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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,338 Member
    Sorry I was away everyone! I was quietly celebrating my bday but I am back!

    @Debjameswhite - I love Ethan and Parker's relationship, I know I say it alot but I do ♥ Gosh their mom is the worst! But I suppose as long as Paige is happy that's what counts. Perhaps Parker can become a firefighter since he is so good at putting out the fires :lol:

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Aww I am so glad to hear from you and happy that you were able to take some time off to relax at home. ♥ Update at your own pace, we'll be here!

    @Army000 - The weddings looked beautiful! I have been slacking on doing them in my game but I hope to get at least one soon now that the patch has been released with fixes.

  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 117 Member
    Update Time!

    I hope all of you are well! I feel like life has been so stressful for all of us and affected us in different ways. Please make sure you prioritise yourself and do what you love <3

    Generation 4
    Chapter 3

    I start off with Carly (with her little makeover) and her cousin/best friend Karly:

    Nova fell in love with playing the violin. She practices every day without any intervention from me

    The twins also made a bunch of friends.

    This is Yusun, Rumi's best friend.

    Adam, Nova's friend

    And this one next to Rumi is Alaina

    Carly still enjoys her career and painting.

    We all knew this day would come but it was so sad it happened while the girls were at school.
    I only have two pictures of the whole mourning time because it was so sad :( They miss their grandmother

    But twins wouldn't be twins if they cheered each other up

    After a while, I noticed that Nova really likes Adam.

    She even told him

    Rumi on the other hand enjoys spending time with her best friend and doesn't care about boys yet

    In case you're wondering: Adam and Nova are good

    Then it was time for their birthday: Rumi could barely wait for her turn.

    Of course, Carly is there for both of them

    I had to rearrange their rooms, so Carly moved into the smaller one.

    Rumi and Nova share the bigger one and instead of giving them a bed each, I gave them a double bed. Sharing is caring, isn't it? :D

    And here are the teens next to each other. Nova on the left, Rumi on the right

    Now that Rumi is a teen, she met a guy at school: his name is Daxton.

    Nova became best friends with Alaina

    Here is Rumi's best friend Yusun as a teen

    I was so curious to see how the twins would be once they are teens.
    Rumi fell in love with video games and she plays constantly.

    Nova has no interest in gaming, so she started making her own meals

    Even though she was struggling, she was proud of her achievement. Rumi's face is gold

    But they still love each other despite their differences

    Remember Daxton? I'm not entirely sure what Rumi's plan was but I think it was working (why else would you be in your PJs??)

    And no, Nova won't be a cook, she was just constantly hungry xD

    Nova still enjoys playing the violin and has the Musical Genius aspiration.
    Rumi on the other hand loves the chill life and would love to have a Beach Life.
    But they're still in school and enjoy their social life. They even created their own "Teen Club" and hang out with their friends all the time.

    Adam is also part of the group (Nova's childhood crush)

    Carly realised her little girls were not so little anymore, so one morning she decided to catch up with them and their life.

    A part of her feared she would end up all alone, so one day she adopted this little kitten: Lola

    Origin ID: mrskariakay
    Family Tree Evergreen Harbor
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,620 Member
    @Wentcrazy - Great update! Good solution to the bedroom situation - those apartments do not allow for a lot of room!! Yay for the twins making a lot of friends! I think I'm favouring Nova at the moment but that might be because she enjoys music :) Rumi might find it hard to oive a beach life living in the city!! Love little Lola as well; cats are the best :)

    @Army008 -
    @MayaRose1138 it seemed to fix most of the glitches from what I can see. And for the life of I don't know how I could forget that part of the challenge well at least, he had many girlfriends before finding the right one. I like both of them so I'm going to flip a coin to see who gets to be his wife.

    That's good - I want to get MWS but wanted to see if they were going to fix the large amount of glitches that I kept reading about! I'm thinking of getting it and the new kit (always looking for new wallpapers and floors) for Easter :lol: Looking forward to seeing who wins the coin toss; if it's Brooke, don't let her near a pool in winter!!
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,620 Member
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 4.07

    The pool seems to be Emerson's favourite place to do his homework, even if the weather isn't that good!

