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For those who miss the open world of The Sims 3...

There is a mod in development that not only removes the loading screen between lots, which should have already happened by now, but he is also making drivable cars in the game too.

📼 Driving a car in The Sims 4

And yes, his half human, half sim avatar is both unnerving and cool.


  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 946 Member
    Yeah this guy is awesome and he needs more supporters. Hope a lot of people find him!
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  • KiaraSims4ModsKiaraSims4Mods Posts: 2,742 Member
    The fact he can do that means EA should be able to do it also. Good job!
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  • SchmoloopSchmoloop Posts: 48 Member
    This is so cool, thanks for sharing!
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