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Thrall's Decades Challenge War - *Updated 8/6*

So I am starting a "war". A Decades Challenge War, to be exact. As soon as I heard of the Nifty Knitting pack, I knew it would be the perfect pack to debut a Decades challenge to. But the more I researched the challenge, the more indecisive I became. There's more than one way to play this challenge, you see, and I couldn't figure out how I wanted to do it. So I'm starting it twice. At the same time. Whether I keep both attempts going or not is another question.. but I'm at least starting both and getting at least through the first decade in both challenges before I decide. Now, it wouldn't be me if I wasn't trying to make things difficult for myself.. so I'm doing each challenge completely differently. One (A Tangled Yarn) will be blogged in story form, and with time continuing to pass as the sims age - the other (Sheppard's Decades) will be blogged commentary style, and with each generation equaling one decade. There are some other differences, as well, that I outline on my Decades Challenge War page, but I don't want to copy all of that to here when that will be the more up-to-date info at any one given time. I'll also keep that page up to date with the current contents lists for both challenges.

I'm going to attempt to keep both challenges in the same decade at the same time, that way I won't have to remember different rules for each of them, so there may be times where one of them is waiting on the other.. which is why I'm putting both of them on this one forum topic. (That and I feel adding two separate topics for one challenge is kinda spammy..)

All that being said, let's get down to business. I spent quite a lot of time working out a backstory and a prologue for A Tangled Yarn, and am proud to introduce that in this topic. I started the actual challenge play for both of them on July 28th, so I have a few updates to post , but I had wanted to wait to post this topic until I had a good start to both challenges. Feel free to let me know what you think!
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