    The family enjoys the pool while they can :)

    Miranda comes over to tell Mabel that she and Arthur are finally expecting a baby!!! Yay!!!

    Holly gets along really well with the grandkids (and she also counts as an adult for the social aspiration!)

    Cohen got promoted to level 6 and became a Professor.

    The kids enjoy spending time with each other too - their friendship bars are maxed out!

    Holly aged up to elder (as have a couple of the other family members like Kit, Lark and Elijah).

    And then it was Peyton's turn to age into a teen! She rolled Self-Assured and her aspiration is Friend of the World. Her teen hobby will be yoga, as well as cooking as she will be a chef when she turns into a YA. She also got a job as a retail employee.

    Mabel took Peyton to the spa in Newcrest for a day of pampering.

    While Emerson wasn't interested in the new activities, much preferring to play the violin, Oakley was keen to give yoga a try.

    After getting enough points for eight members and allowing Adrienne to join, the cousins' club met again. I think Peyton was a bit outnumbered :lol: One member is missing from that picture but I don't know who!

    Then they had a night out at the movies with Beatrice and her family.

    And finally, Arthur and Miranda had their little boy, Sebastian! He's a real cutie and a good mix of his parents!!
    Here's a comparison picture of Peyton with Mabel and Cohen. Peyton got Mabel's hair colour and facial features, and Cohen's skin and eye colour. It actually makes her look like a good mix of her parents.

    I've got one or two more updates before I need to start playing again. I've been waiting to get MWS before continuing because it's only about a week till Emerson's YA birthday and I want to give him a good wedding!
  • Army008Army008 Posts: 139 Member
    @MayaRose1138 Brooke did win the coin toss, but as I was editing her and Kalena in cas my mini-me came in and saw Kalena and demanded I use her so Kalena will be the mom to the next generation.
  • Army008Army008 Posts: 139 Member
    Update time I managed to get Rhett moved into his newly decorated house and after the big move, the family decided to take a family vacation to Sulani. First up are some pictures of generation two's house, I wish I would've turned the grid off before taking pictures.
    51998128388_b02341260c_k.jpg04-04-22_6-44-02 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    51998069271_0c2284a329_k.jpg04-04-22_7-09-11 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr[email protected]/51998069251/in/album-72177720297347999/#:~:text=[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]04-04-22_7-26-46 PM[/url] by [url=[email protected]/]Savannah To[/url], on Flickr
    51998069241_39b5e4aab9_k.jpg04-04-22_7-27-00 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    51998069231_9984535966_k.jpg04-05-22_10-42-47 AM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    51998069221_5ae7263220_k.jpg04-05-22_11-01-33 AM by Savannah To, on Flickr

    After, Rhett graduated highschool Heath and Lia decied it would be a good time to take a vaction. They settled on Sulani, once there they were greeted by their host Kalena whom Rhett hit it off with right off the bat. while the rest of the family was off exploring Rhett was getting a one-on-one tour of the island and all of Kalena's favorite spots. While on Vacation I noticed that generation three will be making its grand entry soon.
    Eloise and Olive are both pregnant, and on the final day of the trip, Eloise went into labor.
    51998352779_200cdea5de_k.jpg04-09-22_6-00-24 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    51998083941_825915d2bb_k.jpg04-09-22_6-03-38 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    While on the trip, Rhett and Kalena grew close as she showed him to snorkle, built sand sculptures, ordered food from a food truck, and went to a bonfire. at the end of the trip, Rhett was worried he wouldn't be able to see Kalena again but to his surprise she showed up in Brindleton Bay ready for her next adventure.
    51998143213_f3b5edba3d_k.jpg04-05-22_11-58-05 AM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    51998619895_19531bb9ef_k.jpg04-05-22_12-03-33 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    51998619835_0c89844d2f_k.jpg04-05-22_12-12-38 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    51998352794_62e35a4fe4_k.jpg04-05-22_12-15-58 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
  • JBAG521JBAG521 Posts: 2,777 Member
    Hello everyone :) I'm baaaaaaaaack!!

