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Things people dislike about TS4 that you actually like (Reverse Uno)


  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,200 Member
    I like a lot of what seems to be complained about often (and much of it has been mentioned here in this thread):

    I like clothes swatches verses a color wheel. Although am not happy when some basics are excluded. Especially white and black.

    I like closed worlds with many varieties to chose from.

    I like backgrounds, landscaping and backdrops being built in to the game.

    I don't mind small worlds either, less lag, easier to get from point A to B, livelier.

    I'd like more stuff packs like MFP. I use the hamster/rat pretty often and want more little critters (and weird deaths/illness).

    I'd like more packs like Strangerville too. I use the world/objects/themes very often and gone at least partway in the story many times.

    I like the emotion system and moodlets.

    I don't feel like 64x64 lots need to be available in every world.

    I don't want preteens.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,402 Member
    Kimmer wrote: »
    - Eyeball ring
    HAHA! Nice! ;):D
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  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,402 Member
    I actually like that the gnome sometimes comes up in poor quality photos. I think it's kinda funny!

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  • GracieO312GracieO312 Posts: 530 Member
    Mine would have to be:
    • Artstyle - I love the cartoon look
    • Story based packs - I love StrangerVille so much & finding creative ways to expand on the story elements beyond what the devs have given us is possibly one of my favourite things to do in this iteration. Coming up with an explanation of how/why the Mother was created and how her powers can be expanded upon is seriously so much fun for me!
    • DLC for DLC - uuhhh don't hate me but I actually don't mind this IF I feel enough time has passed between the packs (MFPS was WAY too soon after Cats & Dogs. Too soon, too soon, devs!)
    • CC - don't get me wrong the modding/CC community is outstanding but there's a lot to be said for vanilla Sims. I enjoy the challenge of trying to make EA originals work and coming up with interesting combinations instead of just relying on custom stuff.
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  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 688 Member
    [*] DLC for DLC - uuhhh don't hate me...

    I hate you.

    I just put you on 'Ignore'.

    I'm only messing. ;)
  • GracieO312GracieO312 Posts: 530 Member
    [*] DLC for DLC - uuhhh don't hate me...

    I hate you.

    I just put you on 'Ignore'.

    I'm only messing. ;)

    Haha you should have seen my face when I read this :open_mouth::anguished::weary::worried:

    THE SUPERNATURAL SAGA - cartoon Sims!
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  • Omri147Omri147 Posts: 10,841 Member
    The lack of an open world doesn't bother me in the slightest (I still wish worlds were customizable like in Sims 2 tho).

    That's all I can think of...
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 866 Member
    I actually like that Sims don't have whims and powerful personalities. I like a story based gameplay, so it lets me make up stuff for my Sims, to act out thier personalities and desires myself, instead of having the game constantly dictate my Sims wants and reactions to things.
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  • SimprincessSimprincess Posts: 363 Member
    I like using high chairs for my toddlers.
  • HeleneCherubHeleneCherub Posts: 2 New Member
    I also like the semi-open world, while I also agree on removing the loading screens when visiting your sims' next door neighbors, babies being objects is fine by me, it's kinda like the sims 1, though not as stressful and the emotion system, though the gurus could at least change the length and intensity of the sad moodlets a little bit. I also think it is weird when people say that you can't do much with babies, when we have more interactions with them than in earlier games, granted I do want the ability to sing to them like in TS1 back. I also think the personality traits DO impact the gameplay to a CERTAIN extent.
  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 2,739 Member
    I like the “closed” worlds because there really a lot of area you can explore before needing a loading screen and if it keeps the game from severely lagging it’s good.

    I don’t mind the swatches, I never played S2 or S3, but i have Sims Medieval and I find the color wheel frustrating, I will say however I wish it were easier to match some of the basic colors, like red or blue for example it would be nice if they picked a few shades light to dark and used them throughout to make mixing and matching furniture and clothes easier.

    I don’t care about cars.

    I don’t care about free babies, if we get them fine, if not fine, Though I am jazzed about being able to change their clothes, they do what real newborns do, lay around sleeping, eating, messing the diaper, and crying. The stage we miss between that and toddlers is really pretty short, and I kind of view the “gaps” between life stages as being similar to time transitions used in movies a or television shows.

    Water drinking doesn’t bother me in the least, everyone should try to stay hydrated ;) plus I have UI cheats extensions so I can quickly solve the bladder need if I want.

  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 1,403 Member
    - I like the closed world. I prefer being able to visit every world we get in new packs over the sims 3 style of worlds. Open neighbourhoods would be the perfect way in between for me.
    - I don't miss the color wheel but I do miss the swatch style we had in sims 2 where you could combine two color options with swatches, for example choose bedding and bed frames separately.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,402 Member
    edited July 26
    The babies as is don't bother me. Can't say I like or dislike it. But how someone else mentioned, it's nice to know they stay put and don't end up stuck under stairs or something. So I lean towards 'like' for object babies I guess.

    Would be a funny (and evil) way to make in-game money if you could sell babies, since they're objects. :D
    Just keep popping them out and selling them... Heh!

    But maybe they should add a "Do not eat" tag to babies though? :tongue: And a "Do not remove tag under penalty of law" warning, like on mattresses...


