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Changing the default cowplant name with a mod?

This latest update made it so all cowplants are named "Little Simzee" by default. I don't like having objects in my game named after popular streamers by default (regardless of whether or not I like their content), so I wanted to know if it's possible to do a little mod changing that default name.

I don't expect such a mod to exist already as the update *just* dropped but am looking into whether or not such a mod is possible.


  • LumpinouLumpinou Posts: 16 Member
    I've made it for you (well, haven't tried it in my game, but I'm pretty sure it was a simple matter of changing a string table reference). Set it to be "Cowplant" by default. I can't put links in the forum as of now though, so you could check out my Mod The Sims to find my discord invite link and contact me there...
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