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Who do you play as?? (Race and Gender wise)


  • skybird14skybird14 Posts: 25 Member
    I have a mix of people I play as but the most common characters I play are a white female who lives with her girlfriend, a white male who lives with his wife and two daughters and a mixed race female who lives with her pet dog.
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,699 Member
    Either caucasian or mongoloid(myself) sims for male, i prefer asian or african for female sims.
    I win.
  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 604 Member
    Hm. I suppose I usually do the sterotypical white female myself, but I noticed I do not pay as much attention as I thought to race in particular (so I doubt I paid more attention to it in my childhood Sims games). When I looked through my library to check there was more diversity than I expected after thinking about it. I just found, randomized, and designed until a Sim looked pretty to me.

    In fact, my main favorite Sim had arguably Asian skin until the Vampire pack. Now I normally play occults and she is ghostly white. Her de facto "husband" leads to a mixed race marriage, but kind of like the OP pointed out this would not be odd to me because it is in my own family.
  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 24,935 Member
    I'm a white woman of [REDACTED] age, and I tend to play either versions of myself, or oddly Latinx men who are athletes of some sort.
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  • DeadManHBKDeadManHBK Posts: 116 Member
    Honestly? This might be a little corny, but I tend to create Sims based on celebrities/characters I enjoy, and tbh they tend to be white. As far as gender goes, I don't tend to lean toward one or the other - I simply choose which person I feel like being at that moment.

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  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,644 Member
    All kinds of people. Why limit yourself to one gender or race when the game offers so many other opportunities to explore.
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  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 2,246 Member
    Why limit yourself to one gender or race when the game offers so many other opportunities to explore.

    Sure, but everyone plays their own game.
  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,644 Member
    Why limit yourself to one gender or race when the game offers so many other opportunities to explore.

    Sure, but everyone plays their own game.

    Yes they do and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I was not passing judgement but merely saying there are alternatives to explore should anyone want to.
    I no longer use Origin or My Page. You can find me on YouTube or Twitter as Bettyboop711000. You are welcome to contact me as I explore options for a PC sandbox life simulation game.
    Wherever I am friends call me Betty

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  • cytnlcytnl Posts: 32 Member
    I'm white and non-binary. I tend to play female sims the most because I like the CAS better. (Male CAS is too 'bro' for me, for lack of a better term.) However, I do occasionally play men or NB/trans sims. Race-wise, I am all over the place, and I usually pick based on what world I am planning to play in. Since I'm demisexual, most of my sims are LGBTQ+, often asexual (and adopt a child where that is needed) or gay/lesbian. For the most part, though, I find romance play boring and concentrate on family dynamics instead.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
    edited July 2020
    I am an elderly Japanese/English female and make only male sims with the exception of making three versions of my SS (YA, Adult and Elder) although my favourite is the elder version who is often added to the active household as live-in nanny. My sims are predominantly white because my eyesight is failing and I want to be able to see my sims' facial expressions. Although my males live as married couples and have children I don't see them as gay. For me it's a means to an end because I don't want to play female sims but want to play generational saves and love raising sims from birth to grave.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,727 Member
    edited July 2020
    In real life: As per my user-name. I'm an Asian (male) and my wife (in real life - I'm straight) is Caucasian (of Irish descent). Since I play Sims you can tell by my avatar and my sig that I tend to gravitate towards River McIrish. Which is essentially just like in real life. My wife is a redhead. On top of that she supports my Sims Addiction. :mrgreen:
    ...So...the upshot is...

    I play what I know.

    Plus on top of that, I'm OLD. Just to give you an idea. I missed the Neil Armstrong moon landing by 327 days. So. I play my sims as young adults to recapture my misbegotten youth. :p:mrgreen:
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,561 Member
    I'm a half & half mexican/white woman ....and probably older than you simmer. If I'm making my own story I'll usually make a guy with darkish hair and a good or skinny build to be my main character. They are usually white to tan. Sometimes they are deathly white if I'm going all Tim Burton which I do fairly often. They are usually but not always hetero. I do make other types but it's my go too especially if I'm just dabbling in playing.
    Otherwise I create or download and play my favorite characters from tv and movies and video games and the race, age and gender are all over the place there but usually teen and up.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,066 Member
    edited August 2020
    I'm part English/French/Sottish/German/Prairie Cree woman.
    I make a lot of mixed race females & some very muscular tanned & dark skin males.
    I also love to give some of my sims a mixed hybrid occult traits.
    Most of my human sims have tanned, copper & brown skin tones cause I don't like pale ivory skin tone which I have.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,128 Member
    Race: whatever suits the story, in TS2 there are usually about 6 in any given village. Gender: female - Simettes are cuter and the AI is better.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,706 Member
    edited August 2020
    I'm a white woman, I mostly play kids and tots, but overall my families are quite a variety of races. Not sure if some are more common than others, they are pretty all over the place. The only think I do is make sure they don't look anything like me. I hate the idea of playing with myself in the game, it's not that I dislike how I look, it's just that I find it weird to have another cartoon version of myself haha. The real me is the only me!