    I've been playing a little here and there, but life has changed a lot in the last 18 months. I moved in with my partner a year ago, I was incresingly given more responsibilities at work, and I'm now on contract as a lawyer full-time until the end of June. The reason my contract ends in June is because my partner and I are expecting a little girl in early August :blush: We are SUPER excited.

    Anyway, I was looking to randomise traits, etc for one of my little sims as she's growing up but the randomiser linked on the front page only randomises traits and aspirations. Which one are we using to randomise everything?

    I'm slowly catching up on reading through the thread - I believe I'm up to page 42 now.

    I'm off to play for a few hours, and I will most likely be spending most of the long weekend playing as well (my boyfriend is doing a Masters, which keeps him busy most weekends).

    I hope you're all doing well. I've missed you!!
  • JBAG521JBAG521 Posts: 2,777 Member
    I'm up to page 50 now, so this may have been mentioned in the last 6 pages, but the createarandomsim randomiser is no longer working. I did find a workaround though (thanks Google!) - As I've been playing I've been feeling like I'm missing something. This randomiser is definitely what I'm missing.

    I'm also about to get a whole lot more gameplay in - my partner and I are finishing up day 2 of quarantine. He tested positive yesterday morning and I'm completely fine and tested negative but I'm stuck here with him until next Thursday (my birthday!). But if I get it, we'll have to start quarantine all over again *eye roll*
  • JBAG521JBAG521 Posts: 2,777 Member
    edited April 2022
    I have enough screenshots for probably 3 or 4 updates so I thought I'd make a start.

    NOTE: Apparently I posted all of these pictures on page 50 back in September last year. I was going to delete them and just start from gameplay, but I've decided to keep them. I'll just have to keep better track of when/where/what I've posted haha
    Rebuilding Evergreen Harbour - Generation 1: Lia and Heath Emerson

    Lia Emerson
    Aspiration: Master Maker
    Traits: Loves outdoors, dog lover, outgoing
    Career: Floral Designer (Gardener)
    Hobby: Dancing

    Heath Emerson
    Aspiration: Master Mixologist
    Traits: Seld-absorbed, Materialistic
    Career: Maser Mixologist
    Hobby: Acting

    I went with Houseplan B:
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  • Army008Army008 Posts: 139 Member
    A lot has happened in my game I had to make and update. Babies one and two of generation 3 were born. Eloise and Olive both had baby boys, and they could pass as brothers instead of cousins.
    Angel is Eloise and Imran's son and the first baby of generation 3.
    52021179540_ebb15aa3aa_k.jpgAngel by Savannah To, on Flickr
    Up next is Axel and Olive's baby boy Kory. Unfortunately for Olive, she didn't get to live long to see Kory age up into a toddler due to the new neighborhood stories update she got eaten by a cowplant.
    52021179525_aed21f7daf_k.jpgKory by Savannah To, on Flickr
    Kalena followed Rhett back to Brindleton Bay, Rhett offered her the spare bedroom as she went to college while they continued to date.
    52020914099_7d98d7a1d5_k.jpg04-13-22_3-43-45 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    After about a dozen dates and getting to know each other Rhett popped the question and asked Kalena to marry him, and of course, Kalena said yes. They settled on having a beach wedding and they each had friends and family members be a part of the wedding. Heath officiated, Eloise and Axel were the best man and maid of honor, while Olive's sisters were the flower pal and ring bear.
    52020914144_d3e9fe2d0d_k.jpg04-11-22_7-48-08 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52019620037_3c306060fb_k.jpg04-11-22_7-47-41 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52021179645_1f33e643b5_k.jpg04-11-22_7-46-40 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52019620022_c5d550b125_k.jpg04-11-22_7-58-13 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    Not long after coming back from their honeymoon, Kalena discovered that she was pregnant and expecting baby number three of generation 3. Rhett and Kalena also welcomed a baby boy and named him Ethan. Ethan has his daddy's eyes so as of right now he is in the running for the heir.
    52020914049_5c334041e8_k.jpgEthan by Savannah To, on Flickr
    And not too long after Ethan was born Eloise and Imran had another little boy who they name Princeton
    52019619937_65e27a3921_k.jpgPrinceton by Savannah To, on Flickr
    Rhett and Kalena take parenting very seriously Rhett gives Ethan baths and Kalena puts him to bed everynight.
    52020703108_7b0d01993b_k.jpg04-21-22_3-07-20 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52020703138_f4decda803_k.jpg04-21-22_2-35-48 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    Axel ended up remarrying and still hasn't had another child, and as soon as Princeton and Ethan aged up to toddlers Rhett and Kalena had a set of boy and girl twins welcoming the first girl of generation 3.

