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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,715 Member
    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 5 (We're half-way there!!)

    In my last update, Owen aged up into a YA & moved half-way across the world to Mount Komorebi! Wouldn't you just love waking up to this view? I know I would :love:

    Owen definitely preferred the view from the slopes though. Especially when his beautiful blonde neighbor accompanied him :wink:

    Rosalie had also just moved to the area and wasn't very good at snowboarding yet, so she stuck to the easy slopes. But Owen was feeling confident and wanted to show off a bit on the intermediate slopes :sunglasses:

    He might not have been quite ready for that

    But practice makes perfect, right? They practiced all day long and were rewarded with an absolutely gorgeous sunset :love:

    And by the end of the night, Owen was doing some sick tricks on the advanced slope!! Now that's what I call extreme sports!


    That weekend, Rosalie invited him out to the spice festival in the big city. He was a bit shocked to see her talking to another guy when he arrived, but he played it cool and used the opportunity to "check in" on social media -- which gave him a nice follower boost. Oh yeah, I might've forgot to mention but he rolled Social Media / Internet Personality as his random career, which I feel it pretty fitting for an extreme sports enthusiast lol.

    When Rosalie realized Owen had arrived, she introduced the guys. His name is Connor Novak, and he is the born-in-game son of @Heckstress17 's Chad and Luani Novak :smiley: Turns out he likes rock-climbing, so he and Owen made plans to go on a mountain climbing excursion sometime in the future. Yay for making friends!

    They just enjoyed the festival for awhile -- Owen participated in the hot curry challenge and won a t-shirt! As the night went on, things really heated up between him and Rosalie as well :wink: (That poor townie looks so miserable, being stuck in the middle of their flirting :lol: Also can you tell he's a Greenburg? That nose came from Knox, I'm sure of it lol)

    Owen got to know her a little better and made sure she and Conner weren't a thing (they aren't), so he got a little bold and invited her to come back to his place after the festival...

    He tossed a coin in the fountain on their way out, for good luck :wink: (Also can you spot Thad and Piper in the background?? I'm glad to see they're having a much better social life without me :lol: )

    When they got back to Owen's know what happens next :smirk:


    Time flies when you're having fun, and summer was quickly coming to an end. Owen knew if he was going to attempt a mountain climb, he needed to do it soon before the weather got too bad.

    He and his new mountain climbing buddy Conner bought some pro climbing gear and set off on their adventure!



    Unfortunately they only made it to the second stage of the climb before Owen wasn't "skilled" enough to continue on :confused: Conner was disappointed (Owen might have exaggerated his experience a bit lol) but understood. Before they began heading back down, Owen checked in on social media -- gotta get those followers lol

    And he got a celebrity level!! His fans really love him lol

    Now being a minor celeb, Owen knew he needed something even more "extreme" to take his SimTube channel to the next level -- so he started building a rocket! (His random hobby is rocket science lol)

    His dad must watch his SimTube videos, because he invited Owen to the GeekCon festival to check out the even bigger, badder rocket ships :sunglasses:

    Of course he had to get a festival t-shirt and some other swag to give away to his SimTube fans lol

    Then he just went for it -- he hopped in one of the rockets and went on an actual space voyage!! He may not be qualified to be an astronaut whatsoever, but at least he didn't die in a fiery crash lol


    It earned him the Adrenaline Seeker lifestyle which I think is just perfect for him!

    Autumn was in full swing, and Owen had been so busy building his rocket and focusing on his career that he had honestly completely forgotten about cute neighbor Rosalie :grimace: They hadn't spoken since their romp in the sheets after the spice festival...

    ...until I saw a very angry, very prego Rosalie walk by the house. *insert face palm emoji*

    Owen "heard some rumors" and invited her over to see if they were true...they were. He asked if it was his was :sweat_smile:

    Surprisingly, he was totally cool with it! :scream:"Dude, this will be so good for my SimTube channel! My next big adventure -- fatherhood!" yeah i'm sure that's what every pregnant woman wants to hear

    Owen somehow convinced her to move in, and that's when I realized Rosalie actually hates children...literally, she has the Hates Children trait. Uh oh :grimace:

    Obviously, not being a big fan of children, she wasn't a big fan of pregnancy either...but at least she now had the space to plant some flowers in the front yard :smile: Her little garden kept her kinda sane lol

    Completely oblivious to his baby mama's suffering, Owen finally finished his rocket (minus upgrades) and took it on its very first space voyage! i'm sure that totally didn't stress out the very hormonal woman incubating his spawn

    I mean...that's a pretty awesome view though, definitely not the worst way to die :sunglasses:

    Don't worry -- Owen survived & made it up to Rosalie by taking her to the Festival of Light later that night :blush: Owen convinced her to let him have one (1) bump rub before refusing to acknowledge The Parasite's existance for the rest of the night :lol:

    I'm sure Rosalie's wish was, "I wish Owen would stop putting himself in mortal danger every five seconds, because I am NOT raising his spawn alone", and I'm sure Owen's wish was, "I wish Rosalie would go on a space voyage with me so we could woohoo in zero-G" :joy:

    That very same night, Rosalie went into labor!! You'd think she'd be more excited to get The Parasite out of her lol.

