

    Perhaps you can play in a world you don’t normally play in and have the classic next door neighbor situation or sims that live in opposite ends of the town and it’s up to you how you want to play, whether you want them to live happily or add tons of drama. Though I recommend even if you wish for a happy endgame it’s always good to put your sims through a challenging life event because it adds to the story and keeps it interesting. If it’s happy all the time the game can feel quite bland.

    In short: Exciting hangouts + various personalities + drama
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  • PriestessBizarrePriestessBizarre Posts: 19 Member
    It helps if you have an interest in an architectural type also - is this something that holds any interest for you? I really love art deco, so I'm building art deco and streamline moderne buildings to the best of my ability. I feel like art deco goes well in the desert, so I have just started building an art deco neighbourhood in Oasis Springs. I'm quite happy to demolish some of the places already there - whoever created that neighbourhood was on a real midcentury modern trip, and whilst I don't mind MCM at times, it's far from my favourite architecture. :)
  • So_MoneySo_Money Posts: 2,213 Member
    edited August 2
    TS4 isn’t a prime enough cut of meat to satisfy on its own. You’ve got to add a nice marinade, and some seasoning of your own.

    Try a challenge or create a story.
  • Akl500PAkl500P Posts: 2,594 Member
    I’d say as others have try a challenge and mix up how you normally play. But don’t force it at all. I’ve gone up to three months without playing if not more sometimes and that can really help. I go back when I’m ready and I’m way more inclined to enjoy myself. Game burnout is totally normal.
  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 3,473 Member

    I sort of play in cycles. I get completely hooked on one game and play it daily for a long time. Then I slowly lose interest and move on to something else for a few months. Then at some point I come back again, to the first game and have a great time.

    Earlier I found it stressing to lose interest in a game. I had been in good guilds in two different MMO’s. When playing got boring it was difficult to leave and it made me quite sad.

    Now I am used to my mode of playing. Know that I have a set of things that I enjoy and I will just have to see what sparks interest at the time.

    Is there something else that you would really like to do right now? It doesn’t have to be the sims.
  • PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,359 Member
    Play something else, or find challenges. Go on a building and townie creation spree. If you're not opposed to playing with mods, find some that will enhance your gameplay. MCCC, SOL, WW...etc

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  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 2,572 Member
    My style of play means I very rarely get bored and I only have maybe 2 GPs and 3 EPs.

    The one time I did get bored, I simply took a 4-month break from playing and that refreshed me.
  • ElaineenicoleeElaineenicolee Posts: 95 Member
    A challenge is always a good way to play. A super sim challenge is good, because it forces you to try parts of the game you've never played before. I'm doing the 100 baby challenge and it's fun and very hard lol. Overall though, let yourself take a break if you're bored. Or focus on building for awhile instead of actual game play.
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 2,018 Member
    I'm still enjoying it lots but I play rotational. I find that switching families keeps the game fun for me.
  • Bluebeard45Bluebeard45 Posts: 3,565 Member
    Try something else.Maybe going outside for a walk or puzzles. You could try playing Tropico.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,338 Member
    Try something else.Maybe going outside for a walk or puzzles. You could try playing Tropico.

    Tropico! Yes! Though Tropico 4 is my favorite to play, 3 has the best intro.

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