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  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 3,755 Member
    I agree with preferring swatches over colour wheel. I also love the game play in Island living and i am happy there isn't really an attraction system, I like the Sims how they are. I think My first Pet is one of my favourite stuff packs. I like that there are no burglers (though I have a feeling they are coming) and I like that the game has no annoying cut scenes and less adult humour (no to cake dancers from me).
  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,034 Member
    edited July 26
    I suppose this is another unpopular opinions type thread. Lets call it the Sims 4 reverse uno.

    Is there anything about TS4 that seems a majority dislikes but you actually prefer? From major gameplay elements to small details?

    For example, I like the swatches. I prefer them over a color wheel. There is usually enough variety for me and the color wheel plus its many patterns was always too overwhelming for me.

    I too, prefer swatches to color wheel which surprises me. My next statement probably means I'm not very smart, but I couldn't just create outfits and make my own cc in Sims 3 with the color wheel system. It just didn't make sense to me. I may as well have been reading a different language when trying to learn to create my own cc in Sims 3. With the sims 4 swatch system, I can create my own things. Meshing, while difficult for me, is doable as is creating artistic texture files for my new outfit...That color wheel though and spectral layers or whatever they were called...I'm just at a loss to this day.

    My one that I can think of off the top of my head though is Eco Lifestyle. I love this pack and everyone else seems to hate it. :/ I guess I'm strange because I also hated Get Together and its a community favorite... go figure.
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  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 459 Member
    edited August 1
    Things I like:
    -Mermaids as they are (I love the singing and the CAS features!)
    -The Strangerville story. (More please!)
    - The quirky and silly humour (again, more please!)
    -The fact that the game is not realistic (in an industry with so many games dedicated to 18 rated gore, destruction, suffering and gritty 'realistic' drama, it's refreshing to have a game that focuses on creativity and just having a bit of fun).

  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 730 Member
    I like the lack of story progression. I prefer rotational play and it's easier for me this way. If I want sims I'm not playing to have kids, I can make that happen with the household management system.
  • Akl500PAkl500P Posts: 2,599 Member
    -I don’t mind babies as objects as I age them up ASAP anyway and always have. I usually keep them until the next sim morning and boom toddler
    -I don’t feel the need for cars
    -loading screens just don’t bother me and to an extent I prefer them.
    -don’t mind smaller neighbors
    -don’t mind swatches instead of a color wheel my only complaint is I wish more wood swatches matched
    -I like eco living even in its current state (not that I would complain if they fixed the issues with it lol)
    -I don’t need a farming pack and would prefer other things to this such as more vacation worlds and I’d be down for a huge happy haunts pack.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,402 Member
    Things I like:
    -Mermaids as they are (I love the singing and the CAS features!)
    -The Strangerville story. (More please!)
    - The quirky and silly humour (again, more please!)
    -The fact that the game is not realistic (in an industry with so many games dedicated to 18 rated gore, destruction, suffering and gritty 'realistic' drama, it's refreshing to have a game that focuses on creativity and just having a bit of fun).

    Yes! My thoughts too!

    -Mermaids, I love them. What can I say? ;)
    -Strangerville story. Bad timing for me. I was thinking about getting that pack right as the whole Coronavirus thing hit. But now that I finally did get it, so far I like it.
    -Quirky and silly humour? That doesn't compute. Let me try reticulating the splines... :tongue:
    -For the "realism". I suppose I can relate to this also playing very realistic games over the years. When I found the Sims 4, by chance really, thought I'd try it out. It's a nice change from that so-called realism. Now I'm hooked. :)
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  • AncaryvanAncaryvan Posts: 494 Member
    Me? I love my Sims gets Happy Moodlet 24/7. I really don't mind creating an Over Power Happy room and listen their HAHAHA~ sound.

    Caution: The Music Above Will Mesmerize You, if Constantly Looping. Listen at Your Own Risk!
  • filipomelfilipomel Posts: 1,243 Member
    I think Expansion Packs are strongest in Sims 4. 👀

  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 1,952 Member
    edited August 2
    I prefer the closed world and the lack of cars. Strangerville is my favorite pack. I love having happy Sims. The talking toilet is one of my favorite items.
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  • Zimz4Zimz4 Posts: 198 Member
    The Active trait and that it causes my sims to randomly do sit-ups or push-ups.

    The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff pack - it's my favorite stuff pack.

    The free love N.A.P. (I didn't want to buy Eco Lifestyle, not even at sale, but I got it gifted to me. However, if I knew how awesome this N.A.P. was I might have bought it earlier and at full price. I really don't get what people's problem is with this N.A.P.)
  • lyralyra Posts: 415 Member
    I like the semi-closed worlds in that you can visit areas in the neighborhood. I always felt the open world of TS3 was too laggy/empty.
    I don't miss the whole editing system in CAS; it always was overwhelming to me, but I understand why people miss it.
  • imhappyimhappy Posts: 1,717 Member
    - I like that babies aren't free

    - I love the clothes from the bowling pack

    - I like the look of the Sims

    - I am not a family/legacy player. When people were complaining that that Sims catered towards young adults partying with Get Together and City Living, I was like, YAY!!! bring on the drunk/woohoo in a bush

    - And if we can add supernaturals to the crazy, fun mix, BRING IT ON. In other words, I like Vampires who enter my homes unexpectedly
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