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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2



  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,600 Member
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    Just realised that the twins shown one or two updates ago - Alvetta and Diego - are actually oppposites in their traits. Alvetta is an evil genius kleptomaniac while Diego is a good genius foodie 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
    OJenn wrote: »
    @MayaRose1138 - Wow the Gen 5 house is huge! I always forget how big things are until we all start building :lol: Rose and Emerson are so in love ♥ What a beautiful beach wedding! Fifi that kitten is quite the cutie and I love the name Aspen for their first baby.

    The next four houses are fairly small due to the size of the lots but you should see the final house! I haven't furnished it but I've built it, and I actually learnt how to make a curved roof!

    Thank you - when I decided to do a winter naming theme, Aspen was the first one I thought of. Just as well he was the first child!!
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  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,600 Member
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 5.04
    The next few days were filled with a lot of toddler antics. Aspen and Winter got along very nicely together.

    Emerson found a new way to cope :lol: (this is the first time I've had a bar in the house and it's amazing how often Emerson would find his way there!)

    But he didn't neglect Rose, and the cats still got their fair share of attention too.

    A couple more cousins were born. Emerson's good friend Hudson had Elliott, while Audrey had another daughter, Harmony. (these two will appear in later years as they're of similar age to Aspen and Winter)

    Emerson was still in training to climb Mt Komorebi and he occasionally invited BFF Aidan over to practise their rock climbing skills. It was around this time that he finished the Bodybuilder aspiration (after completing the third tier, the fourth completed automatically because he was already at level 10 fitness and at his maximum body potential).

    And then it was go time for the final baby of the generation! Would it be a boy or a girl?

    Mabel was on hand again to deliver the baby...

    ...or should I say babies? Yep, twins again! Two girls - Snow Emma and Storm Bella. Of course this would happen when the third bedroom is smaller than the other two :lol:

    Still, the happy parents were thrilled with the new arrivals.

    And when they aged up, the twins were almost identical. Snow (white/blue) became fussy and Storm (black/purple) became a charmer. And as both of them inherited red hair from Rose and grey eyes from Emerson, they're eligible for heirship.

    A family portrait of all the toddlers.

    Aspen aged up into a child. He received the Proper trait (same as his great-grandma Dove) and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

    The toddlers went about their skill building while Aspen joined the scouts and worked on his badges.

    Storm quickly became my favourite out of the twins - look at that adorable pout!

    Peyton had a baby boy with her boyfriend, Braydon Pleasant. She named him Samson.
    And finally, for this update, a trip to the park was in order for Aspen to build his motor skills.
    I wasn't expecting twins again! I had Snow's name worked out, with Emma as a middle name to honour Emerson, but it took me ages to find a name I liked for her twin. Then it came to me - what fun the family would have if they wanted both twins to come over and they could just call out "Snowstorm!" :lol: I hadn't worked out the name by the time of the family portrait, but after I came up with Storm, then I went back and gave the twins a makeover.
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,600 Member
    Wow, no-one's posted anything in a month! Where is everyone? I hope you are all okay? I'm just recovering from my first bout of Covid - been extremely lucky not to catch it until now. Anyway, if you need cheering up, here's the next installment of my legacy.
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 5.05
    First thing after Aspen's birthday, it was Harvestfest. I tried to get the family to have a dress-up gathering but it didn't quite work and all the guests had to end up being invited separately...

    Life continued on as normal. Lots of family activities happened, including going to the park for Aspen's aspiration.

    Aspen's bedroom got a remodel.

    Cousin Michaela and her husband Ariel had their second child, Max, who takes completely after his father.

    And then it was time for Winter to age into a child. She gained the Outgoing trait and the Whiz Kid aspiration.

    Homework and aspirations always need to be worked on. It was around this time that Emerson got promoted to level 7 of the athletic career.

    Arthur's daughter Kayla aged up into teen.

    And finally, it was time for the twins to age up. Snow gained the Goofball trait and the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. Storm gained the Geek trait and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. They aged up with the same hairstyle so I made sure they had the same hairstyles and clothes in CAS.

    Their bedroom got a makeover too.
    There were a number of cousins having babies/getting married during this 5 day period. Aidan, Kaden (whom I had given up on), Diego, Mayra, Aubrey, Scott, Alvetta and Liam all were pregnant/had got someone pregnant. I had given up on Kaden and Liam, who were Leo (from gen 2's grandsons) but now all four of the grandsons have had kids (and that side of the family tree is nearly all boys!). Peyton is also pregnant with her second child, and Sheldon got married. Next time, I might have to do some collages for the amount of toddlers there'll be!!