  • JBAG521JBAG521 Posts: 2,777 Member
    I have an update on page 51 which shows the firstborn of Generation 2 - Tess Emerson, so I'm just going to continue on from there.
    Rebuilding Evergreen Harbour - Generation 1 Update 2

    Both parents ADORE little Tess, but especially dad.

    In fact, they loved her so much Lia and Heath wanted to give her a little brother or sister...

    Just before Baby #2 was born, Tess had a birthday
    She rolled the Whiz Kid aspiration and she's a Vegetarian.

    It wasn't long before little Maia was born

    I am WAY ahead in game - I've just moved our Generation 2 Heir into their house (which I spent I don't even know how many house building).

    Since my last post, both my partner and I have had Covid. It's sticking around for both of us (still congested and coughing) but we're doing a lot better. Today (Saturday) is FINALLY my last day of isolation after 10 days.

    I hope you're all well x
  • JBAG521JBAG521 Posts: 2,777 Member
    Just got our Generation 2 heir graduated from university, went to move her back into the house and all the furniture was gone. I triple checked when I moved her out for university that the furniture was staying in the house, and yet it's all gone :disappointed: I stupidly didn't save the lot to the Gallery when I finished it, so I just rage quit until I have the patience to re-decorate the house *flips table*
  • Army008Army008 Posts: 139 Member
    For some reason, it seems generation 3 seems to be moving faster than the last two generations. I no longer have any babies, only one toddler left and two children the other five are now teens. I think it's almost time for another update soon.
  • Army008Army008 Posts: 139 Member
    Axel and his new bride Elsa adopted a child named John who recently aged up to a teen along with Angel, Kory, Ethan, and Princeton. Azealia and Matthew aged up to children and Rhett and Kalena's surprise baby Maggie just aged up to a toddler.
    52043743640_962962e119_k.jpgAngel by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52043234106_3e4e4e50ae_k.jpgKory by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52043707205_0f42884d6f_k.jpg05-01-22_4-54-12 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52044981571_e585a4017b_k.jpgPrinceton by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52043938767_f03f07298d_k.jpgJohn by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52043249043_d6142c5a31_k.jpg04-23-22_7-26-36 PM by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52045502220_4d8b8ad622_k.jpgMatthew by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52042151667_bc069e63eb_k.jpgMaggie by Savannah To, on Flickr

    As of right now Matthew and Ethan are both in the running for the heir, how do you guys decide who becomes the next heir?

  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,620 Member
    It was my turn to do a disappearing act. I've been having trouble at one of my workplaces with someone who wants to control what I do and when I'm there, so I'm going to have to talk to the person in charge and see what I can do. My job doesn't work if I can't be flexible and this person is trying to restrict that flexibility greatly :(.

