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Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story

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@CravenLestat gifted me a ghost sim with a sad story.

This is his story about how she became a ghost.
The Mary Kendall Story :(

Mary was a only child born to a poor family from the town of Riverview.She was never popular and never had friends and always treated as the outcast.But her family raised her well and even though quirky she was a child genius from an early age.As she grew up into a beautiful young woman she had always dreamed of becoming a doctor and making lots of money to repay her family's love.

Now 20 with a full medical scholorship she headed off to University to pursue her goal of becoming a surgeon.All throughout her first semester people laughed at her because she was clumsy and the ones that spoke to her found her awkward eventually she found herself alone in the world.Day after day the same routine of studying and sitting by herself eating lunch under a pine tree while wishing she was part of the popular crowd.

Three days before winter break a representative was to be chosen from the class to a full internship at the most prestigious hospital in the state.Mary excitedly went to class that afternoon knowing it was between herself and Kerry the most popular girl in her campus.After class the professor called her and Kerry in front of the class announced the name of the winner of the internship....


Mary Kendall

The room grew silent you could hear a pin drop and a confused Mary turned to shake the hand of her competition.Instead there was no hand to meet hers just a stare that could melt steel.She ran out the class to her dorm and slammed the door shut.What should be an exciting moment in her life had caused her to cry instead.

Friday rolled around one day before everyone headed out to break and as Mary was having her lunch under the tree she heard her name.As she looked up there stood the popular group led by Kerry who then said

"We are spending winter break at my parents ski lodge and as a way to celebrate your victory I was wondering if you didn't have plans if you wanted to come along"

A stunned Mary fumbled her words for a minute trying to contain herself as not to add embarrassment from over excitement."Yes I would love to she explained" wondering to herself if this was a dream or a joke.They told her to pack and be ready by morning and an exstatic Mary jumped up and darted towards her dorm and tripped on a tree root.Waiting to be laughed at she noticed not a single snicker was to be heard.Could this be real any other time they would have belittled and poked fun but maybe this time is real.For the first time in her life she felt alive and continued to her room to pack.

Early the next morning she watched as her new friends pulled up and happily tossed her luggage in the cargo space and sat in the back of the minivan.The girls all laughed and talked the entire trip and noticed the heavy snow now falling as they drove further up the secluded mountain.They arrived at the huge lodge belonging to Kerry's wealthy family it was unlike anything a poor girl like Mary had ever seen in her life.

After heading in everyone was given a room and they decided to rest until nightfall and have dinner later after a long trip.At dinner they talked about making smores in the fire and afterwards going and building a snowman together.Everyone headed outside the snow was deep but beautiful and they all started to roll the pieces for the snowman.As Mary began to place the round head she had made for the snowman she did not notice the other girls slip away and then ....

"Did you think you could just kill my dreams Mary!!! you think you are so great do you realize you ruined my life"

"Since you are so great I assume you can also find your way home"

"Nite nite..."

The last thing she saw was them rolling in laughter as she ran to the door and then it slammed in her face as the porchlight went out.She was scared because she had not worn a coat and it was only 11 degrees out.

"Please guys this isn't funny open the door" she said with tears beginning to freeze on her face.She walked around the huge castle like lodge trying every door and all the windows were covered by iron bars to prevent burglary during the offseason.Her body now like ice and uncontrollably shaking she headed back to use the minivan as shelter but was tired from the walking in deep snow and sat to rest for a moment by her still unfinished snowman.


This is your ghost @bekkasan <3

I want to give her a happier ending. I hope that I can.
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    I want to see how this turns out.🍿🥤

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    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story

    Mary stretches and opens her eyes. Soft, fluffy piles of snow are covering the world around her. The air is crisp and the landscape appears frozen in time. The snow has stopped falling. The night sky has turned the world a strangely bitter blue and it is freezing cold. She is totally creeped out as she stands in the snow that is freezing her already frozen limbs.
    She thinks to herself. "Why, oh why, can I not wake in summer. Beautiful blue skies, magnificent thunderstorms, the smell of freshly cut grass, the buzzing of bees as they collect honey, glorious fry your feet on the pavement heat...summer."
    She sighs and a misty cloud forms in front of her face as her breath frosts.
    "Sugarsmacks! I've awakened again for what purpose? To haunt the lodge until the fates release me back into my grave. This is not my idea of heaven. I guess this could be hell...awakening every winter and disappearing every spring. I've lost track of how many years it has been. By the dates on the newspapers, the Fates occasionally left me alone to sleep for many years at a time. I hope no one is living in the house, but they are easily gotten rid of if that is the case."
    Mary turns around and peers at the grave marker. She tries to enter but it is blocked as usual.
    She shouts into the wind that has suddenly picked up. "The Fates are cruel! Vicious! Wicked! Will this torment ever end?"

