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The Super Subtle Saucer Light



  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 415 Member
    Like we weren't able to size down the standard one. Only the lowered price is a benefit.
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  • simstr0ngsimstr0ng Posts: 639 Member
    I hope you can find them. Good luck!

    Thanks. I'll experiment today. I found several fishing signs...but can't tell the difference between them. Tried them on docks - haven't found one that works yet..."must be on terrain". There is one fishing sign on a dock in Sulani - hope to find that in objects.

    Also saw the fishing ponds. Will experiment further.

  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,049 Member
    simstr0ng wrote: »
    I remember in a previous version (or maybe it was a mod) there was an invisible light - it just gave off the light without some object. It was great...but the the mini-sized new light is very helpful.

    Functional invisible lights, yes! They were invaluable for any build in TS3. I stopped using the ones in TS4 because the Sims get 'blown out' whenever they pass near them. I don't know if that has been fixed.

  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 1,924 Member
    sketches wrote: »
    Rouensims wrote: »
    In case it’s helpful to anyone, we also have illuminated floor and wall tiles. I use those a lot when I want light but no obtrusive lighting fixture.

    Hello, would you (or someone here) please specify which tiles they are?

    I understand Spa Day has one illuminated floor tile and "pool lighting" (can be applied to any floors and walls), but those are all I know of. And they're only in Spa Day. :\

    Sorry, the Spa Day ones were what I was talking about. They come in multiple colors. The “pool lighting” one is a wall covering like any other, but it glows. I made a fun disco room with the wall and floor tiles.
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