    And it was a........girl! I really want a female heir this generation so I'm happy about that! I'm going with a flower name theme this generation, because Rosalie is going to have the florist career (I've never done it and really want to)

    Rosalie immediately went back to sleep after giving birth, leaving Owen to figure out how to care for a newborn on his own lol. Thankfully he didn't seem to mind :blush:

    The next big event in their lives was Spooky Day! Owen was super excited to wear his space suit all day & play pranks on trick-or-treaters (all livestreamed for his fans of course), while Rosalie just wanted to enjoy the cool fall weather & carve some pumpkins for the garden. Opposites attract? :sweat_smile:

    When the kids began to arrive, Rosalie hid inside and started shaping a bonsai tree to de-stress lol

    All in all, it was a great Spooky Day!

    Well, until Lily woke them up screaming THREE times in the middle of the night. Yeah, I feel you Rosalie :unamused: That's 100% me as a parent lol

    One good thing came from Lily's middle-of-the-night-meltdowns (for Owen, anyway) -- it didn't take much to convince Rosalie to go on a space journey once she realized she would be literally as far away from the screaming baby as possible :sweat_smile:

    Risky woohoo, don't even think about it... :tongue:

    As soon as they entered the atmosphere & regained cell reception, Owen received a strange message. He accepted the "inheritance" and was told he would only get the money if he married within 7 days. Challenge accepted! Plus, it would make for such a great SimTube video :wink:

    He didn't waste any time. He invited the whole family out to the Humor & Hijinks festival in the city, where he had a grand proposal planned...

    Everyone got to meet Rosalie in person for the first time (of course they'd seen her in Owen's SimTube vlogs and knew all about the surprise pregnancy already), and they LOVED her! They were all hanging on her every word, plus she won the jokers vs pranksters competition for the jokesters :smile:

    Just as the festival was about to end and the fireworks started going off, Owen dropped down on one knee and pulled out a huge, sparkling diamond ring! *cue the awww soundtrack from his livestream audience*

    The crazy woman said yes! I hope she knows what she's getting herself into lol

    Honestly I'm rooting for them. They're so much fun to play, I'm loving the little bit of drama they're giving me :lol:

    Back at home, they were greeted by a TODDLER Lily!!! I got caught up in the proposal and forgot she was ready to age up...annnd of course she got the worst trait ever, clingy :unamused:

    Okay...honestly though...who could hate that absolutely adorable little bug??? I adore her :love:

    They have no room in their little Mount Komorebi house for a toddler sooooo time for a move -- back to Evergreen Harbor!! Next update will be a house tour, which I'm so excited to share with you guys :smiley:
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,715 Member
    Some comments ~~

    @OJenn Oh no, I'm sorry to hear the pics wouldn't load :confused: Let me know if you have issues with the update I just posted as well. If so, I'll look into different picture hosting options. Also congrats on your vax :smiley:

    @Francisca464 AHHH THAT'S SO EXCITING!!! I'm so happy for you guys :smiley:

    @Wentcrazy YAY an update! I missed Stinky Carly so much lol. omg Soren and Cierra are such cute kids, your sims always make the cutest friends! Their park outing looked like so much fun! I love that Stinky Carly's only best friend is cousin Karly, how perfect lol. AHH Storm and Alternate-Dimension Thalia! And Cleo!! I love seeing them in your game :blush: Aw poor Carly, she kinda is the black sheep of the family but we love her anyway! What a lovely date night for Thalia and Henry :heart: If Grandpa Zeke loves Carly, she must be heiress, it's fate! (can you tell I have a favorite lol) Omg the twins aged up and they're SOOOO cute!! Why must you make this heir choice so hard :lol: Oooo Carly picked up the family skill all on her own?! That's heir material right there :wink: Kudos is so cute, you're making me want to get another pet for my sim fam :love: Oh I hate when I lose pics! It's happened to me a few times and it's literally the worst :confused: But the pics you do have are awesome! Carly is so stinkin' cute!!! (pun intended lol) Honestly all of the kids turned out so well, but I agree that Carly is my fav. Team Carly!
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,437 Member
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 2.06
    After the double birthday last time, everyone was now able to go to the park, so even though it was cold, the family bundled up and headed over there. Dove had a mostly wonderful time, playing on the toddler jungle gym, even playing with grandpa Heath. And when she got tired of that, dad Alec was there to comfort her.
    Kit had a lot of fun too, playing with his mother and then with Dove.
    While Lark played on the space jungle gym and also spent some time socialising with some of the animals at the park.
    In another part of the park, while Alec played video games, oblivious to anything around him, Lia was working out while Heath seemed to conveying a grumpy attitude about having to watch his wife exercise. Or maybe it was too cold to be out :lol:
    Lark threw herself into childhood, joining the scouts and working on her aspiration (Rambunctious Scamp).
    Lyric and Alec took it in turns to be at home with Kit and Dove. Many activities took place like dance parties, playing dolls, playing with the cats, and creating messes (Dove is a child now and still doing this!!!)
    Kit and Dove got quite close through all the playing :lol::lol:
    Lyric is finally getting some time to work on the family skill! She had been so busy trying to level up her writing for her career, not to mention deal with three kids, that she hadn't been able to work on her vet skill.
    Members of the family often drop in. Here, Ivy seems to be in a flirty mood but Alec is unmoved and Lark seems to be going "I don't need to see this, Aunt Ivy!!"
    Lyric and Alec are still very much in love, and often leave what they're doing just to kiss :lol:
    Family dinner time! The only one missing is Winter, who ran away earlier. So far, she's run away four times!
    Winter came back within the day but Lyric wasn't impressed with how dirty she was!

