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Ultimate Sim Challenge - 2020 Edition

This is my third attempt at doing @Llandros2012 Ultimate Sim Challenge. This challenge is one where you must max every skill in the game, do the skill challenges for every skill, and work every job available while moving to all 18 towns that are available. My first attempt at this went for a long while but due to computer issues, I had to give it up. Eventually, I started from an earlier save point but then my computer finally got where it couldn't run the game. I now have a gaming computer now that is much more capable at running the game. I figured now would be a good time as any to start this up again. More information will come up in my first update which I'll be working on soon. Stay tuned!


  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    First of all, here is a list of everything that needs to be accomplished in Season 1 of the challenge.

    1. Sunset Valley

    Business Degree - Rebel Social Influence maxed (must remain through the challenge) Create 1 blog.
    Year 1 - Daycare
    Year 2 - Business
    Year 3 - Bookstore (PT)
    Primary Skills - Charisma / Social Networking
    Free Skill - Alchemy (you may choose others if they are available to you)
    Collecting (use the Collection Journal if you earn the points)
    Hire a maid, order pizza, have at least one roommate that remains through the entire season
    Travel (required) - You must travel to one of the countries to purchase a chest. I recommend that you purchase 10-12 of them. I currently am using 12 but may need more soon. You may travel to search for insects, metals, or gems. You may purchase items like recipes, fishing books, martial arts equipment, but you will not be able to use them at this time. No tomb raiding or working on Visa level at this time.
    Occult - Werewolf (must acquire the curse by being bitten. must also pass along the curse to at least one sim) (must reach max level)
    Family - produce at least 1 child through one of the various methods in the game. Child must remain in the family tree for the duration of the challenge. You cannot move them out and you must keep the tree contained. Child must be born in this town.

    ***As you can see, my Sim will be very busy in the first season. Her name is Brittany Page and she is the same Sim as in the original attempts I did. As I didn't think I'd be sharing this save, the first update is rather small so I'll have to explain a few things.

    Brittany Page starts out with the $16,500 all single Sims get. She used the money to buy one of the cheapest lots in town and doesn't have to build anything on it. She doesn't need a house yet as she is going straight to University for the first degree. She sold her camera and the Into the Future portal before heading to a market I set up near the bookstore. She went there to look for life fruit which is the only thing available to her at the moment for immortality/staying young. She ended up with 30 fruits but it didn't leave her with a ton of money.

    As I said, I didn't show the first few days of this save as I didn't think I'd be sharing this. Anyway, Brittany flunked her entrance test so she didn't get any money to start with other than what she had. She moved into Malan Hall with 7 roommates and began to learn Social Networking and Charisma. She bought the best bed and an All-In-One bathroom before locking her door. This way no one will use her things. After that, every other day before or after classes, Brittany protests about unskilled Sims. If this is successful, Brittany gets a 2 day moodlet that makes skilling go faster. She also tries to meet every Sim she can for the 25 friends skill challenge. I think that about covers everything I needed to explain at the moment but if you want to know something, comment or pm me and I'll tell you more.

    Brittany's Social Networking skill slowly rose to level 7 which gives her the Relationship Transmogrifier. This app allows her to instantly change relationships between every Sim in the town. She mostly uses this to turn her acquaintances into friends with a certain system. She first met a Sim, then blogged as that is the easiest way to get the star rating up. Now with the app, she uses it once, blogs, uses the app, blogs, until she gets a moodlet saying she's tired of blogging. Until the moodlet leaves, she doesn't do any more blogging or she may lose followers.

    Also, as the rules above state, Brittany must be a werewolf this whole season. Luckily, her roommate Anoki Moon is one so she got bit fairly quickly compared to my previous attempts. This occult status is great for doing the collecting part of the challenge so that's why Llandros put that in the rules.

    Now eventually your Sim must become a five-star celebrity but that is not until season 5 which takes place in Bridgeport. Working on it now can be a good idea as it makes for less things to do later in the challenge. Brittany met Eddy Mullis who was a celebrity and she got her first star, then she met Hank Macklemoor and that got her second.

    ***And that is all for the catching up part. Stay tuned for the first couple full updates in 10 minutes or so.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    By Sunday (University Week 2, Day 1), Brittany had 8 points in the social networking skill while she had a 6 in the charisma skill. She is still a two-star celebrity. When she woke up, I sent her to the diner so she could eat her breakfast. She can't cook until next season so she either has to really on the diner or other Sims to cook.

    Brittany announced a protest using her megaphone before working on transmogrifying more relationships. She also worked on her blog which got up to 4 stars a bit after this picture. Like I said in my previous attempts, University is a busy time for an Ultimate Sim.

    Brittany started the protest and gained a rather large group of people. After four hours, she finished a successful protest and got the moodlet I love to use at this stage.