    I have been playing a different save recently but I hope to buy the wedding pack soon so I can get back into this challenge.
    JBAG521 wrote: »
    Hello everyone :) I'm baaaaaaaaack!!
    I've been playing a little here and there, but life has changed a lot in the last 18 months. I moved in with my partner a year ago, I was incresingly given more responsibilities at work, and I'm now on contract as a lawyer full-time until the end of June. The reason my contract ends in June is because my partner and I are expecting a little girl in early August :blush: We are SUPER excited.

    Congratulations!!! Get all the sims playing you can in now because with a baby, your time will be limited for a while :lol: Your updates looked good - great-looking house - and Tess looks like a real cutie! You'd better post pics of gen 2 so we can compare them to Heath and Lia's other offspring in this thread :)
    Army008 wrote: »
    As of right now Matthew and Ethan are both in the running for the heir, how do you guys decide who becomes the next heir?

    I try to pick an heir who has inherited at least one of each parent's eye, skin or hair colour. In gen 2, that was tricky because they all ended up similar so I went with whoever bonded with their possible partners the quickest, and that turned out to be Lyric. In gen 3, the only boy was discounted because he had all his father's colouring, so then it was down to who l Iiked the best out of the girls. Gen 4, Nellie was discounted because she inherited Dove's colouring whereas the others were a mixture; once again, I chose depending on who got along best with their partner - Arthur or Mabel. With Gen 5, I knew that I wanted the heir to be male because there was a female amongst the spouses who had red hair :) I was just lucky that Emerson turned out to have a good mix of his parent's features. And it just so happens that because of that requirement to have a mix of features, every heir has had Heath's eye colour :) So probably for Gen 6 when it happens, I'd be looking for an heir who either had Emerson's hair colour and his wife's eyes, or vice versa. (I'd really love a red-headed heir!!)

    Btw, Maggie looks like she's adorable!
  • Army008Army008 Posts: 139 Member
    Another update from me I've had time to play the last few days so update time. The first five kiddos of generation 3 have aged up and gotten married, and my last three kiddos of generation 3 have aged to teens and are doing well in school. I made some collages of each generation 2's families just to see what the kiddos look like compared to their parents.

    First up is Eloise and Imran's family
    52062910386_074d961a6c_k.jpgGen2(Eloise) by Savannah To, on Flickr

    Next up is Axel and Olive's family
    52063401150_217f61e70d_k.jpgGen2(Axel) by Savannah To, on Flickr

    Lastly, is Rhett and Kalena's family. I decided I didn't want Ethan to be heir and was going to go with Matthew but when Maggie aged up I am once again torn. To me Maggie is a perfect blend between Rhett and Kalena.
    52063143389_5969396c24_k.jpgGen2(Rhett) by Savannah To, on Flickr

    As for the marriages, Angle married Katelyn Walker, Princeton married Catalina McManus, Kory married Athena Laughlin, John married Ari Vega, and Ethan married Kristopher Zest.
    52062987068_78b684c57b_k.jpgKatelyn Walker by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52063200769_2fbd034f29_k.jpgCatalina McManus by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52063459130_5cb01e1b44_k.jpgAthena Laughlin by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52063459180_8e9db5cc9d_k.jpgAri Vega by Savannah To, on Flickr
    52062987093_82d2f8b3ed_k.jpgKristopher Zest by Savannah To, on Flickr

    Thanks to the Neighborhood stories update I didn't get to capture their weddings.

  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,620 Member
    Just before I post the latest update, I thought I'd share the family tree as it stood before Oakley's birthday. For some reason, Leo's family disappeared from the tree but I was able to get it by briefly swapping households.

    Leo's family is all boys :lol:

    Ivy's is a good mix but the black hair hasn't survived well down the generations - only Daphne has it in gen 4.

    And Lyric's is the biggest. So far MCCC has been doing its job and giving the families children but not too many to lose track of!

    @Army008 - Maggie has turned out really well! You've probably already decided on an heir but a good way of deciding in the future can be which aspiration/career you want to try next.
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,620 Member
    edited May 2022
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 4.08
    Hudson invited Emerson (and the rest of the family) out to the Bluffs. Aidan and Blaze came too, although the former got a little glitched. Peyton enjoyed the diving, Oakley (with the loner trait) went off by herself, and the parents... well, let's just say they made their own entertainment :lol:

    Mabel finally made it to Level 7 - she's now a doctor!!

