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Sales on PS4 but Game Packs are only -25%. Why?


Can someone explain me why Game Packs for console players are only 25% cheaper on every sale when PC players can buy them 50% chepaer? Only expansion packs are on 50% discount.


  • CrowSimmerCrowSimmer Posts: 3 New Member
    Because PC players are heavily favored by the sims team.

    For example, have you noticed that the new Spark'd challenges are judged by their like/download amount? And who is going to get the most likes/DLs? People with large gallery fanbases. Who has had the gallery since the game came out, and have had plenty of time to grow their gallery fanbase? PC players.

    Console players have only had the gallery since the beginning of the year! The amount of console players that win the contest will be very low, if not non-existent, because of this. It isn't fair at all. They could judge in a different way, to actually make it fair for EVERYONE and not give an advantage to PC players, but they chose not to.

    Why? Because they heavily favor PC players.

    (sorry to rant about this in your thread, but I'm not able to make a thread of my own. Because I'm a new user??? So I had to rant somewhere, and I thought another console user would be equally outraged by the unfairness.)
  • iamoz96iamoz96 Posts: 124 Member
    edited July 23
    @CrowSimmer Elitist PC attitude much? Sony is the one to make up the sales marks. Not EA or developers. So OP, it’s Sony that makes up the sale price. Microsoft if XBOX.

    WHO CARES about that TV show? Nobody (or very few people) and it’s expressed massive amounts of rejection. This and the gallery have nothing to do with what OP has asked. Most of those people “”competing”” are popular GC on YT. 🙄 Good grief.
  • CrowSimmerCrowSimmer Posts: 3 New Member
    @iamoz96 I'm a console player, so, no, I don't have a PC elitist attitude, lol. I personally think console is much better than PC, I just don't appreciate how PC players are favored by the sims team. And I think it's funny how defensive people are of the sims team, as if I'm offending you personally by asking game developers to treat their customers fairly lmao.

    Who care about the TV show? Well, obviously me, since I'm complaining about the unfairness of their casting process. Maybe you're not aware, but anyone who wins the online Spark's challenges have the opportunity to be on the show, which mean the opportunity to win the prize money. Money may not mean anything to you, but it would help out my family a lot to win the prize, so yes, I am, in my opinion, justifiably salty about the unfairness of how they're choosing the winners.

    As for this having nothing to do with what the OP asked, I am aware of that, thanks. I actually mentioned it in my original comment, as well as mentioning why I posted here instead of making my own thread. But I'll reiterate for you: Since I am a new user, I cannot make a new thread, I can only comment on existing threads. Which I assume they do so they can censor the majority of the criticism against them, when people who have come here with a legitimate complaint don't feel like becoming a part of the community just so they have a right to voice it.

    If my comment being off-topic bothers you so much, why did you address my complaint at all, instead of just replying to the OP and ignoring me? Now you're off-topic too :open_mouth:
  • iamoz96iamoz96 Posts: 124 Member
    edited July 24
    @CrowSimmer Apologies on thinking you were a PC player, but the comment using the show/PC players wasn’t correct in how they mark their sales prices. Fact. You gave misinformation and I corrected it. That’s why I went off on you. Especially when a lot of PC players have boasted and put down console platform. I do not defend EA/developers and since you’re new here then you haven’t seen how outraged I am with EA on this forum. The console companies make the sale prices but EA/devs don’t have final say. Origin is owned by EA but Sony isn’t so console platforms have to make a profit some how from having the products on their platform. This favoritism isn’t in the business.

    I’m sorry about the family issues with money but it is given fact a lot of people don’t care for the show. Yes, the competitors are ridiculous and GC do NOT need the money which makes me upset as well. The problem with the show people have is that they are giving the wrong people money and they’re using something that is barely, if not, competitive. It’s a misuse of the consumer money.
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