    After the protest, Brittany ran over to the art department and posed nude for some money, then she talked to the financial advisor to get extra money. It was also the night of the full moon so she transformed and did a few hunts for her collection before heading home for bed.

    Monday, Brittany woke up and got ready for her morning, then she did a couple blog posts and transmogrifications. She's actually fairly close to completing her skills this season, although the skill challenges will take a couple seasons longer at least.

    Going back to her human form, Brittany headed to her first class of the day. Monday's are a three class day this semester so she is usually pretty busy.

    After the three classes were up, Brittany was ready to head home after putting in a long day. It may seem like a lot but when you actually play, it's not as bad as you think. Anyone can do this challenge but it keeps you busy during season 1. The later seasons get much easier than this, as you'll see soon enough.
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    :p Well hello there
    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    @CravenLestat Hello!

    On Tuesday of Week 2, Brittany got lucky and got leftovers from the refrigerator that Derek Khan made. Speaking of, like in the original attempt, he'll be her husband sometime in the challenge but I've already got Christopher Steel picked out for Season 1.

    She didn't have anything much to do for a few hours so I had her do more transmogrifying and blogging. She's getting close to being friends with everyone she currently knows, then she'll be moving them up to best friends.

    Her two day moodlet was beginning to run out so I had her doing another unskilled Sims protest which was successful. After that, she headed to her lecture for the day.

    But instead of going to the lecture, she transformed to her werewolf form and did some hunting on the grounds. It's fine as long as she stays on the Student Union lot.

    Once she got home, I just had her rant about evil to try and increase her rebel influence but it didn't raise her up a level. After that, I sent her to use the all-in-one bathroom then to bed.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    edited July 2020
    A bit of foreshadowing for season 3, Brittany ate her breakfast before class when Derek Khan came downstairs. He'll be her husband in Season 3 like in my longest attempt at the challenge.

    Afterwards, Brittany worked on her social networking, transmogrifying relationships, and blogging. I forgot to mention last update but she has maxed Social Networking and isn't far off on Charisma.

    Seems like Brittany is always running around to get to classes. Her dorm and the classrooms are a decent distance apart so it doesn't give her much time to get there.

    Later that same day, the rain began to settle in so Samantha Grey decided now was the best time to streak around the campus.

    Brittany finished her three classes before doing several successful hunts. She's a long way off from having her collections complete but I'm working on it. As for money, she had roughly $30,000 at this time in the update.

    Thursday morning, Brittany ate her breakfast before doing more blogging. She got an offer to sell her blog but I won't do that until it hits 5 stars.

    She only had one class on Thursday so I had her do another protest then. It was the last one for this week as finals were the next day. Once she finished her class, she did some more hunting. Friday went great as she passed all three exams with flying colors. Now she will come back for two weeks to get the last 12 credits.

    Now Brittany starts working on alchemy, if I choose to. I decided to as it'll be a nice skill to have as I can use young again potions to keep her young for the duration of the challenge.

    Brittany found some great items during her hunt but still hasn't found tiberium. If you recall, I only need one of each item so any extra can be sold. The house I want to use costs $90,000 something and she only has $40,000 so far.

    Before heading back to Sunset Valley for a few minutes, Brittany danced to the Sims 3 Theme Remix.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    Brittany took a quick trip back to her empty lot in Sunset Valley. She took her exam again but still failed and did not get any scholarship money. She won't fail later in the challenge as she'll have more skills. Anyway, Brittany was the first of the 8 people to arrive, followed by Cora Sidwell. Brittany said hello to her then used the transmogrifier to make them best friends.

    After greeting the rest of her roommates, Brittany held a protest successfully and also gained her 7th or 8th skill point in charisma. I can't remember exactly but sometime last night she ended up maxing the skill. Now only alchemy is left. Once her protest was done, she went and posed nude, did a balancing and budgeting class, and talked to the financial advisor. She ate supper then did a few more transmogrifying and blogging, which got her to five stars. She sold the blog for $6000 which got her closer to the money she'll need for her house.

    On Monday, Brittany worked on her alchemy some more. She is mainly just trying to get the skill to max and learn all the elixirs. Once I get Ambitions and Island Paradise, she'll have the Simbot Conversion and Genie elixirs to learn as well.

    After learning a few elixirs, I had her go outside and do some hunting. She found a few items I needed, plus one tiberium. Sadly, I can't use that one as it has to stay for the collection.

    Brittany also had an opportunity to meet another celebrity. It didn't gain her another star but she's close.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    edited July 2020
    Midweek, Brittany ate leftover macaroni and cheese for breakfast. It may be a weird meal but cooked food has a good moodlet compared to the quick meals. Besides, she can't learn cooking until next season in Riverview.