    Alec and Heath get along very well. Dove is trying to join in but I'm not sure how well she could speak at this stage :sweat_smile:
    And finally, it was time for Kit's birthday!!
    He rolled the Loves Outdoors trait and the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
    I still think he looks a lot like Alec so still not likely to be heir :frowning:
    His cousin, Elijah, aged up not long afterwards. I'm hoping these two are going to be BFFs!
    And I'll finish with a picture of a gravity-defying cat...

    Lyric had been promoted to Level 8 by this point, and Alec was at level 6, despite the family leave and vacation days they had to take to make sure someone was at home with the toddlers.

    Lark is a teen now in my game and I've rolled all the traits, etc, for the three kids. Kit has ended up with a really good aspiration for this challenge but I'm still leaning towards one of the girls. Lark got an aspiration and hobby I haven't done before, and Dove has a career I haven't done. At the moment, I'm undecided which way to go, and I'm hoping one of them will stand out as a teen!
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,437 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ - Love the Mt Komorebi pics! Owen looks like he's about to land on the ski lift :lol:! That climbing skill takes a long time to level up - I'm so glad no-one in my game has had to do it yet! An oops baby with someone who hates children - well, that's going to go well!! Rosalie seems lovely though, and I love her outfit; is it from a pack or cc? Lily seems so cute! Will she end up with a couple of brothers or sisters? The rocket skill seems a bit random but that's the point of the challenge :lol:. I think I was lucky last gen because the traits/aspiration/hobbies seemed to match up really well but after rolling the final things for this generation, they don't match as well.

    @Wentcrazy - Wow, all the kids turned out good mixes of their parents! I haven't got a favourite so I'll be happy with whichever you pick as heir :smile:. Interesting that Carly is going to be outgoing when she was the least outgoing out of the three but at least that will help her find a partner since her unflirty trait won't help :lol:. And it will help with her aspiration because she'll end up friends with all her kids! Quinn's aspiration will force her over to Sulani often, which won't be a hardship :). And I'm sorry about losing your pics - I know what that's like!! Looking forward to seeing who the heir is going to be!!
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 107 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ This Mount Komorebi view <3
    Owen is looking good on the slopes though. Plus, his confidence might make up for the lack of some skills :) Holy ❤️❤️❤️❤️, those tricks :-O Owen and Rosalie are cute and I can tell that Owen is somewhat jealous when he doesn't get the attention. It's so nice that Conner and Owen go climbing together. Always good to have buddies who have similar interests.
    Oh my... Rosalie having a baby bump... guess someone wasn't careful enough. His reaction :D:D It's gonna be an adventure for the both of them, especially since she hates children^^So the parasite is called Lily <3 hopefully Rosalie will take a liking to the little girl! Oh, the inheritance call - of course that's the logical step now :D Congrats on the engagement! Lily is such a cutie <3 God, I'm so excited about the new house!

    Stinky Carly is everyone's favorite it seems :D But yeah, she is such a great sim and I really like playing her. When they all were kids, I put the knitting stuff in everyone's "bag" but Carly is the only one who used it. Plus Yoga. It's like it is fate. And you said it, if grandpa Zeke adores her, it's meant to be :D And talking about fate... wait til you see my next update^^ Sometimes sims have a mind of their own^^ :D

    @MayaRose1138 Your family's trip to the park is so nice! I love that the family plays with the little ones. It seems like everyone in your family is so close! I wish my current household would be like that :D Lyric and Alec are so in love, I really enjoy their relationship. Yay for the birthday! Alec might look a lot like his father but he is definitely cute!