    The ghost floats around the house looking at the changes since her last visitation. Most of the windows are now boarded up. More holes have appeared in the foundation and most of the fence is missing. The plantings are dying or already dead from neglect. It's possible it has been several years since her last awakening. She hopes a paper will be delivered but if not she will go to town later. She notices several ghost gnomes on the property.
    "Good they are still here. That ought to help keep anyone from buying the place. I wish I knew why they stay and I don't. They couldn't explain it, except that I was probably tied to winter because of my untimely death. was MURDER! Outright murder! I hope those peahens got their just rewards for their despicable act!"

    Mary lights a fire and tries to warm her freezing body. Even the warmth of the fire does not touch her core and she remains frozen. Her teeth chatter and she shivers constantly.
    "What a cruel trick to play on a young girl who only wanted friendship."
    Mary sobs, overwhelmed by grief.

    Once she has cried all she can cry she explores the house. Amazing how many tenants leave stuff behind. She finds some old luggage in the stairwell and goes through it carefully. Her stash of funds was hidden well in the attic, but it would be nice to find some forgotten cash to add to it.
    "What careless people left these warm outfits and blankets. Perhaps the ghosts did such a good job of haunting they left in a hurry leaving all this behind. That's ok, these will make a nice nest for me and some new outfits to wear." She smiles happily and more so when she finds a few simoleons as well. More to add to her stash.
    A bed was left in the large upstairs bedroom and she puts sheets and blankets on it and lights the fireplace to warm the room. She laughs wondering what the townsfolk will think seeing smoke from the chimneys of the lodge.
    "I wonder who took the wall down that divided the room?"
    She floats up into the hidden attic and notices her belongings are still safe. No one has found the hidden entrance. She makes her way into the real attic and finds a bookcase and trunk. "Good, I will have some reading material. I hope they are fairly recent books."
    The trunk has some oil lamps and oil for lighting and a few boxes she will explore later.

    Her stomach growls and Mary wonders why the Fates made it so ghosts need to eat? The stove still works and she fixes a bowl of soup enjoying the warmth as she swallows but it still doesn't warm her up. Her teeth stop chattering so that is a plus.

    Mary wanders around outside after eating and finds someone has built a snowman. She is startled by the snowman and very disturbed by it. She knows a snowman had something to do with her death and she is frightened and angry. Her instinct kicks in and she jumps on the snowman destroying it. "Winter schminter! I HATE WINTER!!", Mary exclaims to the world at large.
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    @bekkasan Umm...can I say WOW! :open_mouth: This is a fantastic start to Mary's continuing story!!! :star: And you just cranked it out like a writing Pro! :blush:

    The descriptions you used, 👍 I could totally visualize the cold winter landscape and how frozen she herself is feeling.
    "Sugarsmacks!" :lol: Never heard that one before!
    The fates in this story do seem to be very cruel indeed. :( (But I can't help thinking, don't we wonder the same about God sometimes? :confused: Then we come to find... ;) ). Anyhoo! :p
    Darn right it was murder! I sure hope those girls got what they deserved too! :angry:
    So sad to see her cry. :cry: I bet she doesn't want to spend eternity doing that...
    I'd like to believe that one of my stories is in book form and stashed up there in the attic. :mrgreen: Hee hee!
    Hmm, who built the snowman I wonder? 🤔 I don't blame her in the least for destroying it.