    I had her do another protest but I'm thinking she won't need to do any for a while now. She almost has all her season one skills maxed, except for the free skill, alchemy.

    Brittany either had her lecture or her library class but as I've said before, she's got more important things to do. This hunt was successful as she found two more Tiberium. These two I can actually use so I definitely will have money for her house and other things.

    The following day, Brittany worked on her alchemy some more. She made it to level 5 but still has several elixirs to learn.

    After a few new elixirs were learned, it was time for some hunting. I'm trying for gems and metals right now, then will work on the insects I need. A trip to all three vacation worlds will happen so I can buy some things for the future seasons.

    I decided to have her visit the coffee shop for her meal as she hadn't been there yet. I figured since she has to do everything a Sim can possibly do, I felt like this would be one of the things.

    I got another opportunity to meet a celebrity so I sent Brittany off to find her. They chatted a bit before I had her go do other things.

    She went on some more hunts and got her mail before ranting about conformity in her werewolf form. Now she has exams, the weekend, and her last week of university this season. I will have to stop once she gets to Sunset Valley as I want to wait until I have Ambitions again. For the daycare, there is a LTR that helps them increase their performance bar faster so she can get it done in the time frame @Llandros2012 came up with. You can do it without, but it may take longer than four weeks.
  • ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,213 Member
    edited July 2020
    @Brandontaylor you, my friend, put the s into stubborn.
    You are off to a great start!
    Brittany surely knows this by heart at this point, so I expect smooth sailing from here :p
    Anyway: GOOD LUCK! :)
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    @ZhakiraP Yes I am, lol. I'm gonna finish this dang challenge if even if it kills me.
    Thank you!
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    edited August 2020
    Friday, Week 3 of University, Brittany ranted in her bedroom before heading to pose nude for art. She got $250 for that then she called a friend since her social bar was low. Apparently she's talking about the money she's made.

    Then it was time for her exams, which she passed with flying colors. For some reason though, her professor told her that her work was neither bad nor as good as it could be.

    Then after a bit of a face and hair makeover, I sent her to a party. She had an opportunity to imply someones mother was a llama so that's why she's fighting with him. Unfortunately, telling them their mother was a chupacabra doesn't count.

    Saturday was very uneventful for her. In the morning, Brittany ranted in her bedroom again as she is just shy of level 10 rebel influence.

    She also did a lot of gem and metal hunting. She has most of the gems I currently have but is missing several metals and insects.

    ***Short and sweet but really didn't have much going on Friday and Saturday. She now has one week left before returning to Sunset Valley. That is where the real fun begins for Season 1.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    ***Update coming tomorrow***
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    In the last week, Brittany called up her only Sunset Valley acquaintance; the mascot who brings the test at the start of a save. Apparently they are talking about dragons.

    Another thing she did was continue looking for gems, metals, and insects. She's got most of the gems and metals but needs 17 more insects. Her senses are at the highest point as her lycanthropy skill is up to 10. I also bought the last point of her rebel influence as the rules don't say I can't.

    Brittany is also getting closer to finishing alchemy, she has about four skill points and all the challenges to go though.

    Of course, some time was spent on studying for her classes, doing presentations, and actually attending class. She had just finished several hunts so I hadn't changed her back to her human form yet.

    Friday came and Brittany successfully finished her time at university. She passed her exams and graduated Saturday afternoon so now she will go home to Sunset Valley to the fun part of this season.

    Like the last time, I chose the same house for Brittany as the first couple of attempts. It is called Prairie Smile and is a base game house in the library. Only issue was I forgot the lot I used for it so the backyard is much bigger than I'll need.

    After getting the house set up the way I'll need, I sent Brittany to the library to get her daycare job set up. I also called for the two roommates that must remain with her until she moves to Riverview. Currently, I don't know who she'll get moving in with her as I didn't play that day yet.

    This is Brittany's collection so far. She hasn't found quite as many insects as she did in attempt number one but she did get roughly the same for the gems and metals. I'll do the treasure chest thing to store them in, just like last time. The challenge creator did that in his Let's Play and it works wonderfully.

    When I sent her to the science facility, she ended up making $25,000 from the extra insects she don't need to keep. This money will help her out with some things she has to do.

    At the alchemy store, she cut some of her extra gems but not all of them. She'll also have to smelt her extra metals too but my main thing was to cut the Tiberium. She has a lot of gem dust and spiral cut gems so that should make her around $200,000 (educated guess, didn't actually do the math)

    And lastly, I had her make a Potent Invigorating Elixir as I had her stay up late to get things ready for Monday morning. The toddlers will be coming and she'll need all the help she can get. Hopefully with the newer computer, daycare will go much smoother than any previous attempts. They are supposed to show up at a certain time but it was several hours later on my old laptop.
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    On Monday (Week 1) Brittany had already drank a potent invigorating elixir as I had kept her up late Sunday night. Her social motive was getting low so I made her call a university friend as she doesn't know anyone in Sunset Valley yet.

