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URGENT: Add Vehicles & Garages to The Sims 4



  • Carl_Veluz1992Carl_Veluz1992 Posts: 182 Member
    Yeah The Sims Team needs to ACT NOW on the adding of vehicles & garages to The Sims 4
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 1,769 Member
    Yes please, give us cars at last!! I miss cars. And garages, with doors that you could open and close. And clutter. And car related gameplay (car woohoo, car washing, repairing your car yourself or taking it to a repair shop, teach teens to drive, go to or run a car dealership etc).

    When I first got TS4 I searched and searched for cars in build mode, I kept thinking I was not looking in the right place because it was just unthinkable not to have cars.....
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