    I am really looking forward to more! :smiley:
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    Poor Mary! Eternal winter would be awful, and even worse for her, having died because of it. Interesting start to Mary's story, and I really hope things will get better for her. I'm angry to the bullies who caused her death :angry: .
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    @emorrill Thanks so much for the quick and awesome comments! :smiley:
    You are so sweet. I'm enjoying playing her so it was really fun writing it.
    You've never heard Sugarsmacks before? Just a nice way to say a meaningful expletive. :lol:
    We do sometimes think that about God. I'm guilty of that and I've certainly learned I need to trust him more.
    It was sad watching her cry. :cry: I've got her on autonomous except when I need her to do something specific so it is fun watching what she is doing. Hard just playing one sim for me though. lol More will be joining the household soon, including the hunky picture I shared with you.
    Yes, shame you can't make some cc books with your stories!
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    @meerkattime Thanks so much for commenting! :smiley:
    I would get tired of all that snow and cold too, so I don't blame her for feeling so bad and screaming about it. :lol:
    I'm sure hoping for a better outcome for her.
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    Oh my god ! I really hope she gets some revenge for what they have done to her :( Good story, keep it up !
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,140 Member

    @dawnmayer Thanks for commenting. :smiley:
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    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    Burnt offerings

    Feeling much better after the soup, a good cry, and beating up a snowman, Mary enters the house and stokes up the fire to try to warm up. She backs up to the fire and visualizes the heat from the fireplace warming her body. "This is blissful."

    Suddenly she feels some real warmth for the first time in many a year.
    "Oh, criminy! I stoked the fire too high."
    She moves across the room to be sure her ghostly garment did not catch fire. Nope...all is well. But, not with the fireplace. One of the flame ghosts appears in the room descending from the ceiling. She is attracted to the flames and does nothing whatsoever to help put the fire out. Mary floats to the kitchen, grabs the fire extinguisher, and floats back to the fire. The flames are climbing higher and no sign of the fire department. Mary is sweating for the first time since well before her death. Her adrenaline levels must be on top of the roof even though she is moving at a ghost's snail pace. Hurry, Mary, Hurry! She likes being warm but does not want her house burning down. She sprays the foam on the flames. The foam stops spraying and Mary shakes the canister and looks in the sprayer to see if she can find a clog. (please don't push the handle right now Mary) She finally gets the extinguisher working and puts the fire out. No help from the other ghosts who showed up. They either panicked and screamed or offered really bad advice.

    Exhausted after the fire and needing to clean the smoke and soot off, Mary takes a long leisurely bubble bath. She checks her face and hair in the mirror to see if she got any fire damage. Nope. Crawling in the bed she snuggles under all the new blankets enjoying the warmth she is feeling. Mary sighs knowing she will be freezing again by morning. She falls asleep exhausted after her day.

    Over the next few days, she tries to become accustomed to being a living ghost again. She had learned the basics of cooking over the years but definitely has not perfected the practice.

    "So, who said there was anything wrong with ice cream for breakfast?"

    Mary leaves the house in the evenings as dusk is coming. She stays up high so the residents don't see her. She is shy and socially awkward even as a ghost. The few people that have seen her have run screaming away vowing to stop drinking or passed out in the snow. She doesn't want to leave them in the snow to join her in death so she will drag them to a nearby building and push them inside. It is very hard to drag people! She avoids the town and people as much as she can now. She purchases food and anything else she wants through this thing called the internet. She ahem...borrowed a tablet from one of the renters during one of her other winters...after watching him work it to learn how to use it of course. It has stayed in her hidden attic and miraculously still works. They did not have those back in her day. They had humongous computers that took up entire rooms, not these little portable ones.
    The snow has almost stopped and she is awed by how beautiful the town appears despite the cold winter night. Back at the house, the fireplace caught fire again. Luckily one of the flame ghosts was able to put it out since she was away.

    Mary waits until dark to venture into town to do some dumpster diving. She is able to sell some of her discoveries and some things she keeps for the house. She is grungy when she returns home and can't even take a bath because the tub is occupied.

    She finds another snowman on the property and destroys it. This time she saw the culprit who is building these atrocious creatures. Kane, one of the lightning ghosts disappears when he spots her coming. He knows from previous winters that she hates snowmen. She wishes she could banish him from the property. She has no idea which gnome is his though and not sure if removing it would work. So, she does the next best thing. She finds the gnomes gathered together as if they are having a meeting.
    "Ai! Yi! Too bad, so sad! STOP building snowmen!"
    She snickers happily her mood restored after kicking all the gnomes into the snowbanks.
    "Yes, I have some anger management issues but you would too if you were locked outside, froze to death and made to awaken just about every year in the freaking frozen winter and your fellow ghosts build snowmen to torment you."
    She giggles as she floats to the other side of the property.
    "I really need to stop talking to myself too!"
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    @bekkasan Interesting start to the story :smile: Mary should haunt the girls who locked her out of the house!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,140 Member

    @lisasc360 Hi! Thanks for reading and commenting. :smiley:

    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks for the comment. :smiley: She's lost track of how many years it's been since she died. I wrote that in the Awakening chapter to indicate that time has passed since she died. The girls went on with their lives and Mary is tied to where she died...Hidden Springs and the whims of the fates that control her. More will come out in the next few chapters.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,073 Member
    @bekkasan I will keep an eye open for the next chapter :smile:
  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 230 Member
    @bekkasan Poor Mary. Her "life" as a living ghost doesn't seem to be much fun. At least she's not completely alone, although the other ghosts don't seem to be much of company. I feel bad for her trying to warm up :( . I hope she will meet someone who ends up resurrecting her so she can experience summers again. Yikes, dumpster diving and no chance to take a bath afterwards :# . I'm glad she found something useful though. I hope kicking the gnomes lifted her spirits up, lol.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,140 Member

    @meerkattime Thanks so much for the comments. :smiley: No, she's not having much fun right now.
    The other ghosts are not much company either. They are kinda pains, just like roommates, except I didn't notice an ask to clean up command. :lol:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,735 Member
    @bekkasan I really loved this second chapter! :grin:
    I always get a kick out of sims warming their butts in front of the fire. :lol:
    Suddenly she feels some real warmth for the first time in many a year.
    ^My first thought to this was, "Oh I hope that means something good," but then I got this funny feeling a fire broke out and I was right. :grimace: Poor if things could get any worse for her poor soul. :(
    Flame ghost? Wait, those ghost gnomes become ghost sims? :confused:
    (please don't push the handle right now Mary)
    ^Ha ha! :lol:

    Oh I meant to say I love the way you cleverly placed all the cobwebs. :) I always forget about those things and I really could've used them in past scenes from other stories.
    Yeah I've totally had ice cream for breakfast on occassion and I'm not ashamed! :mrgreen:
    Mary leaves the house in the evenings as dusk is coming. She stays up high so the residents don't see her. She is shy and socially awkward even as a ghost. The few people that have seen her have run screaming away vowing to stop drinking or passed out in the snow. She doesn't want to leave them in the snow to join her in death so she will drag them to a nearby building and push them inside. It is very hard to drag people!
    ^Aww, that's very sweet of her. <3 Little do those people know the very ghost they were afraid of saved their lives.
    Ordering everything she needs off "Simazon!" :joy: Okay, I'm a geek!
    This picture is perfection! :star:
    Funny how dumpster diving can make a ghost dirty and stinky. :p
    Ooooh, fire ghost sim is looking fine in the bathtub there. :love:
    Well Kane is a real meany. :angry: I hope she can banish him from the property too.
    I always make my sims kick gnomes. I don't like them. :lol: Really. I don't.
    "Yes, I have some anger management issues but you would too if you were locked outside, froze to death and made to awaken just about every year in the freaking frozen winter and your fellow ghosts build snowmen to torment you."
    ^Yup, I don't blame you in the least Mary. <3 And there's nothing wrong with talking to yourself, I do it all the time. :grin:

    I greatly look forward to more! (Especially maybe a man entering her life? :smirk::kissing_heart: )
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    @emorrill Thanks so much for the comments. :smiley:
    hehe, I'm glad you 'got it'. I love that meme!!
    Yes, the ghost gnomes hold ghosts that will haunt your property if you put one on it. @CravenLestat had 4 in her inventory and I added few when I thought they had disappeared and suddenly I have tons of ghosts. lol, I dunno where they were hiding but they were hiding very well.
    hehe, yes, I've had ice cream for breakfast too. Just not pizza!
    I keep meaning to pop those ghosts into CAS to see if any are keepers with a little makeover.
    I actually love gnomes and I hate when they die. :cry: I've had 4 die in DV and they were gnomes that the gang got at Uni.
    I think its fun having Mary talk to herself. She's tried talking to the ghosts and they will talk a few but then they just float away leaving her in the middle of a conversation. :expressionless:
    Gonna be busy working tomorrow so probably not much time to write. I'm going to try to write some tonight though. I'm caught up on today's work and even did an internet class! :lol: It was a short one.
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    What a sad story Mary had!
    I hope she´ll get her revenge with all her killers!
    It´s so sad that she only awakes in the winter! But eating icecream as a meal was not very wise of her, right?
    I wonder why there are so many ghosts there on the property. Is the family of her enemy some kind of serial killer/mafia family? (I know that the ghost gnomes cause the turn ups of ghosts, but it could be used for a nice background story about killers in the wood or so :D )
    Hehehe, it is always funny for me when I see ghosts fullfilling their needs like hunger or sleep or so. In my view they are dead so why should they eat? (or shower? :D )
    I find it strange that the fire is still on and that it even got bigger and that the house is in such a relative good condition..... Maybe there is living some kind of runaway in it? A very handsome but sad young man? Just a guess... B)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,140 Member