    Trying on her daycare uniform for the first time, Brittany went downstairs to chat with any random Sim on the computer. As luck would have it, she met Christopher Steel who will be her husband in the near future. He was her husband in the last attempts and that will stay the same this time. She made them best friends by using the transmogrifying app soon after.

    The two toddler's Brittany got were Sam Sekemoto and Sandi French. Of course, at the start of the game, they are the only two toddlers around. Marty and Justine had a kid during this day too so looking forward to getting him later on. Also, Brittany hired a maid as that is part of the requirements for this season.

    This time, the roommates are Abraham Finkel and Sue Scotch. As you can see, they already aren't getting along. I ended up changing one of Sue's traits so maybe she'll be nicer to him.

    When she finally got the kids settled down and taken care of, Brittany put them in the baby swings and then ordered a pizza. While she was eating, Leighton and Molly picked their kids up.

    With the work day being done, Brittany got her performance bar halfway up. She left home for a shopping trip at the alchemy store as well as putting all of her Tiberium on consignment.

    Between Monday night and Tuesday morning, Brittany did some hunting in her own yard. She found some nice items but not the ones I'm missing. She did get more Tiberium though.

    Tuesday's work was very similar to Monday's. Brittany took care of the toddlers until their needs were met, then put them in the swings. This got her first promotion to level 2. Now she has a few more promotions left. Now, I need to mention one thing. Those of you who remember the last attempt know that I ended jobs as soon as she hit level 10 (or 5 in the case of the daycare). This time though, I'll be staying until the required weeks are over. Most jobs are 4 weeks but some are only 2 weeks.

    Work was over so I had Brittany alternate between alchemy and hunting. She has a few more levels to go before she hits the top of the skill.

    The Tiberium money came in and Brittany gained $377,000 for it. This gave her a total of $600,000 something so I bought her a very nice car.

    After visiting the alchemy store again, Brittany used her newly purchased fairy elixir to turn Dustin Langerak into a fairy. This will keep him around a while and also help Brittany on her Throw 50 Elixirs skill challenge.

    Before work, Brittany chatted with Abraham to get to know him. Then we got new toddlers named David Fischer and Deana Fischer as well as Sam Sekemoto. Sandi aged up so she didn't return.

    Now Sue and Abraham get along. I changed their hair and used MC to give Abraham a job, but I didn't put Sue in that outfit. That's her randomized career outfit she wears at the hospital.
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    Brittany is supposed to turn at least one Sim into a werewolf and what better choice than a roommate. This way he can help with hunting.

    She has also been continuing to hunt and work on her alchemy skill. It is a free skill so she has a long time to finish it.

    Thursday morning, Brittany went to the festival and got her picture taken. Hardly anyone was there so I had her leave to do an opportunity.

    Returning to the festival, Brittany participated in a hotdog eating contest. The rules don't say you have to do this but the challenge creator did mention to do as many things as you can think of that a Sim can do. She didn't win but didn't vomit until 2 hours later.

    Later that evening, she took a trip to China for a few reasons. One reason was to buy books she'll need later in the challenge but also to buy items she'll need. The main thing was to get several chests to store her collectibles and other items in, and to do some hunting.

    Speaking of hunting, Brittany found all the gems from all EP's I currently have. Now she needs about 16 insects and 5 metals. I bought her some shower-in-a-can's and a tent so she could stay anywhere I choose. She doesn't need the bathroom though as she has a steel bladder.

    Lastly, her rebel influence skill went down so a quick rant fixed it. She has to maintain a level 10 in all influence's eventually, although the other two will come in later seasons. For those of you who don't know, each season has it's own goals as well as a different town. Currently, I don't own all towns but I plan on trying to get them. If not, it's no big deal as I can just combine two seasons or find a custom world. Any world will work as long as it has townies she can marry.

    ***That's it for tonight. Going to play tonight then this story takes a hiatus so I can play other saves. I should return with another update sometime next week or over the weekend possibly.
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    Brittany continued to hunt in China and she found all the gems there. She found a few missing metals but hardly any of the insects I don't have. I still have some items that are in Showtime and Island Paradise but I'll get those items when I get new copies of those EP's.

    I could have had her talk with a local when her social meter went down but I decided to have her call her friend, Christopher Steel, instead. She seems very happy to be talking with her future husband.

    Brittany found another of the missing metals and now I only need to find Iridium (at least until I get the two remaining EP's).

    I decided to give her a bit of a vacation for her remaining time. She can't do tombs until season 19 which will more than likely be the end of the year or first part of 2021. It all depends on how fast the seasons go in the near future, I think later ones will go faster though. Anyway, she seems really happy that China makes her favorite food: steak.