    I feel I'm so lucky with my genetics so far! I love how all of the kids have turned out but Carly ever had my heart since she was a stinky toddler, so she will always be special. But the twins are great as well and they do have interesting aspirations. You'll definitely know for sure in my next update who is going to be the heir :D
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  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 107 Member
    So, I definitely decided that Carly is going to be my heir this generation. I wanted to give her siblings a chance to but the universe (aka the twins) decided they don't want to run for heir after all :D
    This might be a spoiler but Finn and Quinn are very close and Carly is definitely the outsider and barely hangs out with her siblings (they kinda get along but well... guess they just aren't best friends). You'll know what I mean after the update :D

    Generation 3
    Chapter 7

    First off, here's a new picture of my heir Carly with her cousin Karly. Can you tell they are related?

    This is what a typical day looks like with the teens. If they hang out, Finn and Quinn are usually very close while Carly is somewhat distanced. It's just weird.

    Quinn is having such a huge crush on Soren (who grew out of his read hair in case you've wondered). She even tried to hit on him (I mean he is handsome).

    Carly saw this guy outside of their house. It turned out he is the brother of Finn's best friend.

    Of course she was there as well.

    I mean there's no harm in having a guy around, is there?

    Back to Quinn and Soren. She went all in.

    They wouldn't be twins if Finn wouldn't tell Cierra that he really liked her, right?

    Of course they made things official.

    A twin's gotta do what they have to do, right?

    To be fair, I get why Quinn likes Soren. At this point I already felt bad if I would choose Quinn for heir as I really like her with Soren.

    I was so distracted by the couple, that I nearly missed what was going on downstairs.

    Yes, Finn, I'm shocked as well. You're teens ffs! (he said yes btw)

    Back upstairs, Cierra's brother was suddenly super angry the whole time.

    It's not easy figuring out that he liked Quinn apparently and only hung out with Carly to be closer to Quinn. But now that Quinn was in a relationship with Soren... goodbye Cierra's brother!

    For once, I managed to have all the siblings and Thalia having lunch together. As mentioned, Carly is usually not around them and she doesn't have the best relationship with her family.

    Thalia also adopted a new kitten: Molly.

    Since Finn and Cierra were engaged now, I decided to let the family meet each other (at least). Cierra's dad wasn't the greatest fan of Finn but he seemed to really like Thalia though.

    Of course the family also went and met Soren's family (thank good I did!).

    I had no idea where Soren lived when she started dating him but he actually lives on Sulani (perfect for Quinn!). The place is not the best though and I guess Soren does not take after his dad :D He has two younger siblings but it was too dark to take any good pictures inside.

    Just a few days later, Quinn invited Soren back to her place (to share some news).

    Meanwhile, Carly tried to figure out why everyone was treating her differently. Her brother didn't seem to be a good help though. He did suggest to Carly to try some of their parents' hobbies to feel closer to them, so of course Carly tried.

    Back to Quinn and her news. In case you haven't figured it out yet, here are some more reactions.

    After that (shocking) news, Henry and Thalia had *the talk* with their other kids (too late, guys).

    By the way, some random pictures of Thalia and Henry with the twins.

    Carly was so devastated after the talk her mother had given her. She couldn't understand why she had to be punished with *the talk* until Quinn told her the news as well.

    Well, she did not take it too well. One of the reasons could be that her parents had told her, that her sister needed some extra attention now. Of course Carly felt rejected (again).

    Fortunately, she has her group of girlfriends. Addyson, Karen and of course (missing in the first picture) her best friend Karly.

    Some family pictures of the kids (who used to be Thalia's model as a kid? :D)

    Time passed by and soon Quinn looked like this.

    It was time for Thalia to give up the garage aka her workout space as they needed more room for the nooboo. This gives me a good opportunity to show you the teens' rooms.
    First off, Finn's, then Carly's and lastly Quinn's new room that she will share with her baby.

    Quinn tried to make amends with her sister Carly as she was the only one who didn't seem to be too happy these past days. So she asked her younger sister if she wanted to feel the baby.

    Also, Molly aged into an adult. I'm happy to report that she and Kudos are both healthy :D

    Thalia showed Rose the new room as at one point they had to know that they would soon be great-grandparents.

    Soren was really excited to become a dad and loved rubbing Quinn's belly.

    Then, I nearly missed this.

    Carly needed to get out of the house as everything was about the nooboo. What better place to go than your grandparents' house?

    She met her grandmother Rose in the backyard and played some chess with her while telling her and her grandfather about the issues she had at home.

    They tried to cheer her and told her that there was a solution to every problem.

    Back at home, it was go-time.

    That's a face of regret.

    But, Quinn survived, had a single birth and named the baby boy Nico. Of course everyone wanted to see the newborn.

    Yes, even Carly. While tending to her nephew, she finally knew what she had to do.

    "Hey, Mom, Dad. I want to move out. You need the extra space for Nico anyway."

    "Think of all the benefits. One less mouth to feed."

    Let's say they were not excited.

    Once the teens were off to school, Thalia and Henry talked about Carly's proposal. They couldn't see their teenage daughter moving out to live on her own.
    So instead, Thalia came up with another idea.

