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Can i make a square hole in my floor of my garage for a work hole.

so im not sure if this is the spot to ask this but ive builded a garage and would like to have a hole/trench under my car so it looks like the can work the car from below.
terain editing could be but the cursor is way to big i need a 1x3 hole.
i tried a basement but thats to low. it needs to be like 2 full grids low.

i hope its clear if not please ask me. since if got a lot of haevy argument on other forums because they didnt understand me.

thanks in advance



  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 1,965 Member
    What if you built a basement but put a tall platform in the basement?
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  • GJGAMESGJGAMES Posts: 41 Member
    edited August 1
    @Rouensims how do i make a tall platform. is that just te room without floors the fundament? i used those fundaments before but the become 1 with the room and bassically lift all rooms up.

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