    Mabel's cousins Adrienne and Blaze aged into teens.

    And so did Oakley! She rolled Goofball for her trait, and Lady of the Knits for her aspiration.

    Mabel seems to be looking at Oakley's birth certificate and wondering where that time went...

    Random pic of the two teenagers in the house :) They seem like opposites but both have Cohen's skin colour.

    Time to hit the spa with Mabel and Oakley. They met up with Miranda, Holly, and Dove who had just aged to elder. Holly was literally flat out exercising :lol:

    Oakley takes up knitting under Cohen's "expert" tutelage :lol:

    Emerson enjoys getting his father's attention

    Harvestfest! As many members of the immediate family as possible were invited over!

    Oakley receiving advice from her aunt Beatrice.

    Oakley autonomously repairing the computer with no handiness skill... she survived :smiley:

    Emerson finally got a selfie with cousin Tyson, Nellie's son. Then he put the pictures up on the wall with the four male cousins closest in age: clockwise LtoR - Hudson, Aidan, Tyson, Blaze.

    And finally it was time for our gen 5 heir to age up to teen! Emerson rolled Adventurous and the aspiration, Extreme Sports Enthusiast. So I guess he'll be spending a lot of time in Mt Komorebi :lol:

    Here are the teen comparisons. Oakley is mostly Cohen except she got Mabel's nose and face shape.

    Emerson is an extremely good mix of his parents - Mabel's eye colour, and eye and mouth (I checked this one in CAS) shape; Cohen's skin and hair colour, and nose shape.

    And here is a pic of the three teens.

    And here is the view from their lot during fall. It's so beautiful!!!
  • Army008Army008 Posts: 139 Member
    @MayaRose1138 I went with Matthew due to the fact he has blue eyes and plump lips but Maggie is by far my favorite out of the group. Also, how did you take pictures of the family trees?
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,620 Member
    @Army008 - I either used CTRL + PrintScreen or FN + PrintScreen (I can’t remember which) after opening the family tree, then I went out of the game into the Paint program and pasted the screenshot into a new file. Then I saved that file as a jpeg file. You can also use that technique to do a screenshot of the town map, which I’ve taken to doing at the start of each generation so everyone can see how the town is progressing.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,338 Member
    Hey everyone just checking in again, I am currently in the middle of moving so I will be MIA for a bit again!
  • Army008Army008 Posts: 139 Member
    Hi, @OJenn I've been good. I have been playing Stardew Valley with me daughter.
  • carlimactcarlimact Posts: 735 Member
    I too am in the middle of moving and might be a bit MIA
    I'm also recovering from bronchitis so fun. :D
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,338 Member
    Hi everyone! I am mostly all moved into my new place it's super quiet in our new apartment but it's definitely a change of pace and now I have a bit of a commute taking my little one to daycare. The good news is I still work from home so I can't complain too much ♥

    In game I have been taking things slow as I get back into the groove of things by doing a clean up of the neighborhood.

    Has anyone else toyed around with the neighborhood stories features at all? Are there any that you have turned off/on? I think I am going to leave everything on and see how it goes :lol:

    My current generation 7 heiress and her longtime girlfriend Rosie Luck finally tied the knot and she finally has someone to share that big house with.


    They got one more surpise at the end of their ceremony too, they're expecting. I am curious to see if its multiples but I am trying not to peek
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,338 Member
    Army008 wrote: »
    Hi, @OJenn I've been good. I have been playing Stardew Valley with me daughter.

    I've been meaning to check that out, I've heard it's a lot of fun!
    carlimact wrote: »
    I too am in the middle of moving and might be a bit MIA
    I'm also recovering from bronchitis so fun. :D

    I hope you're feeling better at least and your move is going/has gone smoothly ❤️
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