  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 3,188 Member
    I'm white and my ancestors came from some parts of Europe. There was also a bit of Native American. My main save (Sims 4) is very diverse and has Sims of many different nationalities; Asian, African, European, and the like. Also, my sims' lineage is pretty diverse, too. The females are always the heirs of the lineage. I think it's due to me being a female. Besides, the CAS items for female Sims can be cute.
  • aerdehelaerdehel Posts: 4 New Member
    Male white simmer here. My sims are going from white caucasian to moderately black. (Deep black doesn't work well) My preference goes to Latino tan.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 7,860 Member
    I play aliens and mix race sims
    my favorite sim is male I'm female
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    I'm white and nonbinary and I play anything and everything in both TS2 and a very heavily Modded TS3 which is played rotationally with my playing the entire town like in TS2.I was female at birth and found I didn't quite identify with that gender at about three years of age when I deicded to become a boy for a few monthes.I used to switch genders from boy to girl inermittantly growing up.
  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 1,626 Member
    I'm a white male, but I tend to create all races pretty much equally...I just think it makes the game more interesting to have variety. My latest Sims are a young black couple. The wife is an aspiring artist, and she's doing quite well. I still haven't decided on the husband's vocation. I gave him all of the right traits to become financially successful, I just have to figure out which career to place him in
  • PlanetSixamPlanetSixam Posts: 372 Member
    I used to default to playing as white female sims. While I still usually play as female sims over male sims (I suppose I gravitate towards female sims because I am female) but I do try to mix it up and create a sim that is completely different to the last one I made.

    I also had the issue of doing 'same face' all the time, where you'd often select certain features or styles without really thinking too much into it. To avoid this, I like to use those reference images of men and women around the world, and it's helped me to create sims that don't all look the same as each other, and since doing that, I've grown really fond of the sims that I create.

    It also depends on what packs comes out. For example, when Island Living came out, I knew that there was a lot of inspiration drawn from Polynesian culture, so I researched the culture before creating any sims.

    Here's a few of my sims that I've recently played:


    I just need to get into the habit of creating sims with different body types, because I've noticed that I don't create enough variety when it comes to shape and size.
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 3,705 Member
    I play everything from Sims with the palest white skin to the darkest ebony skin (as well as blue and other colors). I tend to prefer the more extreme cc skin tones. My game is probably half female and half male.
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  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 1,932 Member
    Admittedly the sims I play with aren't very diverse. Basically all of them are usually generic model white sims, don't really know why but I just do. Some sort of imposter thing or something I guess, I always feel like playing with darker sims is for darker players. I made some Caribbean sims for Sulani a while back and that was fun though
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,369 Member
    edited August 2020
    All kinds of people. Why limit yourself to one gender or race when the game offers so many other opportunities to explore.

    No it doesn't. TS4 sims are all the same. There is nothing different about them or any tradition and or actions or beliefs and or repsonses or reactions or interactions or anything. Changing hair, body type and or skin color doesn't make a game diverse nor represent anyone. Fluff doesn't offer "so many other opportunities" at all.

    And the comment right above mine claiming they are all white Sims is remarkable that anyone would think a moodlet was a white thing. No, the problem with The Sims these days is there is no personality or trait and or belief or root of the Sim that would make them seem any different than the next one.

    If people want diversity they are going to have to come to terms with no two people are alike. They all have different value systems, different traditions, different deep seeded beliefs, faiths, and desires of where they are headed. Visuals will never make a game diverse until Maxis addresses these things. And if they want to pretend this game is diverse then ok, but no two Sims are different in TS4, to say the least, and until they accept there are billions of other people who don't believe nor think like others and also add them to the game, then this whole diverse gameplay nonsense is just that. ETA: And to tie this into the topic of which gender and which race, it really doesn't matter does it? because they are still the same Sim.
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,212 Member
    edited August 2020
    I don't "play as" any Sim. I like making a Sim and playing the game with it. I think of them as Sims and not a human race.
    I make either gender and pick a color, usually what the game starts with or which goes with the face I create. Most of the the Sims I make are not what some would call "normal."

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