    Back at home, I set up all the chests like I did in the other attempts. The tip was from the challenge creator and is a nice way of keeping everything she has to keep. From the left we have, adventure items, ITF items, insects, metals, gems, university items, fish, and kids stuff. There are two others not pictured and they are for elixirs and something else.

    Brittany had several Tiberium gems to cut so I sent her to the alchemy store. I could have gotten her a machine for the house but I got to consign them anyway so might as well do it at one place.

    Next, I sent her over to the Weather Stone and asked it to bring a Hunter's Storm successfully. This makes it easier to find the more rare items.

    For the next three hours, Brittany ran around searching for items but the only thing she found was a butterfly she is missing. This makes 13 or 14 remaining, at least for now.

    Afterwards, I sent her to the Bistro for a celebrity opportunity and for supper. She met Morgana Wolff and they talked about a variety of things. Currently, SP is off and is running on EA's version. I will be turning the NRaas one after Brittany and Christopher start dating. I just don't want anyone snagging him before she gets with him.

    Then Leighton Sekemoto invited her to his pool party. He doesn't have a pool and the Hunters Storm brought snow in summertime but Brittany chatted with him anyway. It also looks like Boyd Wainwright followed her from the Bistro to attend the party.

    And look who else showed up. Christopher was at the party so Brittany had a nice chat with him. She even hinted that he should move in with her and he said yes! They are only friends but he'll be a big help with the daycare profession. I'll probably give him a job with open hours so he'll be free when I need him.

    Christopher did his own thing for a bit while Brittany brewed a Potent Invigorating Elixir. She mostly sleeps but sometimes I'll let her use one of these to stay up 24 hours. It's just a good way to get things done when I need her to have more time.

    Later that night, Brittany and Christopher had a chat that led to flirting. Soon after, Brittany surprised him with a spur of the moment kiss. Christopher responded passionately and then the two became boyfriend and girlfriend. I'll hold off on a wedding and children for a while for two reasons. Adding Lauren (their daughter in the other attempts) now would add another toddler, which Brittany doesn't need right now with the daycare. Secondly, I'm going with a timeline similar to the other attempts on when she'll be born. This will be one time I'll cheat to ensure the right gender and also to edit the baby to look like the original Lauren Steel.

    ***And this will be the last update for a few days. I'm playing another save tonight with a Sim similar to Brittany. Her name is Ava Sinclair and she is actually the 'mother' of Brittany. They share the same slider values except Brittany has her 'fathers' mouth (at least before a few slight edits).
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    Saturday (Week 1) morning, Brittany worked on her alchemy skill and brewed up some elixirs to use. She needs to get started on throwing 50 elixirs.

    Christopher woke up and he was very happy to find pancakes in the refrigerator. Abraham Finkel must have made them as I know Brittany didn't.

    Since the weather was nice, I had her throw a pool party. She can't use the pool as she doesn't unlock athletics until Twinbrook which is season three of the nineteen seasons.

    I invited Leighton Sekemoto over but I didn't invite any of the children. However, Brittany was very happy to see Sam as she hadn't seen him since he left daycare.

    Nobody wanted to use the pool so I made Christopher do some diving. Later on, a few people did use it but the majority either danced or used the sprinkler for fun.

    I have no idea what was going on that led to this but I later found Beau Andrews fighting with Christopher. Apparently he was complaining about something so I had Christopher tell him to leave. Beau left but said the party wasn't fun and he didn't enjoy it.

    Christopher and Brittany shared some alone time together when the guests decided to leave. They are standing in water because Christopher didn't mop after fixing the sink.

    Christopher went to bed but I decided to have Brittany run around town to do a few things. Here she is cutting more gems to sell as she still has a bunch of leftover ones.

    I had thought all the guests had left but in the early hours of the next morning, Gus Hart was still there playing with the dollhouse. I had something planned for him. :naughty:

    First of all, I had her throw a potent melancholy elixir at him which made him angry. Then she threw a potent bliss elixir at him before throwing Flask of Sleep at him. Fortunately, he didn't fall asleep here but took off.

    Brittany and Christopher had their first breakfast together at the same time. The previous day, they ate separately.

    Unfortunately, Christopher and Brittany's romantic time Saturday caused Christopher to be accused of woohoo with an occult. He headed to City Hall and successfully sued the other party. Afterwards, I sent him to take a few classes around town to make him a well rounded Sim.

    ***More to come in a bit, working on feedback on another thread first.
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    Whoops, posted my update on another thread I post on that we all share stories on and forgot to share it to this thread (the full story thread). Anyway, here is the 2nd part to the previous update.

