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[Update] The Sims Spark'd Finale - Discussion with Spoilers!



  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 2,548 Member
    crocobaura wrote: »
    Simburian wrote: »
    I enjoyed the last episode. I wish there had been a consolation prize though.

    $100,000 to nothing was not very fair when there was not much in it.

    Maybe a first, second and third prize next time? @SimGuruLyndsay, @SimGuruNinja ?
    I agree, the runners up should have at least gotten participation certificates or hats or T-shirts. And everyone who participated should have received pens, pins or stickers, or maybe plumbob or freezer bunny candy, or mini flags with their team logo on it.

    They gave them water bottles.

    Just water bottles? That's not very much. They did a lot, just for water bottles? Think that's a bit of a ridiculous prize.

    "I participated in spark'd and all I got was this lousy water bottle."

    They had the waterbottles to drink from on the show, they would have taken them with them anyway, it's not like they would have given them to other people afterwards to drink from them. English Simmer said in one of her videos that EA took all the game changers, not just for the Sims but for all their games, on a trip to Disneyland to see Galaxy's Edge during one of their previous game changers meeting. So, if they don't outright pay them they do give them enough incentives, and they probably did for the challenge too.
  • GothicSimmerGothicSimmer Posts: 62 Member
    This was such a great show! I need another season of this like now XD
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