    After Rose and Zeke met their great-grandson, she spoke to them about Carly's issues and all agreed that Carly couldn't live on their own (yet).

    However, they found a solution.

    Of course, Zeke was the one who told Carly.

    Then, it was time to say "goodbye"

    Carly was super excited to move in with her grandparents, especially since she has a special bond with Zeke.

    Both grandparents welcomed her into their home but set some ground rules (curfew, household tasks,...). So while Rose was preparing dinner, Carly set the table.

    Later, she went to see her new bedroom as her grandparents have told her they had changed their kids' rooms into a bigger room all for Carly.
    When she entered, Carly was shocked. Her room was not only much better than expected, her grandparents had also brought her a small welcome gift: a brand new snowboard!

    That night, Carly was really happy for the first time in a while.

    Sooo, since a lot has happened in my game, I've decided to give Carly a break and focus on her siblings for a while. Meaning, until the twins are young adults, I will focus on them and then go back to Carly until she is a YA herself. I just can't deal with all of them :D
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,245 Member
    awwwwww @Wentcrazy I was really starting to feel bad for poor Carly I'm a big fan ♥ but I am so glad for the final solution of her living with her grandparents. I've kind of been missing Rose and Zeke anyway :)
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,715 Member
    edited May 21
    How does everyone feel about the new pack??? I'm SOOO excited, I can't wait for the 1st to play it!! I'm buying it the second it releases :smiley: I'm also curious to see what's in this month's patch, since they're doing a whole "summer of sims" thing. I have a house tour to post, but I feel like the house will change a bit (or a lot lol) once the new pack comes out so don't get too attached :wink::lol:

    @MayaRose1138 I love the park pics, my fav is the one of the toddler playground with all of the "imagination" art, oh and Lark playing with the dog :blush: Having two toddlers at once looks stressful but also so fun, I love how close they are! Aw Kit is a handsome young man -- looks so much like his dad! I can't wait to see the teens, that's when the genetics really show themselves.

    Rosalie's outfits mostly come from the new Paranormal stuff pack! The CAS items are all very boho themed and I love them!

    @Wentcrazy I was so shocked when Rosalie turned up pregnant, it was so soon! I totally wasn't ready - I wanted him to complete his aspiration and move back to Willow Creek first :grimace: The inheritance call was a great excuse to get them engaged/married though. I'm sure Rosalie will come around to Lily...maybe when she's a teenager :sweat_smile:

    Quinn and Soren make such a cute couple! Aww and Finn and Cierra as well! I'm so happy the twins found love :blush: Whaaat Cierra proposed and they're only TEENS?!! :open_mouth: Thalia's kitten is too cute omg, she's a little tiger! :love: How fitting that Soren lives in Sulani! Even if he lives in an old shipwreck...... :sweat_smile: Whaaaaat Quinn's preggo?? Isn't she still a teen too?? These teens are wild! Meanwhile Carly being like the only normal, sane child in the family, just doing yoga and exercising and hanging out with her normal teen friends playing games :lol: Good for Carly lol. Good for Soren stepping up to be a father and asking Quinn to marry him though! That's a responsible-ish teen lol. Congrats on a baby boy, I'm sure Henry and Thalia love being grandparents now that Nico is here. And its good that Carly's getting some parenting practice :wink: Aw I'm sure Carly will love living with her grandparents :smiley: Can't wait for your next update!
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,715 Member
    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 5 House Tour

    I chose floorplan A for this generation and tried to make the exterior fit the Evergreen Harbor vibe :smile: I kinda gave up on the landscaping, so hopefully that will improve as I get the motivation to try harder :sweat_smile: I'll also probably change some of the colors/decor once the new pack comes out, because I'm so excited to use all of those great new build/buy objects :smiley:

    It wasn't included in the floorplan, but I had the space to add a fenced-in backyard for Rosalie to plant a small garden.


    living room

    dining room

    kitchen (I don't hate it by any means, but I'll probably replace these cabinets with some from the new pack); not pictured: downstairs half-bathroom

    upstairs landing/laundry room

    upstairs full bathroom

    Lily's bedroom :blush:


    master bedroom - I tried to mix Rosalie's boho vibe with Owen's adventurous vibe and I think it turned out okay. I also gave Owen a video recording table, but Idk if he'll ever use it tbh lol :tongue:


    Upper Floor floorplan

    Ground Floor floorplan
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,245 Member
    How does everyone feel about the new pack??? I'm SOOO excited, I can't wait for the 1st to play it!! I'm buying it the second it releases :smiley: I'm also curious to see what's in this month's patch, since they're doing a whole "summer of sims" thing. I have a house tour to post, but I feel like the house will change a bit (or a lot lol) once the new pack comes out so don't get too attached :wink::lol:

    I think we all now how I feel about the new pack given what I do irl!!! I think I missed the date for the new pack, is it soon? Also I am super excited about the latest kit and I love the colors in it. I am so tempted to redecorate Dory's place, I kind of slowed down play when I heard there was a new pack.