    Since Christopher was gone, Brittany worked a bit more on her alchemy skill. She's getting closer to gaining a skill point, a protest may be in the cards soon to get this done a bit faster.

    I had Brittany take Abraham with her to gain favor with the Weather Stone again. These two then hunted together (well, not really. It was a group hunt but Abraham read a book the entire time) but they didn't find anything that she is missing for her collection.

    One of the skill challenges for social networking says you must meet 25 Sims using the SimFinder app. Brittany met a couple but will meet some more later. I'm only meeting 5 in the first five towns as I don't want all the pudding running around.

    Monday was Brittany's first day back at the daycare career but she slow danced with Christopher while waiting for the children.

    The kids showed up a bit after 9am and Brittany went to work. Christopher helped out too and they got things done a bit quicker than she does alone.

    Unfortunately, I got interrupted when Sue burnt the sink and counter with her flame breath. She ate hot food that caused her to do this. Luckily Christopher and Brittany got it out but I think it may have dragged the childrens needs down. Then, to top it off, Brittany scared the children when the full moon forced a transformation. Brittany had two kids in good moods and only one in great so she didn't get much progress on her bar. I'm just hoping she completes the job before the four weeks are up, otherwise she'll have to continue until she reaches the top.

    The other household members went to bed so I had her do some hunting. Yet again, she didn't find any missing items.

    Lastly, while Brittany hunted, Sue Scotch was abducted. At least I don't have to worry about a pregnancy.

    ***I'll return with another update no later than Thursday, unless something happens. I didn't end up playing tonight but I do plan on doing so tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy these updates, there is much more to come in the coming weeks.
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    Here's the newest update, hope you all enjoy!

    The alien who took Sue decided to bring her back as soon as I loaded up the save. As you can tell, there isn't any love lost between these two.

    This time it was Abraham that set the house on fire. Needless to say, the spicy food went in the trash. It was made by one of the guests from the earlier party so I didn't care.

    With that taken care of, I decided to have Brittany do some more hunts. They were mostly successful but she didn't get any of the missing items still. By the way, the household funds are up to $1.2 million.

    Christopher and Brittany both needed to raise their fun meter so I had them dance for fun before the kids show up. I about died laughing when I paused Christopher in this position.

    Brittany mainly takes care of the kids herself but I do use Christopher's help every now and then. He's in the kitchen at this point and is taking care of the toddler not pictured.

    They finally got the children in a position that I felt comfortable putting them in the swings. The kids arrive at 9-9:30ish and usually Brittany and Christopher have them straightened out by 2 or 3. From the left is Sheree Ursine-Frio, Deana Fischer, and Shawn Keaton.

    Once daycare was over, I had Brittany go to the alchemy store to cut more gems. She is almost through with cutting her extras and will only have metals to consign after that. I also had her buy some things while she was there, mainly elixir ingredients and elixirs.

    Back at home, Brittany continued working on her alchemy skill, making potent invigorating elixirs for herself and random ones to throw at others. By the time she finished all of these, she hit level 8 of the skill.

    Using a paparazzi as a test dummy, Brittany threw about 4 or 5 elixirs at Gage Briody.

    Then it was time to eat breakfast before reading one of the alchemy recipes. Sue ate breakfast at the other end while Brittany read her book.

    Brittany had another wonderful day with the kids and she even had a new one as Sheree Ursine-Frio aged up the night after leaving. Christopher helped her again and by the time the kids left, they gave Brittany another promotion. It is now going to be her days off due to the holiday and the three day weekend she'd normally get if the holidays were changed in my settings. When she returns to work on the following Monday, she'll be getting 4 toddlers.

    Then when they were all settled in the swings, Brittany used the transmogrifier to make Sue and Abraham RI's with each other. Let's see how this turns out.

    Lastly, Christopher asked Brittany out on a date at the Bistro. Since the weather was nice, they decided to eat outside but I made them change into their formal wear to fit in better with the Bistro. Normally they do it themselves if they eat inside but don't if they eat outside. Once they finished, I had them head home where they had some time alone before Christopher went to sleep. Brittany got out of bed as she had an elixir that was still in effect.

    ***More to come tomorrow or Friday night.
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    This time, Brittany threw only beneficial elixirs at Gage Briody. She even threw a Jar of Potent Friendship elixir at him to be nice.

    With that taken care of, I had her go upstairs to work on the skill some more. Eventually she'll have to have one of every elixir in the chest marked for alchemy and logic potions but for now I'm using them for the throw 50.

    Then it was off to France to buy some items she'll need later in the challenge. Egypt will be coming up once the 2 day moodlet goes away from this trip to France.

    After that, she spent most of her time running around hunting. She had no luck finding anything she needed so a different approach was needed.

    But before the new approach could be taken, her rebel influence dropped to 9 so I had to have her rant about politics to bring it back up.

