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Getting More Sims to Come Back To A Community Lot

CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,988 Member
edited July 2020 in The Sims 2
Have you ever noticed in TS2 when Sims have been to a community lot a few times less Sims show up the more your Sim travels there? For instance, it might have something to do with AL's rating of a community lot.

The first time you build a community lot, no matter what it is, if placed in the main neighborhood (I rarely put anything downtown anymore) there will be quite a few of Sims there (due to processor speeds etc. mainhood can have as many as fourteen or more and this may include clerks etc.)

The Sims are like oh wow, a new place to go! Lol But if you keep sending your Sim back to this place (if not very expensive decor or walls, floors etc.) over weeks less and less Sims show up with as much enthusiam as before. They may walk in and walk out again. True, this is also controlled by how many Sims are allowed on your community lots of how fast or good the game rates your pc, but also to do with other factors, such as AL's rating of lots. You may still see the fourteen or more but they aren't all there anymore just waiting to get in and see this new place.

Example of this theory is they get bored with the same old site. I built a school as a community lot for adult Sims. It had everything a school should have that can be added to a lot like that, gym with indoor basketball, a lecture hall with podium, class rooms with different things to do or use, a caffeteria, music rooms, art rooms, science rooms, etc. etc.

The first time my Sim went there it was full of Sims as if many wanted to check this out. But the more my Sim goes back to this school the less Sims are there at any given time. It fell from fourteen or more Sims to around three or four each visit. Never all packed in there just eight or so now. And the stagger in over time not all there at once. True, time of day also affects TS2's community lots. Like a place will always start to clear out (after some later EPs) around 11:00 P.M. You may have to wait another hour or so before others show up again. That's a thing they changed from the base game after one of the later EPs about lots clearing most Sims at eleven.

If I build a new lot, it's like magic again, it's full of Sims but over time each time my Sim returns there seems to be less and less interest in places.

It's like the towines are like, yeah, that place is boring we're leaving and we've seen it. lol

To try to add more interest we all try to add more things but that doesn't always work, either. It's more like townies think been there, done that.

Trying to use the lot change rating with the AL cheat doesn't actually work or didn't in my game.

Anyone know what is really happening with lots Sims (townies) don't seem to be interested in visiting anymore. I'm aware of the rule that every cashier or NPC on the lot replaces a townie that can show up. It's why you will see one leave so another can show up. But I have this one little bar (dive bar if it were TS3) where they all used to hang, but it has very few Sims that want to show up without a DJ booth and or something like that. Just a jukebox doesn't interest them as much anymore.
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  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 3,557 Member
    Interesting... Usually, there aren't a lot of sims when a community lot is first loaded, but more come to the lot over time. If the lot is owned by a sim, the cause is rooted in the business rank (the one that depends on customer loyality) in Open for Business. There may be less sims at night. If you bring children with your sims, you may see children on the community lot (same with pets). I really don't know what else to say.

    The Apartment Life lot rating is lot class and it shouldn't affect how much sims visit it. It affects which social class visits it more (you'll see a lot of socialites on high and a lot of jocks in middle class). Each of them have their own story to tell and their own gesture they use. These are the sims who live in apartment units not rented by your sims. More about social class townies in this The Sims Wiki page.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,988 Member
    edited July 2020
    Yes, I knew the classification determines which Sims dressed in which clothes would show up on community lots but I wonder since I don't have but one, two apartment building in my game right now, if that affects the game not having any AL Sims to send? Some old stand by base game Sims always show up (not always same ones) but not as many as when new.

    I'm just wondering how this was all changed with BV, FT, and AL. I have one tiny lot (smallest in game) which I built a multi lot with a theater, snack machines and next door a clothing store and a street barista outside with tables like seen in urban areas, and it still gets over twelve Sims to show up. Sometimes fourteen or more counting the clerks. I wondered if apartment buildings in the mainhood influences if AL Sims can't show up or the reason there are more of them, and or less of them. And or if attraction to objects are the reasons Sims show up on community lots.

    Because they seem to like a big TV and movie theater multi building, but not a school design though it has a smaller wall TV I pretend is used for lessons while seated at desks in a class room.

    I wondered if walls, and objects and sizes of lots are reasons that less Sims show up over time. Because of performance, but that doesn't seem to be true, either. I used the cheat to add more visiting Sims and the numbers didn't change. lol

    More Sims go to my theater after all these years, but less go to the little bar without a DJ booth, and or a huge school that looks like a school but doesn't seem to attract Sims to a piano, or violin or wall TV and or podium and or basketball court etc.

    I know this is long but trying to figure it out. Where as a gym I built on the same smallest lot in game, gets full (attraction to treadmills?) but not at a school with basketball court or those stationary bikes....go figure. They all have many more Sims when Sims haven't been there in months, but if you keep returning they get fewer and fewer Sims, but the theater will always have many more. It's sort of crazy since none of the known theories aren't really working though we know it's performance and pc rating and AL classifications. None of that seems to matter, either.

    Like in the little bar I mentioned, there were eight only, and after a few hours, it went down to one and the bartender. But if it had been the theater it would have maintained more until my Sim had to leave.

    ETA: I also tried to figure out if fun or social were contributing factors if more Sims will show up or not at certain places. Like we know many more Sims in TS2 will show up at a restaurant (even in mainhood which is coded less Sims than Downtown) than a park. That's another thing, I have a fishing park I built (with TS3's balloon ride) and it only attracts eight or less at anytime, and less if when playig I send different Sims there once in awhile.

    I was wondering then if townies and our own other Sims don't show up because fun is full or social or hunger is full, but that can't be it, either, because townies have static motives most of the time, unless you are playing an owned lot.

    It's a mystery, why the number of Sims don't go to the same old places after you have been there a few times over a course of a week or more in the game, even if you rotate.

    ETA: And or if objects' attraction scores to them are the real reason. If I add a DJ booth to the cheap bar, I wonder if the numbers go back up to fourteen for a few more visits instead of eight or less.

    ETA: Sorry for the edits. I tested the DJ booth theory (attraction to objects on a lot) and no that didn't produce any more Sims showing up on a lot, either. It only increased by one which was the DJ. So, that lot is stuck at only having eight Sims at a time now. And much less as the day wears on. But it had twelve to fourteen when I first played it.

    I tested a restuarant I built that has been in game a long time in my game and it can only attract twelve, it's the second smallest lot. It produces two waiters/waitresses, don't know why since it can only seem to attract no more than seven customers at a time. lol It's just a diner. So, that's seven townies or my Sims and four workers or lucky if gains one more townie.

    The theater was still going strong, they all go to the theater section of the lot but it still attracts fourteen which includes the four cashiers and barrista. And that lot I built has been in my game for years. lol

    The fishing park can only attract seven or eight Sims, with only even one tiny bathroom on the lot. So, processing power doesn't seem to be a reason, either.

    Don't have any idea anymore why one community lot can have more Sims than another, the cheat won't affect them, either. Size doesn't seem to matter, nor how many objects or what objects and or what decorations or whatever. I can only guess something about AL or FT changed all this from the original forumla of processor and video card ratings.

    I'm speaking about reg. community lots in a mainhood. Not owned lots. It just seems the more they are used the less they gain. But not always, because that theory doesn't apply to the theater multi lot I have.
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    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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