    It's definitely giving me MAJOR HGTV vibes and making me think about my favorite twin designers (Drew & Scott) and I adore the sim they chose as well as the voice actor for the trailer. This is the happiest I have been about a pack in a while. I am so tempted to make the Greenes a household name of builders and designers now!!!

    Okay, okay I thing I've calmed down enough to read your update (I may have also been secretly going slow to play alongside you this gen :wink: )
    I absolutely love the outdoor space you added to the house it's very cozy and I know Rosalie will love it too ♥ The kitchen is probably my favorite part, orange is the new black :smirk: And Lily's room is so pink and girl :hushed: perfect for a growing todd. I really need to finish decorating, I have some empty rooms lol
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,298 Member
    Hi guys! Look at how far everyone's families have come! :bawling: I hate that I've missed so much and been away so long. I just skimmed through the last page of the thread and I'm planning to get fully caught up tomorrow morning. I really miss being here. I can't promise I'll comment in depth, but I'm sure I'll have at least a little something to say about everyone's updates. :heart: and @JordanNicoleJJ that house is absolutely adorable! #goals
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  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,437 Member
    How does everyone feel about the new pack??? I'm SOOO excited, I can't wait for the 1st to play it!! I'm buying it the second it releases :smiley: I'm also curious to see what's in this month's patch, since they're doing a whole "summer of sims" thing. I have a house tour to post, but I feel like the house will change a bit (or a lot lol) once the new pack comes out so don't get too attached :wink::lol:

    @MayaRose1138 I love the park pics, my fav is the one of the toddler playground with all of the "imagination" art, oh and Lark playing with the dog :blush: Having two toddlers at once looks stressful but also so fun, I love how close they are! Aw Kit is a handsome young man -- looks so much like his dad! I can't wait to see the teens, that's when the genetics really show themselves.

    Rosalie's outfits mostly come from the new Paranormal stuff pack! The CAS items are all very boho themed and I love them!

    I'm not sure about the new pack yet. The architect career doesn't excite me at the moment because I'm not the best decorator out there :lol:. I never played it in Sims 3 but that was more to do with computer crashes than anything else. But I'll be interested to see what BB there is because I could always use more furniture :) The house tour looks great as it is but I'm sure I'm going to love seeing it with all the changes!!

    I'm so happy with the way the park turned out, and it's getting a lot of use (in Sims 3, my sims barely left their homes some generations :lol:). The next gen will definitely need to use it a lot because there's no play space at all for the kids! I might be able to put some toddler stuff in there though. I love having multiple toddlers... although let's see whether I say that after someone has triplets!!! I might be able to get to one of the teens in the next update - I am so far ahead in my playing that they are all teens now! And I still don't know who to chose! Lark may be slightly more genetically diverse but only by one feature - she and Dove are still virtually identical.

    @Wentcrazy - wow, what an action packed update!! Quinn having a baby, Finn getting engaged, and Carly moving out... it was like watching an episode of daytime tv!! Interesting choice to move Carly out for a while but I can understand that, and it will be good for her to spend time with her grandparents before taking of the mantle of heir!
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,437 Member
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 2.07
    Warning, huge update ahead!
    Since he had the artistic prodigy aspiraiton, Kit got a violin for his birthday. Mickey wasn't too pleased about this :lol:
    Not too long afterwards, it was time for Winterfest. There was tree decorating and the opening of presents...
    ...before heading off to visit family. First up was Ivy and Elijah, where Kit got started on making his cousin his BFF.
    Then it was over to see Leo and Xavier...
    ...before ending up at Lia and Heath's, where the kids took advantage of it being their grandparents place and created some messes that they wouldn't have otherwise :lol:
    And finally it was back home again in time for Father Winter to arrive. The kids were all enthusiastic... well, Dove was a bit wary at first, but soon warmed up enough to get her present :lol:
    Time passed and before long, it was time for Dove's birthday!
    She rolled Proper for her trait, and Whiz Kid for her aspiration.
    Lyric enjoyed having all her children the same age and doing things like reading to them. She also enjoyed playing chess with Dove.
    Lyric discovered that the heaters they had bought for the house were somewhat of a danger... fortunately, she was on hand to put the fire out.
    Xavier enjoyed coming over and visiting his cousins. Here he is playing on Lark's violin while Dove experiments with her chemisty set, and also just spending time with his cousins.
    Having so many cats around sometimes played havoc with dinner time!
    Fortunately, with Lyric studying up on her vet skills, she could now cure her own pets when Winter fell ill.
    Then it was off to Granite Falls for the usual vacation. The kids enjoyed fishing, while Lyric and Alec used the time to reconnect with each other. Dove and Lark also became BFFs. They also enjoyed New Year's Eve while they were there.
    When they got back, Kit worked on becoming BFFs again with Elijah.
    Heath and Lia aged into elders but that didn't slow them down any with visiting.
    Both Brooke and Ivy ended up pregnant again after Winterfest, which Lyric was happy about!
    Xavier celebrated his teen birthday while visiting one day. He looks a lot like his father! His cousins were still eager for his attention and he was happy to give it.
    A better view of Xavier.
    Mickey ended up getting sick too.
    Dove decided she wanted to try the violin like her older siblings.
    Lia often visits to spend time with her grandchildren... and to clean showers, apparently :lol:
    And finally, it was Lark's teen birthday!!
    She rolled Music Lover, with Lady of the Knits as her aspiration and snowboarding as her hobby.
    Here is her comparison with her parents. She has Lyric's eye shape and possibly face shape, but her nose and mouth shapes are different to both parents.
    Here is Dove's comparision with her parents.
    So, Lark has an aspiration I haven't done and her career is going to be self-employed, which kind of fits with her aspiration. Dove has an aspiration I've done but enjoyed, and a career I haven't done (which I'm not going to reveal yet). I don't know who to choose!!!!!!!!!!!
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    300+ updates since I last snuck in here. You guys have been so busy! Your families look awesome too.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,245 Member
    @MayaRose1138 - Thats a tough heir decision so far I am really loving Lark but it may be because I can see her genetics more since she is a teen. I'll throw in a vote for Lark ♥
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,245 Member
    In my last update, Dory had just moved into her new home and invited her friends and fam over for a house warming party. It was really great seeing everyone all in one place.