    The new approach was to use the Collection Helper to find the items. However, Brittany doesn't have it yet as she needed the points for other LTR's so a trip to Carl's Sims Guide showed me all known spawner locations in France. It's not considered cheating in my books so I'm using that until I get the points. Unfortunately, you don't know what the item is either way so it's not the best option either. She did find the iridium she was missing plus the space rock in the first picture.

    By this time, she was getting tired so I had her set up her tent on a vacant lot to sleep for the night. These two came and bothered her so Brittany threw some elixirs at them.

    Lastly, Brittany found several of the insects she needs but there are still some missing. I also had to let her swim to get to a little island as it had spawners. What I'll do if she gets any athletic skill is to use MC to bring it back to 0, as Llandros said you can do. Athletics is a metric for the firefighting career so that's why he made it where it doesn't unlock until then. Another career uses it too so Llandros uses MC to start the skill over in that career. I'm not doing that though unless I have to.
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    Christopher and Brittany had a chat while they waited for their costume party to start. You got to have all types of parties eventually, even though it doesn't state it. It's a hidden rule in a sense. Remember, an Ultimate Sim is trying to do everything possible in the game.

    Then the guests showed up. Brittany dressed up as a scuba diver while Susan Wainwright was a cop and Gus Hart was a fireman.

    Surprisingly, Christopher chose to be a chef. That fits in with his natural cook trait. I'm glad Brittany can't see his thought bubble though, or she might wonder what's going on with him and Sue.

    Brittany socialized with some of her guests but some didn't make it inside as they got stuck on the porch.

    When I was looking, Christopher and Gus Hart decided to play tag outside. Gus must be wore out after that, he doesn't seem the type to run and is like me in that regard.

    Brittany took off for a party she was invited to but River McIrish and her family left their own party before Brittany could get there. I sent her back home and found Sue giving candy to the children. She copied Brittany's costume idea, Brittany's the one you can see thinking about money.

    Later that night, Abraham practiced fighting with Gage Briody.

    Brittany was upstairs working on elixirs. She has learned most of them now but there are some that she hasn't learned yet. She is getting about halfway through throwing the 50 elixirs.

    I had Christopher start working on his cooking skill the following day as I'll be having him cook most of the meals for the family until next season when Brittany is allowed to.

    After breakfast, Christopher worked on a celebrity opportunity that gained him his third star.

    Then Brittany threw up due to an elixir mishap. She isn't pregnant, in case anyone wondered.

    Later, I sent her to cut more gems as she still has some in her inventory.
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    Then it was time to eat for a celebrity opportunity. Once she got the eating part done, I had her look for insects around time, hence the reason she's in her formalwear.

    Next it was time to throw some elixirs at Gage Briody. Lucky for him, they were mostly beneficial ones.

    Back at home, I had her read an elixir recipe in the backyard. It was foggy and frosty that morning but warmed up nicely later.

    Brittany changed her first romantic relationship as well. I made Dustin Langerak be romantic interests with Zelda Mae, let's see how this one turns out. :naughty:

    When they were both ready for the day, Christopher and Brittany watched the sunrise together. They were way too late to watch the stars.

    Then they went on a date later after Brittany ran around town looking for insects. Part of this idea was to get people to throw elixirs at the townfolk. Any ideas what elixirs she threw at Fiona McIrish? Check below for the answer.
    Meet Fiona McSimBot, the first SimBot Sunset Valley has ever seen. It was a Simbot Converter elixir, see how she likes living as a rusty bucket of bolts.

    Then she spent a lot of time dancing with Christopher. As you can see, Geoffrey Landgraab was also a recipient of an elixir, although his is temporary.

    And finally, some random pics of Brittany looking for insects in Egypt. She hasn't found anything she needs yet there but was still there when I finished for the night.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,283 Member
    Brittany continued to hunt around Egypt but she didn't have any luck finding what she needed. I'll wait until I get the Collection Helper as it's better than using maps online. Anyway, I sent her home early as I wanted her back in Sunset Valley for a better update. Travel pics at this stage are a bit boring.

    Back at home, Brittany met another Sim using the Sim Finder App. She'll meet a couple more here but will save the other 20 for the next few towns.

    I also had her read some of the elixir recipe books, right when it started to pour. I let her finish then had her run inside.

    Christopher decided to use the computer for whatever he wanted to do. I mainly focus on Brittany in the updates but I take control of Christopher some too, but he mostly does his own thing.

    He also spent some romantic time with Brittany. They don't get much of this during the work days.

    Later, Brittany went upstairs to use the alchemy station. She's getting closer to reaching the top but it's taking her a bit to finish learning the recipes.

    Christopher had another celebrity opportunity so I sent him to the hospital to complete it. His wife in another save, Blair Wainwright, just happened to be behind him.

