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A turtle's Journey * Update October 2

MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 1,290 Member
Everything has a beginning, and everything has an end ....... Here we start with the end which at the same time is the beginning of a new life
I have written stories in a Danish Forum for several years.
This is my first attempt to share a story in English.
Read more here: A turtle's Journey

Chapter 1 A gray and dull house in Willow Creek
Chapter 2 Where dreams are born
Chapter 3 I the shadow of evil
Chapter 4 This is how one should always live
Chapter 5 Unfortunately just in the wrong place
Chapter 6 Finally in peace and quiet
Chapter 7 A day in Ohan'ali
Chapter 8 Frogs and a conservationist
Chapter 9 Exploring Sulani
Chapter 10 This must be paradise
Chapter 11 The power of darkness
Chapter 12 Loneliness, a faithful companion
Chapter 13 Let it go
Chapter 14 A stranger comes by
Chapter 15 Seagulls
Chapter 16 The dog
Chapter 17 There is a crack in everything
Chapter 18 Surrounded by enemies
Chapter 19 The ability to change direction
Chapter 20 A change
Chapter 21 It's all about love
Chapter 22 To dare is to lose a foothold for a time
Chapter 23 Tracing
Chapter 24 Turtels
Chapter 25 Destiny
Chapter 26 The blessing of light
Chapter 27 If you go through hell then keep going
Chapter 28 A glimmer of light
Chapter 29 The breakthrough
Chapter 30 Reconciliation
Chapter 31 Courage for a change
Chapter 32 A new beginning
Chapter 33 A turtle hatches
Chapter 34 Another travel - to dream a new dream
Chapter 35 A time for celebration
Chapter 36 A fairly ordinary day
Chapter 37 Old water pipes
Chapter 38 Dolphins and mermaids
Chapter 39 Chess - Pure logic
Chapter 40 What makes sense to do on a rainy day
Chapter 41 To capture the beauty of life
Chapter 42 Naja and Duane
Chapter 43 The meaning of life
Chapter 44 Beautiful sad brown eyes
Chapter 45 Winterfest
Chapter 46 A question that is never asked
Chapter 47 New Year's Eve
Chapter 48 Spring travelers
Chapter 49 Story of my life
Chapter 50 There is no need to look back
Chapter 51 The birthday party
Chapter 52 A perfect woman
Chapter 53 The gift of love
Chapter 54 In the sunset at Mua Pel'am
Chapter 55 Life is good
Chapter 56 A new promise
Extra: Postcard from Sulani


I would be happy if you would leave a comment and spread the news to those who might be interested
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