    Afterward she attended her high school reunion in Granite Falls where she ran into her old pals Mateo and Tomas. She and Tomas really hit it off and found out they had a lot in common with each other.

    Since the reuinion, these two have been nearly inseparable and Tomas is always coming over to Dory's place to keep her company and help around the house.



    Tomas even listens to Dory's wild ideas for change in the town ♥

    When Tomas isn't over Dory still has her pal Jewel who is such a good kitty.

    And boy does Jewel have a personality, they like to sleep just about anywhere and we aren't sleeping they want all of Dory's attention

    Tomas doesn't even live in Evergreen Harbor but he often jogs by on his morning runs. Not even the snow deters him

    Eventually Dory reached the top of her career and is now a City Master Planner

    I also could not resist giving her this hair that we got ♥ I love it on her

    Even with her busy schedule Dory still makes time to catch up with her parents. I always imagine they are discussing gardening or property values :lol:



    Back to Dory's love life: she and Tomas have been on several dates now and things are looking good. She hopes to eventually ask him to move in


    I think he even has Jewel's approval as well, who knows maybe she can put in a good purr for him.

    Anyways that's my little boring update for now, Happy Simming everyone!
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  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,437 Member
    edited May 29
    I’m liking the likes/dislikes system so far. I can ‘like’ most of the hobbies that the teens have rolled or need to know for their aspirations, and dislike things such as heavy metal music! Kit, in particular, tends to sit in the rocking chair to do his homework or read, and listens to his favourite music at the same time!

    @Ojenn - lovely update! Dory and Tomas look good together and now that Dory has reached the top of her career, she will be able to take some time off to produce that heir 😆. I’ll hopefully get another update out tomorrow that will have Kit’s, and maybe Dove’s, teen birthdays, along with a new kitten! The only difference between Dove and Lark Is their lip shape! In playing today, I have 90% decided on an heir. The girls got to meet their potential partners, and one pair hit it off really well, and they are so cute together that I’ve pretty much decided that they’re going to continue the legacy. But I’m not going to reveal that yet in case I change my mind 🤣. I’m happy with my choice though, and have worked out the transition storyline from one generation to the next. And the house was built one generation ago and has been waiting in my library since then 😂.

    @Rawla - good to see you back, even if it’s in a lurking capacity 😄.
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    Has anyone ever played a Proper sim before? When I was getting Dove to try out some romantic interactions, she would have actions such as ‘court’ or ‘attempt to swoon’ or ‘make scandalous suggestion’ rather than ‘flirt’ or ‘tell dirty joke’ 🤣. It was so much fun! Incidentally, I think her swooning failed 🤣.
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,437 Member
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 2.08
    Lark wasted no time after her birthday in learning how to knit.
    She also spent some time getting to know the cats.
    Xavier still came around often, especially since he now had a cousin his age, though Lark still spent plenty of time with her siblings.
    Those heaters are more trouble than they're worth sometimes!!!
    Lyric and Alec can now go out on dates again, though finding the time with their busy schedules is still tricky.
    Kit still spends a lot of time with cousin and BFF Elijah.
    Leo and Brooke had baby Raiden, while Ivy and Amos had baby Kelley. Out of the seven children of this generation, four have black hair and three have blonde.
    Lark managed to cook something without it catching on fire. In fact, no child in this generation so far has caused or caught on fire :lol:
    Back to Mt Komorebi for their annual holiday! The Festival of Light was on so they all went. Unfortunately, Kit and Dove weren't able to wear the festival costumes :disappointed:
    The next day was filled with fun activites. Dove and Lyric made a snowpal before Dove tried her hand at sledding and skiing. Kit also tried sledding and skiing, while Lark was into snowboarding. Lyric wasn't there for some of it because she has the workaholic lifestyle and keeps disappearing from vacations!!
    Relaxing in the hot springs afterwards was perfect for sore muscles.
    Even the Flower Bunny thought so, arriving at the Onsen for a dance party with the children :sweat_smile:
    The final morning was fairly laid back and they just did ordinary things, especially as it was Kit's teen birthday!
    He rolled Snob, plus Soulmate for his aspiration and Photography for his hobby. Soulmate would have been perfect if he was heir :disappointed:
    He is very weirdly proportioned though...
    And here is a comparison of Kit and his parents. His nose is listed in CAS as being very close to Lyric's but other than that, he is his father.
    Two teens down, one to go. I might be able to get the next update out in a couple of days so we can get to Dove's birthday.

