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Firefighters have been better...

Hey guys,

So I don't know about you but firefighters in my game are just not doing their job smoothly 5 out 6 times I call them.
First issue is the fire itself which is always a small fire that gets automatically put out by one of the sims before I get the chance to call the fire department but if I manage to call it then:

1. the firefighters will attempt to put out the fire but they won't be able to because of routing issues if it is in a small space.

2. the firefighters will arrive but will just stand in front of the house and do nothing for about an hour

3. or they just won't show up after calling them, which happened to me once so far. The sim called the fire department but had to go to work immidiately after that. So she left the lot, the firefighters never came and her garden burned down.
I don't have a picture from this one.

Are those bugs, is it a problem with the engine (the infamous simulation lag where sims stand there for hours and do nothing), or is this just how firefighters are designed?
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  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 1,188 Member
    I had a sim call the firefighters once, but they never showed up. Had to decide if I wanted to wait for them to extinguish my sim or risk death. Good thing I didn't wait for the firefighters. She even had a smoke alarm in the house.
  • Cavapoo_KingCavapoo_King Posts: 1,726 Member
    Why is the sink on fire?
  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 946 Member
    Why is the sink on fire?

    My spellcaster's repario failed.
    Where's my Sims 5 squad at?
  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 1,868 Member
    I think it's simulation lag that's been my issue with them mostly. They stand around for a mighty long time after they show up, not always, but about 50% of the time I think. Seems to me too, that one will come running right in, the other hangs out in the road for a bit then joins their partner to help when the fire is basically out.
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  • SerenityVIIISerenityVIII Posts: 28 Member
    Yes I am also having Firefighters that do not actually do the job of a Firefighter. They stand outside and simply do not enter the house. My Sims end up having to extinguish the fire themselves while the Firefighters just stand around watching everything burn to the ground.
  • AprilDawnAprilDawn Posts: 596 Member
    Well, first they complain because I guess fire is messy and all. Then they just stand there and stare at it like pyromaniacs enjoying the show. By the time they actually try to do something - a lot of sims would be dead and a lot of real estate burned so I just have my sims put it out as always. Definitely nothing like Sims 2 firefighters.
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,571 Member
    My firefighters don't even try to put out the fire. They dance instead.
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 5,924 Member
    edited July 27
    Firefighters were standing outside my Sim’s home instead of putting out the fire. I realized it was because the front door was set for Household Members Only. Once I turned that off, the firefighters were actually able to come into the house and put out the fire. Afterwards they started dancing, which I admit was pretty funny.

    Personally, I didn’t like having to adjust the doors every time there was a fire so I instead opted to just add the automatic sprinkler system.
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  • MareahMareah Posts: 267 Member
    This reminds me of what i posted in another thread. There was a fire in my sim's apartment so she called them, they arrived pretty quickly, they stood for a little while before handling the fire but it did not take a long time or anything like that. The issue is that one of them walked to the roommate and said they were done or something like that, all while the roommate was on fire!! I guess they dont extinguish sims lol.
  • sketchessketches Posts: 183 Member
    My firefighters don't even try to put out the fire. They dance instead.
    Oh... This must have been what happened in my game.

    My game's firefighters just stand outside. They danced once. NO idea why. The music was pretty good, but the firefighters were not of any help. My front door isn't locked.
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  • MarmaladeJadeMarmaladeJade Posts: 81 Member
    I've only ever had the fire department show up twice and they put the fire out once. The other time, my sim put out the fire.
  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 753 Member
    It’s true that all the other sims seems to be ahead of these guys when it comes to putting out fires.

    I do think that, since this update, Sims should not be able to put out the fires autonomously at all, unless they have a ‘brave’ trait like in TS3 (not sure if there is something like this in TS2?).

    Regardless, it gives the player a chance to either buy the sprinkler system or call the fire guards.
    The simulation lag happens because their action is probably pushed toward the end of the queue waiting for someone else to put out the fire. Useless.
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 1,386 Member
    I think it's a problem with the initial design. It kind of wasn't designed for firefighters. Fires are not as intense and older sim game and the sims put them out with a quickness. That needs to be changed for it to flow smoothly.
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  • Bluebeard45Bluebeard45 Posts: 3,586 Member
    The auto sprinkler works faster then the firefighters.
  • bellagoth_bellagoth_ Posts: 654 Member
    ts4 ai is ridiculous, this primitive behavior is not only seen on its firefighters but in all sims and other npcs, they are poorly coded.
    and devs don't even try to make each npc special, they're all the same with a different outfit and a default programed action that sometimes they won't even do.
    and i would believe it when they say "the game engine is too limited etc etc" but modders have proved them wrong countless times, even devs have proved themselves wrong lmao tamagotchis back in the 90s-00s were smarter than ts4 sims
  • Leahmiller2006Leahmiller2006 Posts: 340 Member
    edited July 29
    To help them come quicker, put your fire alarm close to the spot where you predict fires (oven, fireplace, kids science table, etc)
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  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 1,188 Member
    My sim started another fire and I decided to not wait for the fire department to help out and got the other sim to help extinguish the fire. Anyway, the fire brigade showed up, warned me about fire safety and then I thought they would leave. Well, I actually hoped they would do the sexy dance and then leave, but they just high fived each other then one of them left. The other one decided he was very tired and took a nap on my sim's couch. :lol:

  • SerenityVIIISerenityVIII Posts: 28 Member
    lol Oh that pic is funny.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,240 Member
    I found my firefighters were stopped by my locking the doors. I lost a lot of furniture until I realised that, unlocked them and they came in and put it all out

    As firefighters don't have to ask permission to come in in real life, Maxis should change their rules to let them in, locked doors or not. @SimGuruNick @SimGuruNinja
  • j1z1j1z1 Posts: 183 Member
    First time I had them show up they did their job right (and then did that little dance, which I appreciated). Second time they showed up too late, my sim had already taken care of the fire and they told me off for calling them in vain and charged me a fine (did not appreciate). Next couple of times after that, they just stood outside the house letting the fire go wild, but at least they made conversation with my hysterical household members.
  • sketchessketches Posts: 183 Member
    Simburian wrote: »
    I found my firefighters were stopped by my locking the doors. I lost a lot of furniture until I realised that, unlocked them and they came in and put it all out

    As firefighters don't have to ask permission to come in in real life, Maxis should change their rules to let them in, locked doors or not. @SimGuruNick @SimGuruNinja

    WOW, that's some good insight! In real life, a firefighter would kick down a door. I can imagine The Sims implementing that animation! (Unfortunately, none of us would expect them to go through the efforts to do so. :tongue: )

    My game's firefighters always arrive too late. They inform my Sim about fire safety, whatever, or they take credit for putting out the fire that my Sim extinguished. What the —? Once, they did a dance (with awesome music, mind you ... but jeez, why did they do that when they didn't even extinguish the fire?).
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