    Brittany did some hunting but she got the same opportunity Christopher had. I sent her over and also had her meet some people around town again.

    Then it was time to buy elixirs and ingredients as well as cutting more gems. She also spent some time throwing elixirs at random people, which she is almost finished on.

    It's a bit dark in this picture but Brittany headed home after the above and read some more of the elixir recipes.

    She wanted to pillow fight with Abraham so I let her do that. She needs to have fun every once in a while.

    Then it was time to take care of the children again. She got four toddlers due to her recent promotion and Christopher helped her again. By the time this was finished, all four kids were in great moods and gave Brittany a hefty boost toward her next promotion.
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    Brittany ate supper in her werewolf form because of the full moon. When I updated my computer to Windows 10 the other day, it messed up settings and I forgot what my moon stage length was and it caused a transformation when I changed it. Anyway, poor Sue is watching her eat. Sue isn't progressing much in her job so I used MC to give her a promotion. Doesn't matter in the long run as I'll be leaving Sunset Valley after a while but she's been a good roommate.

    Then it was back upstairs to work on alchemy some more. I had her make several elixirs and she finally maxed out the alchemy skill. Now I just have to supermax it by doing the skill challenges. And I forget to mention how much funds she has but she is currently around $1.6 million. As for worth, I'd say close to $2 million.

    Christopher woke up to make pancakes for he and Brittany. He offered some to the roommates but they didn't come eat.

    I was going to have these two build a snowman together but somehow that cancelled out so I had them build separate ones. Daycare started so I didn't get a picture of the finished snowmen.

    Then Brittany and Christopher took care of the children. Here, Brittany is feeding Luke Andrews, son of Beau and Victoria.

    Luckily, Brittany got everyone ready to be put into swings before she had to rant because the rebel influence fell.

    The children were still settled in so Brittany read the last elixir recipe book. She still had one to learn on the alchemy station and will also have the genie elixir to learn when I get Showtime but she's good for now.

    I had Brittany doing something else when I heard yelling in the house. Apparently, Christopher and Sue had a bit of a disagreement about something. I had them do friendly socials after but Christopher couldn't apologize, Sue must have started this argument.

    This was supposed to be a picture of Brittany throwing elixirs at Sue but my finger slipped and I missed it. I usually pause during screenshots but I must have bumped the play button somehow.

    During a trip to the Alchemy store with Sue Scotch, Brittany cut her last couple of gems there, bought some ingredients, and threw a few more elixirs at Sue. One elixir was a Young Again Potion so Sue gets extra days to live with the family. Remember, if a roommate dies, a new one will be assigned to take their place and I'd rather keep the ones I have currently. Abraham should live longer anyway since he is a werewolf. Back at home, Brittany finished learning all the recipes except the one mentioned above.

    ***Probably will play again tonight so look for another update tomorrow.
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    Brittany and Christopher ate breakfast together like I try to have them do everyday. Brittany didn't sleep that night so she was already up.

    Then when Christopher was trying to do the dishes, he broke the sink. I let him do the fixing as Brittany doesn't unlock that until season 3 or 4, can't remember off hand.

    The toddlers showed up and Brittany took care of them the best she could. Christopher helped but neither one was able to get all four toddlers into the swings. Luckily, they were close enough that the 4 toddlers were all in great moods and Brittany was promoted to level 4. There is exactly three days left for her to try and reach the last level, otherwise she'll have to continue into week 5 in Sunset Valley.

    Afterwards, she spent the night making elixirs. She has to make 150 all together then the alchemy skill will be supermaxed.

    She also needed one more throw to get the 50 elixirs thrown finished. Narcissa Vatos was the lucky one as she only got hit with a Vial of Bliss.

    The following day was Snowflake Day so Brittany decided to throw a gift giving party. Some of the guests included Vita Alto, Emma Hatch, Claire Ursine, Gobias Koffi, and Sam Sekemoto. I also know Cycl0n3 Sw0rd was there too as was Nancy Landgraab.

    Once their party finished, Christopher went to the neighbors house where he met Holly Alto. Brittany was at home eating supper then she headed over. Unfortunately, the party ended and I had to send them back home anyway.

    Even though the party at the Page/Steel household had ended, Sam decided to dance while Gobias played with the dollhouse. I used DebugEnabler to force them to head home instead of resetting them. That's a good way to get people to leave if you want them to go that route instead of just asking them to leave.

    Then I saw they both needed showers so I sent Christopher and Brittany to woohoo while getting cleaned up, then I sent them to bed. They woke up after I saved and I had them do a few things before my charger cord decided to short out again and shut my laptop down. I got the replacement, just didn't have time to play tonight.
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    I almost wanna give this a try.It sounds really fun!
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