  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,437 Member
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 2.09
    Nothing is better than cake for breakfast :lol:
    First on the agenda for the morning was some more skiing/snowboarding/sledding. Lark and Dove enjoyed their time but Kit hadn't grown more co-ordinated with age :sweat_smile:
    Then it was onto the Festival of Youth, where selfies were taken and Dove won a prize for finding all the Voidcritters.
    Lia and Heath were there too and were able to spend time with their teen grandchildren.
    This is King Winkler, William's son with a random townie :)
    Back at home, Kit is still BFFs with Elijah, even though he's still a child.
    Kit also tried exercising but still isn't a fan :lol:
    Xavier came over for a visit... again! Guess which one is him and which is Kit? They are so alike!
    Project night, with Xavier helping.
    Elijah aged to teen and then came over to visit. Lyric, in the background, is telling Ivy about the fact that she reached the top of the Journalist career!
    After an issue with not being able to breed Winter and Mickey together, they eventually gained a daughter, Honey, who is almost exactly like her mother except for her green eyes. She is Fluffy, Affectionate and a Prowler.
    And finally it was Dove's teen birthday! She finished all the aspirations! She rolled Romantic, with the aspiration Hope Vs Order (Resistance), and Video Gaming as her hobby.
    Here is her comparison with her parents. She has Kit's hair colour, an unknown nose shape, and the rest seems to be Lyric (except she's missing the chin dimple).
    And here is a comparison with all the kids. As you can see, Lark and Dove are almost identical, whereas Kit is almost completely opposite to his sisters!
    So. there you have it! All kids are finally teens. I can't play any further at the moment though because for some reason, Lark won't age into YA :disappointed: . But at this point, I was undecided between having Lark's knitting aspiration (and the fact that she seems to interact with the cats more) and having Dove's career, which will be Secret Agent (Diamond Agent). I also like Dove's aspiration and having done it once before, I know how to do it.

    Basically, it all came down to who got along better with the potential mates. The heir will be revealed in the next update.... :wink:

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    @MayaRose1138 - I have been trying to post forever now to comment, it keeps getting eaten up :cry: Kit is probably my favorite as far as genetics are concerned and I can't wait to see who you pick for heir ♥

  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,437 Member
    OJenn wrote: »
    @MayaRose1138 - I have been trying to post forever now to comment, it keeps getting eaten up :cry: Kit is probably my favorite as far as genetics are concerned and I can't wait to see who you pick for heir ♥

    Urgh, I hate it when the forum doesn’t work properly! At least you got something out! Kit is adorable, and quite a sweetheart, but I’ve still discounted him as an heir because he is virtually his father. Lark and Dove are also very much like their mother but at least they’ve got different noses to the rest of the family, and their colours are shared between parents. Interestingly, it may not have mattered if I’d picked Leo to be heir last gen because this gen, either of the girls could be his daughter! I hope you like who I’ve picked as heir - she and her future partner get along really well and they’re adorable together 🥰.
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    Tiny Update
    Things between Tomas and Dory have been going really well


    Tomas is still a frequent visitor at Dory's place an she's been enjoying his company

    They go on dates once a week to the "local" coffee shop in Willow Creek

    When Dory isn't with Tomas she spends time with her brother Nemo

    One night after dinner with Tomas and her brother there was a surprise...Nemo is totally in on it look at that smile

    Needless to say Dory was surprised and elated

    Even Jewel was there for the proposal and I think that's the face of approval :lol:

    After taking a look at Tomas' profile it's plain to see that these two are meant to be ♥

    They wasted no time tying the knot under the stars in Dory's garden



    That's it for now, happy simming!
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    Hey ya'll! Still lurking :smile: I'm giving all the townies makeovers (again) before I start playing again :tongue: But I'll be back with an update + comments soon ish!
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