    And there were three other teens: Paris, Rohan and Elliana.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,329 Member
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    @debjameswhite @Heckstress17 @tipsycowplant I hope you're all well

    @MayaRose1138 - Thanks for keeping the thread alive! I am here-ish but the holidays are also approaching so I might be even more scarce in the coming weeks :(

    On to your update — The toddler phase is the most fun and your kiddos seems to really enjoy being around each other, its sweet. Emerson at the bar had me laughin since they definitely have a full house with the addition of the twins. I really like all the room maker overs, the wallpaper is very cool ad the twin's room is my favorite.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,329 Member
    Hello everyone! It had been soooo long since I opened up my game that it took me a while to realize who my sims were and what generation I am currently on. So let's get some reintroductions in shall we? Kendall Greene is our Gen 7 heiress and she married the love of her life Rosie Luck in a fun-filled family affair in Tartosa just last spring.
    Since then the couple has welcomed not one but two little bundles of joy into their world: Ariana and her little brother Nova ♥


    Time flew by (and I had played a bit here and there) and eventually, a birthday snuck up on me. It was bound to happen, needless to say Ariana was not thrilled with the lack of preparations.


    She ended up with the Adventurous trait and I even got the Rambunctious Scamp to go with it :lol:


    Her room was already somewhat on the path toward adventure but it was time to take it to the next level, kid-style! Here is a before and after.


    Thats it for now, I lost a ton of my pictures since the site I use is no longer being supported. I will work on finding another site for pictures soon ♥
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,329 Member
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    Anyone have any good sites for hosting images? I am not a fan of Imgur, tried that for a bit

    Oh and I am going through and checking the links on the main page looks like I duplicated some stuff and there are broken links
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,329 Member
    Currently, working on the generation 8 house in Evergreen Harbor. I takes me so long to build that I figured I might as well post progress pics :joy: Here is plan A so far...




  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,295 Member
    I just re-logged into this forum after... what... 2 years? :# I assume it's been almost 2 years lol
    Sorry for abandoning the challenge and disappearing, real life has been insane. I was just wondering whether I should pick this up again, and whether you're still playing it or if there's a new one I don't know about. I'm seeing that some old friends are still posting, and apparently new ones <3
    I'd love to catch up with the updates over the weekend!
    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie
    Willow Creek | Evergreen Harbor
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,595 Member
    @OJenn and @everyone Hi!! I can't believe it has been since March since I have looked at my game! Life has been crazy as I know it has been for all of you too <3@Kiwicantdie I was so happy to see you popped in on the same day I decided to! @tipsycowplant I knew it was you instantly <3 I hope you're well. I'm thinking about picking up my game again. I just went back and read my last entry. I can't believe I left when things were so complex! I'm afraid all these patches and updates are going to mess my save though! Even if I don't end up picking it up I did want to say hi and wish you all happy holidays and tell you that this challenge and all of you still mean so much to me. Don't think I can every stay away permanently! Also did I see something about wedding stories? Did they fix weddings?
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,329 Member
    Oh my goodness so happy to see you both @debjameswhite and @Kiwicantdie ❤️❤️

    Most bugs seems to be worked out and I can't say I have had any issues but my playing has been sporadic at best. @MayaRose1138 has really kept the light on for us 💡

    I'd love to see your updates and don't feel pressured to go back and read through anything you might have missed. I'll do a recap post when I get back to my families again to help. I'm on Gen 8 for Evergreen Harbor currently.
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,731 Member
    @Kiwicantdie @debjameswhite @OJenn I'm glad to see you all here again! Life has been crazy for me too -- new health issues, new job, holiday stress, etc. But when I do get a little free time I'm playing a travel-themed challenge over on tumblr and working on transferring everything over to a new, stable save file for my Greenes. The game is pretty stable right now -- wedding stories is fixed (for the most part), but high school years still has a couple bugs (prom/graduation). We're getting a new Infant life stage and 2 new expansion packs next year! Once the holidays calm down I'm hoping to have more time to play & post & hopefully catch up on ya'lls posts here :heart:
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,329 Member
    Hi @tipsycowplant your Greenes are definitely missed as well! I was so excited to see that baby at the end of the Sims Summit, To be honest I think I watch this part over and over again just to be sure I wasn't imagining things. I am hoping to be done with Evergreen Habror by then and on the next set.
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,600 Member
    @tipsycowplant @Kiwicantdie @debjameswhite - it’s good to hear from you again! I’m glad you’re all well and could possibly be playing again by the new year. With infants 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳. I’m debating whether to wait to do the next generation until we get them or whether to keep going because we don’t know when we’ll get them! I’m on gen 5 of Brindleton Bay, with Emerson as the current heir. He has four kids - Aspen, Winter, Snow and Storm. Winter is the only one with his black hair, the others have mum Rose’s red hair. And I’ve kept the same eye colour for all generations so far :). I think there’s a couple of updates on this page so you don’t have to go far to find them 🤣.

    @OJenn - Ariana and Nova are so cute - I don’t envy the heir choice there! The new house is looking pretty good so far and I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. In regards to pics, I use Wordpress at the moment. I’ve used up one address (3GB) and am onto the second (only 1GB).
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