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Which Expansion Pack will you never buy - and why?


  • ZinomanZinoman Posts: 5 New Member
    Island Living
    I wish I could vote for eco lifestyle because there's nothing in the gameplay I want but unfortunately there's the one male hair I've been wanting for ages (playing on PS4 so no mods) so I have to buy the pack eventually when it's on sale... :( Island and city living + get to work I won't get because there's nothing interesting in those expansion packs for me and CAS is not my style either.
  • MetaphasicMetaphasic Posts: 409 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    Eco Lifestyle. Despite options to limit voting to self, I don’t want politics in my game at all.
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  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,137 Member
    The only EP I'm missing. In short, it messes with my controling playstyle. I'll buy it should it turn out to be the prerequisite for a possible winter vacation pack, otherwise never.
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  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 552 Member
    edited August 1
    Eco Lifestyle
    I have all of them apart from Get to Work (not because I don't want it I just haven't got around to it) but if I could get rid of one it would be Eco.

    I really don't like the pack and it 100% wasn't worth my money, and that's coming from someone who got it discounted. The only ways Eco impacts my gameplay now are negatives, like the god awful NAPs. Everything else in the pack got boring within a few weeks.

    It's definitely the worst expansion in my opinion, I struggle to find any positives. It should've been a GP or even a stuff pack as what it adds to my game is the equivalent of a stuff pack (it's in the same league as Tiny Living and the Knitting pack, which is saying something since they're stuff packs.) The only things that boost this pack from stuff pack level are the eco footprint, NAPs and it coming with a world and honestly I could happily do without these things as none of them are good.
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  • babajaynebabajayne Posts: 655 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    I think it’s sick that anyone would vote away someone else’s free will. There are no violent crimes in the game that would ever justify this. Also ridiculous to vote in approval of theft and infidelity. If the neighborhood voted that my husband and I should be swingers, we’d laugh in their faces and tell them to mind their own business. It doesn’t work that way.
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 2,038 Member
    edited August 1
    None - I own them all!
    Alwe1507 wrote: »
    Sharonia wrote: »
    I already own them all. My least favourite two are Discover University and Eco Lifestyle.

    What don't you like about them?

    Discover University is very boring and repetitive game play wise. It's all homework and rabbit hole classes with not much else. I would of preferred more interesting and fun on campus events. Mostly it announces that events are happening and nothing happens expect a bunch of random sims dressed in random clothes gather in one area and mostly don't do anything. I can't have my sims live in the dorms at Foxbury because they are designed so badly that my camera bounces around all over the place when I chose to follow my sims. It's altogether just not good. One positive about it though is that it has some of the best CAS items ever added to the game. I use them a lot in my game play.

    Eco Lifestyle is a buggy mess. N.A.P's are the big feature of the expansion yet they are actually pointless. I turned voting off for them and I have no plans to turn them back on. We vote for N.A.P's to gain influence points to spend on voting for N.A.P's like what is even the point in that? It makes no sense and also some of the N.A.P's are just outright stupid, caring is sharing is all about stealing items, free love, we wear bags and a few others they're all just awful. The autonomous dumpster diving is excessive. If I hadn't been able to stop this behavior with the MCCC mod it would surely of drove me crazy. The fabricator is another silly huge item that fits nowhere . The eco system doesn't work, no matter what you do it always drifts back to neutral status. It's just not really something I've found fun. The concept of it I like but the implementation of it is just so very bad.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,100 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    I've read too much about the bugs that Eco Living has, and how the NAPs cause issues, plus I am not interested in the bugs or the meat wall.
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  • BoergeAarg61BoergeAarg61 Posts: 536 Member
    None - I own them all!
    Off topic I am not going to buy Vampires as that pack seems to harm most other sims.

    Knowing what I know now, I would probably not buy Eco Lifestyle, either, for the same reason.
  • Cassieb95Cassieb95 Posts: 158 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    I'm not interested in its gameplay.
  • Missmagoo2Missmagoo2 Posts: 768 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    I wouldn't say "never", but I have no interest in the game-play. I do like CAS items, but I can't buy that separately, now can I? lol
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  • phantasmkissphantasmkiss Posts: 1,011 Member
    I only own a couple game/stuff packs, but have made a mission of eventually buying all the expansions. I don't own eco yet, we'll see how I feel about it when it goes on sale, but at this point I've accepted that the things I want out of the game aren't going to come in an expansion pack. It's not stuff I want, it's more interesting Sims who don't all act the same. I'll save my money.
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  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,563 Member
    Anything with occults.
  • Alwe1507Alwe1507 Posts: 213 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    Well, I don't know what a N.A.P. is, but your votes and comments have certainly solidified my decision to avoid EL!!
    Off topic I am not going to buy Vampires as that pack seems to harm most other sims.