    @AlexaKry Thanks so much for reading my new story. :smiley:
    It is a shame the Fates are so cruel to only revive her in winter.
    hehe, ice cream is a magical elixir that can ease heartaches and stress even if you are a frozen sim. :wink:
    The ghosts are a pain and may have to be exorcised! >:)
    It is silly that EA made them with needs. I agree that the dead should not need to eat, sleep, shower, or use the pot.
    Does a ghost need romance? We shall find out. :wink:
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    @bekkasan "I lost my ghosts so I got more" :D

    Now you are haunted by like 30 spirits.Bwahaha haha you could always shoot a trailer for Poltergeist 4

    Or have an exorcist come get rid of them forever



    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,140 Member
    hehe, you might be on to something with your comment. Hopefully you will find out this weekend. Knock on wood...I'm not working.
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    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    The Visitor

    Mary looks to see if the antique car is still in the garage. It is. She loves that car and works every winter trying to restore it before she is sent back to the netherworld to sleep. By the time she gets back, it is rusted again. She is very happy that no one has hauled it away to a junkyard. The radio still works too. Amazing technology! She listens to a news program to get a weather update and then tunes a music station to listen to the new music since she has been away. She finds the polisher in the tool cabinet and works on getting the rust off the body of the car. While doing this mindless activity she thinks about a news report that she heard on the radio while waiting for the weather report. "Hmmm, it seems there has been a breakthrough at the science lab in restoring life to some dimensional beings. What the heck is a dimensional being? I need to slip into the science lab and try to figure out what they mean. I majored in science at the university and have kept up with my studies with the equipment in the attic, the tablet, and books from the library. I should be able to understand this new information. I hope so. If the Fates can bring me back year after year and the other ghosts stay around all the time, perhaps there is a way to return to complete life instead of this half-life living ghost. Tomorrow evening I will visit the science lab."

    Across town, at the local lodge, a visitor arrives. He checks in at the reception desk requesting a room with a fireplace that doesn't smoke up the room. While waiting for his room to be prepared he wanders in the lobby. He finds gaming goggles and plays a holo adventure game.

    His room is finally ready and he settles in but doesn't unpack. He will only be here overnight. He does light the fire to take the chill off. He is anxious for tomorrow so he can sign the papers and finally be the owner of the lodge that is called Spring Manor.
    "That's me! Damien Nazario III, yes, the third. Named after my father and his father. The almost owner of Spring Manor and newly licensed PI in Hidden Springs." He is excited at this new venture in his life. He worked with the police department for several years in Riverview after graduation. He is fascinated with mysteries and has a talent for uncovering puzzles and finding out 'whodunit'. He loves seeing justice served and he hates seeing injustice. He worked his way up in the department eventually working undercover to fight the criminal underground movement. He was not happy working undercover despite the successes of taking down several criminal organizations. He decided to take his life in a new direction. He saw an article that Spring Manor was for sale once again. He made the decision to buy it and move to Hidden Springs. He had enough money saved and knew with what he could get selling his condo he should be able to make needed repairs to make the Manor livable. He took a virtual tour, saw the extent of the damage the lodge has taken over the years, and makes a very low offer which is surprisingly accepted.

    He takes his tablet out and looks over his notes. Someday he hopes to write a book when he finishes the investigation of the Mary Kendall mystery.

    The story of Mary Kendall and her untimely death is a popular tale in her hometown of Riverview, my hometown as well. She was a smart young woman with a bright future ahead of her until her death. She was a heroine to many as she rose from a poor background to become the valedictorian of her high school and received a full scholarship to university. She excelled in University and was offered a dream job with a prestigious hospital to start her medical career. On the brink of an exciting career and full life, she died. Frozen to death. How did this happen? Why did no one come to her aid? Her death left many in the town shocked and saddened, but left me with many unanswered questions the more I delved into her story.

