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Making Plants Change With the Seasons

Hello, so I've figured out some things, but I need help figuring out how to get further. I know what setting in S4S gets plants to change the color of their leaves for the seasons, but here's what I haven't figured out:

1. How does EA make only a certain part of the plant change colors for the seasons? They have this working with trees, but anytime you tell, say, a potted plant to change colors for seasons the whole object does, including the vase.
2. How exactly do you determine what color a plant changes to for Fall/Winter? I see the DormantFoliageColor setting, but I've never seen results when I've tried to edit it.
2. How do you get a plant to lose its flowers for the Fall/Winter?
3. How do you get a plant (not just trees) to lose its leaves for the Fall/Winter?

I've noticed that when I see custom content plants they haven't figured out some of these questions either, so it's not just me.
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