    Knowing what I know now, I would probably not buy Eco Lifestyle, either, for the same reason.

    @BoergeAarg61 What do you mean harm to Sims?
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 1,403 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    So far I own them all except this one. I was planning on getting it as soon as it is on sale but with the intrusive naps and all the bugs, this might be the first pack I will skip.
  • Ember_FoxEmber_Fox Posts: 29 Member
    Get Famous
    I don't see myself getting Get Famous because of the small world and how the reputation system affect vampires. Like from what I gathered a vampire will lose reputation when biting a sim even if there is no witness. And I have also read about player controlled (non vampire) sims sometimes getting blamed and losing reputation for biting others when instead they were the victim. And I don't want that in my games nor do I want disruptive celebrities showing up everywhere or immortal/non aging Baby Ariel npcs spawning.

    I do regret buying buying Discover university and Cats & Dogs even if it was on sale. Discover university since I only found it fun the first sim term and then it got repetitive. I do like the roommate system but not really worth it since for me there also wasn't enough lots either so I don't have much use for the world anyway.
    When it comes to Cats & Dogs I do find the world beautiful but I almost never use cats and dogs in my families because I don't like how needy they are and how often they and npc pets gets sick, how they miss a family tree and how I can't see their age or their fears (or train away the fears).
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 476 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    I own all of them apart from Eco Lifestyle. It sounds like a buggy mess, and even then the NAPs sound like a pain in the butt... "sharing is caring" means people can nick your furniture?? Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? That's not "sharing" that's flat out stealing and wrong, and something you can get arrested for IRL. I know there's a way of disabling them or something, but it's still a stupid idea.

    I do like all the EPs I have, though.
  • BluegayleBluegayle Posts: 2,912 Member
    None - I own them all!
    Probably University as I don't like how it is executed. And I'm not a fan of vampires either (but love the little world). Not having a problem with Eco but I did buy it mainly for the off the grid.
  • PriestessBizarrePriestessBizarre Posts: 27 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    I wasn't interested in eco lifestyle, because I'm not interested in it irl either. :) There are some aspects of eco living (irl) that I think are good, but I also feel there is some lack of scientific understanding about some aspects. Not to start a debate there or anything, lol.

    So I voted eco, however I likely wouldn't buy Get Famous either. Again, another irl aspect that doesn't interest me. Having said that, it would probably have some great clothing and hairstyles to choose from. I have get a few stuff packs for that reason though.

    Anyway, I've only bought one expansion pack to date, and that was Cats & Dogs.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 3,755 Member
    edited August 2
    None - I own them all!
  • babajaynebabajayne Posts: 655 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    Not to harp on the Free Love thing too much, but, isn’t it ridiculous that we can’t have two sims mutually agree to have an open relationship, yet they added the ability for the whole neighborhood to vote for it? The relationship system needs a lot of work.
  • logionlogion Posts: 1,424 Member
    None - I own them all!
    But I would not have bought Eco Lifestyle. Too much trouble for what it is worth.
  • aprilroseaprilrose Posts: 1,831 Member
    None - I own them all!
    I will eventually buy Eco Lifestyle... waiting for a half off sale.
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  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 1,514 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    The theme just doesn't make sense to me. Also the excution seems awful.
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  • Alwe1507Alwe1507 Posts: 213 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    aprilrose wrote: »
    I will eventually buy Eco Lifestyle... waiting for a half off sale.

    You just missed one 😉
  • LustianiciaLustianicia Posts: 2,124 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    Well, at least not at full price... call me crazy, but the idea of paying $40 for a game pack (instead of the normal $20) just doesn't sit well with me. And yes, it's a game pack... they can slap the "expansion pack" on it all they want, but it won't change the reality of them ripping us off by double charging for a game pack. If that's your cup of tea, then more power to you... but I'm not someone who likes being ripped off! This is the same reason I'm never buying 'My First Pet' (DLC for DLC) and waited until 'My First Murphy Bed' was 50% off.

    I'll wait until Eco Lifestyle is 50% off... then I'll buy it! Until then, I'm NOT purchasing this overly priced game pack!
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