    Her story was tragic and yet something always bothered me about the details that were related by the others staying at the lodge at the time of Mary's death. I started researching the stories and found conflicting information by several of the girls staying at the lodge. The official report was an accident. I wonder if the family wealth caused the local police to investigate poorly the inconsistencies in the story and the verdict of accidental death was never challenged. I interviewed several of her classmates and they were all surprised that Kerry would invite Mary to go skiing with her and her friends. Kerry was universally acknowledged as very jealous of Mary's brilliant mind and furious that Mary got the prestigious internship that she felt belonged to her.

    I never lost my fascination with Mary's story and continued my research and updated these notes as I interviewed and read about those involved at the time of her death.
    The lodge was eventually sold by the family after many strange incidents occurred. The first affected Kerry and several of her friends who stayed at the lodge the first winter after Mary's death. The lodge caught fire during that stay and Kerry suffered severe burns that disfigured her and scarred her to the extent no plastic surgery could repair the damage. She fell down the stairs trying to escape the fire but claimed she was pushed. She broke her leg in several places and was left with a permanent limp. The other girls suffered similar injuries during the fire. They were able to pull Kerry out of the home to await rescue. The fire was mysteriously extinguished before the fire department arrived. Kerry and her friends refused to set foot in the lodge ever again claiming it was haunted and the ghost was trying to kill them. The lodge was repaired and the family tried renting it out during the skiing season to make up the money for repairs. They ended up losing money as the tenants would leave in the middle of the night screaming that the place was haunted and demanding their money back. No one was ever injured among the tenants other than psychically.
    Kerry's family lived in Sunset Valley and continued to be struck with misfortune as poor decisions were made in the family business, stocks crashed and several of their businesses went bankrupt. Her father and mother died in a car crash and her brother took off with what was left of the valuables in the home and has not been seen since. Trying to recoup some cash to reinvest into the business Kerry made contact with Nick Alto. She signed a contract with him and was unable to pay him back at the specified time. The last of her family's businesses were taken over. I tried to contact the friends that stayed at the lodge when Mary died. They all suffered misfortune and 2 are dead and the last is bedridden. Kerry is living in a tiny trailer in a trailer park, poorer than Mary ever was. Nick and his wife Vita are living in her family's former estate. Kerry refused to speak of that time at the lodge when Mary died when I interviewed her. She did cryptically tell me "that was the beginning of the end for us. Karma will bite you no matter how hard you try to run."

    Damien closes his tablet and turns it off. He walks outside on the balcony hoping to see Spring Lodge. The trees are too dense to get a good look at it.

    He is hungry and decides to go to town and find a place to eat. On the way, he stops at Spring Lodge and walks up to the gate looking up at the house that will be his tomorrow. He swears he saw movement in one of the upper rooms. Probably a trick of the light.
    Mary senses someone on the property. She looks out the window. "Go away! Go away! I don't care how good looking you are, go away!" She sighs when he turns and leaves. "He sure looked cute."
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    Ah! There he is the good looking stranger! :D
    Mary´s first and forever love and her savior to the living world again. Or to the neverland?
    So Mary already had her revenge, why does she still haunt?
    Nice try not to show too much of his face! (I hope he isn´t too hairy when undressed! :p:p:p )
    So let´s see how the two of them get along with each other!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,735 Member
    @bekkasan Making comments here. :kissing_heart:
    Cute that Mary's working to fix up the old car. ;) Oh and she's just learned that she could possibly become resurrected via the Science lab! Nice! :grin:
    That looks like a very nice lodge. :)
    DAMIEN! :love: He arrives!!! :mrgreen:
    Funny how he was driven to Spring Manor. :smirk: And that his low offer was accepted. ;)
    The way he (well, you ;) ) wrote out Mary's mystery story was fantastic! :star:
    (I love that embroidered rug on the floor beneath his feet. :open_mouth: Is that CC and where did you find it? )
    While it's kinda sad, I am SO glad to hear that those girls got their comeuppance when it came to them basically murdering Mary! :angry: Just desserts!
    Love that picture of him looking out at the frozen pine trees from the deck. So snowy and beautiful. <3 I'm the weird person who loves the snow and cold. ;)
    She sighs when he turns and leaves. "He sure looked cute."
    ^Darn skippy! :smiley: Eeeeekkk! :mrgreen: I sense there will be love in the air very soon. :smirk: And you know I like it!
    OMGosh I almost didn't see her looking through the window in that picture at the very end! Nice! :star:
    I'm greatly looking forward to MORE! :smiley:<3
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